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Lorne Chapman Fonds

  • 2020-010
  • Fonds
  • 1935 - 1964

2020-010 Lorne Chapman Fonds
2020-010-A Chapman Family mementoes
File consists of :

  • small manuscript note recording death dates for Ernie Kenny, Sister Ruben Kenny, Bro Sra Moore, including notes on hymns and ministers at their funeral services.
  • 6 Thank you and sympathy cards for various occasions,
  • Photo of large group of young men in uniforms, some carrying training rifles, some in Boy Scout dress, includes a marching band with drums and bugles.
  • Letter from Lawyer Augustus Coon to Ethel Chapman regarding the distribution of the assets of estate of Webster Smith , 1961.
  • unused post card showing Boldt Castle from the mainland, labeled “Boldt Estate. Thousand Islands, St. Lawernce River”

2020-010-B Earl Chapman Personal/household receipts
File holds 3 cm thickness of receipts from every category of household expenses Including:
-1947-48 private radio receiving license,

  • tag from Fairfield & Sons Ltd Winnipeg Woolen Mills (who recycled old woolen fabrics),
  • coal suppliers,
  • medical expenses
    -, Leeds and Frontenac Rural Telephone Co,
  • income tax,
  • Ontario Hydro Electric Power Commission including 1941 Hydro installation costs and Electrical inspection
    -, H C Downham Nursery Co.,
  • insurance,
  • Property tax assessments,
  • billheads from local merchants such as T A Gray & Son, Sweets Frozen Food Center, H G Dean groceries, K B Stafford, Lyndhurst Co-Operative Association, H R Bender Rawleigh products, etc etc.

2020-010-C Incidentals from Berryton School (where Ethel Chapman was teacher).

  • Hard cover book “Public or Separate School Daily Register” for SS #12 (Berryton) from January 1930 to September 1934, includes minutes of the trustees, annual reports and Maintenance records.
  • Hardcover book “Daily Register for Public and Saparate Schools” for Berryton School from Sept 1944 to June 1949.
  • Hard cover book “General Register for Public and Separate Schools” for Berryton, 1944-49.
  • Hardcover book “Daily Register for Public and Separate Schools for Berryton School, Sept 1949 to June 1954
  • Above 4 books are housed with the other school registers. See Box G0081, Row 1, Bank D, Shelf 1
  • Blank form of report card for students in Leeds & Lansdowne Rear Township School Area, undated.
  • Booklet “Lessons On Bird Protection” printed by Dept of the Interior, 1923.
  • School test papers written by Golda Chapman on Arithmetic, memory work, Hygiene, Agriculture, Geography, and History, Oct-Nov 1936.
  • Booklet “Don’t Kill the Birds” with poems and hand painted pictures, by Lorne Chapman, Grade VI
  • Manuscript humorous story , “Home Hunting” undated, anonymous.
  • Correspondence from Dept of Education to Ethel Chapman, containing text book instructions and a safety poster, 1950.
  • Letter from A R Patterson (school bus owner) to Earl Chapman (parent) accompanying a bill for 4 months bus transportation ($28) to Gananoque High School for Lorne Chapman, because there was no contract.
  • T4 income statement for Ethel Chapman, 1953.
  • Annual Report of the Rear of Leeds and Lansdowne Township School Area, 1960-61.
  • Cardboard stiffener with small school photos of students of Berryton School 1956-57, with names on the back: Linda Antoine, Meryl Ralph, Germ Brouwer, Sandra McAllister, Ben Green, Jean Dorman, Wayne McAllister, Barbara Green, Lorne Ubdegrove, Johanna Dobma, Marwin Antoine, Margie Dobma, Dwayne Dorman, Gerrie Brouwer, Wayne Holmes (visitor) Carol Sly, Bryan Antoine, Erma Holmes, Teacher E M Chapman.
  • Cardboard stiffener with photos of pupils at Berryton School 1955, with names on the back: Dwayne Dorman, Meryl Ralph, Sharron Snyder, Lorne Ubdegrove, Jean Dorman, Johanna Dobma, Wayne McAllister, Barbara Green, Benny Green, Margje Dobma, Sandra McAllister, Lennis Ubdegrove, Erma Holmes, teacher E Chapman.
  • Booklet “Xmas Concert Book” by School Publications & Specialties Ltd. Saskatoon, 1946.
  • Easter card to Golda Chapman signed “ Love Milton & Al”
  • School exercise book advertising C.C.M. bicycles and skates.

2020-010-D: Church, charity & chance

  • 3 tiockets on a draw for a Winchester shotgun, sponsored by Berlin’s Clothing , Kingston. Draw was Dec 22, 1956.
  • Ticket on a new 1952 Pontiac Sedan at Smiths Falls Community Center.
  • Ticket on 1957 Pontiac from Loblaws, Kingston.
  • 2 entries to the Seeley’s Bay Fire Dept Hockey Pool, undated.
  • Ticket from Seeley’s Bay Canadian Legion to win $25 by guessing the time the ice leaves past the dock at Seeley’s Bay.
  • quantity of ticket stubs for events at Kingston Community center, Kingston Speedway,, British American Hotel, etc
  • Ticket for an electric mixer from Swain’s Hardware, Seeley’s bay, to be drawn at a Pittsburgh Combines ball game.
  • Ticket from Lyndhurst Junior Hockey Club at Lyndhurst School.
  • plastic bill fold advertisingPat Simes barber shop in Seeley’s bay.
  • Booklet “Holiness Movement Church Catechism for little children.
  • Folder listing Relious Organizations for Queen’s University (water damaged).
  • Sports Card from Nabisco Shredded Wheat with hockey tips by Ted Reeve.
  • 1955 Football Schedule compliments of the Toronto Daily Star.
  • Two gift coupons from Thompson’s Service Station, Seeley’s Bay.
  • Profit sharing card worth 50 cents in merchandise to Mrs. Earl Chapman from Rawleigh dealer Robert Seal, Gananoque.
  • Cash Bonus Token with no name attached and no value stated.
  • 5 merchandise discount stamps worth .25 cents each at Steacy’s in Kingston..
  • Receipt for $1 fine for overtime parking from Kingston Police Dept.
  • Lucky draw ticket for one gallon of CIL Satin Latex Paint.
  • Blank pocket notebook advertising Benjamin Ruttan General Insurance, Battersea.
  • Folder advertising coming movies at Kingston Drive-in Theatre, undated.
  • Multiple receipts for donations to Seeley’s Bay United Church, Chistmas Seal Fund, Easter Seals and Ottawa Aux Bible Society.
  • Reciept for an ad in the Rideau District High School yearbook, 1962

2020-010-E: Earl Chapman Vehicle expenses.
One Centimeter thickness of receipts/billheads for vehicles and repairs for Earl Chapman.

  • Multiple receipts from Seeley’s Bay garages and tradesmen, including Swains hardware, Earl’s Service Station, Botting’s Service Station, Alfred Kenny, Switzer’s Repair Shop, P R Caird Garage, Jack Doyle garage, Steacy & McKinley tinsmiths, D G Willis dry goods, White Rose Service Station Geo Graham prop, Henderson’s Farm machinery, Martin Perry Garage, Seaman Sales and Service, Soper’s Motor Sales, W A Moulton, Bigford’s Garage.
  • An equal quantity receipts for the same nature of services from Gananoque, Kingston and further away, including St Lawrence Oil and Supply Co. Gananoque.

2020-010-F: Earl Chapman Livestock expences.

  • One centimeter thickness receipts and billheads from supplioers of livestock and marketing services including carcass grading, sale barn receipts, veterinary services, 1944 to 1959.

2020-010-G: Receipts and correspondence re farm gasoline tax refunds

  • One centimeter thickness 1950-1959.

2020-010-H: Milk Receipts

  • four centimeters of receipts for milk delivered to various cheese factories between 1940 and 1959. The factories included Gilt Edge Cheese Factory, 1940-59, Gill Rapids Cheese factory, 1940-46, Cow and Gate Canada Ltd, 1947-57 and a single receipt from Cloverhill Cheese Factory from 1947

2020-010-I Earl Chapman Farm Expences

  • three page set of drawings 18 x 24” for a milk house from Canadian Farm Building Plan Service, undated.
  • Page holder full of receipts for building materials from C W Hartley 1944-1959
  • Quantity of receipts from Tweed Milling Company for various feeds and seeds 1941-43.
  • Ditto for Gananoque District Co-Operative 1959
  • Receipt for $67 for filling silo by Lennus Sweet 1954.
  • Quantity of receipts from Gray’s Sport center, Swains Hardware, Kiell’s Mill, Donevan’s Hardware, Steacy & McKinley Tinsmiths, Bottings Service Station, Lyndhurst Co-operative Association, I W Bennett Hardware, DrurySuppliesMitchel & Wilson Ltd. 1942-59.
  • Page holder full of receipts for farm machinery and repairs 1941-1959
  • Page holder full of receipts and advertising for farm chemicals 1944-59.
  • Page holder of receipts for farm seeds.
    -.Page holder with advertising from Agrico, Co-Op, Brantford binder twine and OTACO Ltd Farm Yearbook 1954 (x2)

2020-010-J: Sterling Chapman personal and household.

  • Receipt from W W Hawley Ltd, Kingston for Frigidaire refrigerator, 1950.
  • Two receipts from Dr. H W Dunlop, Kingston, for medical services, 1955.

2020-010-K: Sterling Chapman farm expenses and accounting.

  • Envelope from the Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada containing 12 forms to describe cows being registered.
  • Envelope from Dept. of Agriculture containing instructions and encouragement to take part in a survey of farm income and an accounting system recommended.
  • Correspondence and explanations of the Farm Management Accounting Exercise for 1961
  • Blank application to Dept. of National Revenue to increase a farm herd.
  • Blank application to DNR to do income averaging for farmers and fishermen.
  • Booklet “Ontario Farm Management and Accounting Report” showing average farm incomes for previous 10 years.
  • Five annual farm accounting books for successive years beginning in 1961 completed according to the directions in the correspondence.
  • Page holder with receipts from Soper Motor Sales for purchases of farm machinery and repairs.

2020-010-L: Sterling Chapman vehicle expenses.

  • Owner Service Policy for new 1956 Chevrolet from Soper Motor Sales
  • Invoices from Seaman Sales and Service for a 1969 Chev Impalla with 1956 trade in.
  • Various invoices from Seaman’s and Haskins Ford for auto service items.

2020-010-M; Lorne Chapman business admin.

  • Bundle of Income Tax forms and returns for himself and employees.
  • correspondence re Workmens Compensation and Unemployment Insurance.
  • receipts for book keeping services from Ward & Buttrey accountants, 1964, 1965.
  • invoice from Lucy Mardock for book keeping services, 1965.
  • breakdown of receipts and expenditures for 1964 on 13 columnar pages
  • Receipts for advertising in Gananoque Reporter and in the Rideau District High School yearbook.
  • Property Tax Demands from Pitsburgh Township for 1960 and 1961.
  • Page holder of correspondence regarding Retail Sales Tax permit.
  • 1964 advertising calendar from Mitckell & Wilson Ltd, Gananoque.

2020-010-N : Lorne Chapman Building Services building standards.

  • Booklet from The Apprenticeship and Tradesmens Qualification Act “Regulations Pertaining to General Carpenter” 1976.
  • Booklet Administrative and Site Planning Requirements, The National Housing Act, 1954.
  • Booklet “Housing Standards” from Division of Building Research, National Research Council (1958)
  • 3 Booklets from National Research Council, Division of Building Research, Amendments Nos. 1, 2, and 3 to Housing Standards (Jan 1958).

2020-010-O : Lorne Chapman personal and houshold expenses.

  • Receipts from the Canadian Legion Poppy Campaign, 1959, 1960.
  • Receipts for household furniture from Ben Campbell, Lipson’s Furniture House.
  • Invoice for water rights on a lot in MacLean Park, 1963, 1964., 1965
  • Statement of Bonds held by Toronto Dominion Bank at Lyndhurst, 1964.
  • Receipt for a deposit to Retirement Security Plan with Eastern & Chartered Trust Company, 1965.

2020-010-P ; 4 cm thickness; plans, estimates, quotes and correspondence to and from clients for building services.

  • Page holder of correspondence with J W Griffith from Ottawa.1963
  • Page holder or correspondence with “Russell & Manning” including invoices from sub trades for work at Lake Opinicon. 1962
  • Page holder of correspondence from Ashworth, Robbie, Vaughn & Williams Architects and town planner regarding plans for the Platek cottage at Lake Opinicon. 1962.
  • Paper clip of correspondence with Richard F Ross, Baltimore Maryland. 1962
  • Pencil drawing on graph paper of a house and garage for Mr. Bullow (?)
  • Large format plan of a bungalow called “Frontenac” model, by Rothwell Perrin Lumber Co, Portland, water damaged.
  • Paper clipped correspondence regarding Crosby Twp Garage and Offices.
  • Manuscript list of materials for “Doyles House”.
  • Estimate for cottage for L Leadbeater.
  • Envelope of correspondence with C R Mann, Ottawa, 1961.
  • Page holder of correspondence with Ralph Blair.
  • Page holder of materials list for renovation to Lyndhurst United Church.
  • Large format plans (2 sheets) for a house with basement for H E Alford, Delta, 1965.
  • Large page holder, materials lists and notes to clients, including L F Koopen, F G Chadwick, D B Dwyre, Keith Haskins, Stewart Willoughby, Mra Androvich, Richard Dickson, Howard Latimer, Fred Nuttall, Burnham, Chadwick, Ed Hill, Bob Simpson, John Knight, Leonard Simpson, Dr Lindsay, Hubert McKinley, Whitton, Forfar School, Nweborough United Church Manse, Jim Stenson, George Bracken, Ormond Baxter, Jim Stenson, Buck Leadbeater, Bill Harmer, Boyce Green, Dr Webb, Mack Nesbitt,

2020-010-Q : Lorne Chapman Building Service local suppliers billheads. 3 cm thickness assorted billheads from local merchants for hardware and building supplies beginning in 1953. The early ones are in the name of Earl Chapman who already had accounts with local suppliers that were used by his son Lorne Chapman when he began his building service. The contents of this file preserve examples from all the merchants included in several times this volume of material which was discarded.

  • Merchants include: Donald Tye Lumber, Russell Thompson Electric, E J Kenny Plumbing, K S Johnston Builders, R A Warner Building Supply, George Ashby Feed, Sweets Sand & Stone,, H T Webster General Merchant, J F Donaldson hardware, Gordon Kenny sand & Gravel, Gray’s Sport Center, E A McGregor Building Supply, D E McGregor Lumber, C W Hartley Lumber, Steacy & McKinley Hardware, E A Baxter Plumbing, A J Emmons Lumber, I W Bennett & son, Hardware, Donevan’s Hardware, S R Hutchings Excavating, B J Webb Masonry, Glen A Sweet Plumbing, Stanton Lumber, Bouchers Woodcraft, H G Ferguson excavating, Charles Bevens garage, Leo Reid alum. Siding, Grant Tye excavating, Homer Tye rock drilling, Mitchell & Wilson Building Supply, F W McConnell Lumber,

2020-010-R : Lorne Chapman Building Service distant suppliers’ billheads. 2 cm assorted billheads from merchants more distant from Seeleys Bay, mainly Gananoque and Kingston. All merchants are represented, but only a percentage of the original volume were preserved.

  • Merchants include: Clay Buffett Furnace Installation, N J Pollit Demolition, Drury’s Building Supplies, S Anglin Lumber, Quintal & England Roofing, Gus marker Block & Tile, Warren Supply PlumbingGlenn Supply Lumber, Muttarts Builders Supply, Glover Wholesale Hardware, Permanent Concrete, Stradwick Floor Covering, O E Rothwell Lumber, W B Dalton & Sons Wholesale Hardware, Graves Brothers Aluminum, MacLachlan Lumber, Patterson Concrete, Kingston Plate & Window Glass, Chown Hardware, Crane Supply plumbing, Allan & Allan windows, AngelStone Ltd, Kirkby’s Welding, S N Kingston Building Supply, Kingston Roofing & Flooring, E s & A Robinson, Palumbo & Bidinost Masonry, Kingston Quarries, Berman Plumbing, Kingston Dunbrick, Russ Brown’s Farm Supply, Spada Tile, Montreal Roofing, Selkirk Chimneys, Fort Aluminum Industries, Church Enterprises of Canada, Doyles Window Sales, Burchell Supply window/doors, Iberville Sack Supply Co, Ron Mundell masonry, Gananoque Co-Operative, Clarke Sanding machine Co, Sherwin Williams Paint, Vandervoort Hardware, Chapman Hardware, Gananoque reporter, Bennett’s Hardware, Donevan’s hardware, Boucher Building Supplies, Kingston Scrap iron & Metal,

2020-010-S : Plans and correspondence for construction of Sly’s Service Center.

  • Sly’s service center Drawing #1, 45 x 90 cm floor plan and elevations date April 1963, no name for architect or engineer.
  • Sly’s Service Center Drawing #2, 45 x 90 cm Structural and sections, April 1963.
  • Sly’s Service Center Drawing #E1 37 x 46 cm Anchor bolt setting plan from Leeds Bridge & Iron, Gananoque. June 1963.
  • Submittal slip for Drawings E1 and E2 from Leeds Bridge & Iron and shipping bills for the finished material
  • Second copy of Drawing #E1.
  • Sly’s Service Center Drawing #E2, 50 x 90 cm framing plan and sections from Leeds Bridge and Iron, Gananoque, June 1963.
  • Typed and mimeographed Booklet of 13 pages“Specifications/ Service Station and Store/ for H Sly/ Seeleys bay Ontario”. Annonymous.
  • Quotation from Leeds Bridge & Iron to supply structural steel, June 1963.
  • Manuscript list of extra material for garage construction.
  • Manuscript estimate for construction of Sly’s Store & Service Center undated.
  • Price list and operating instructions for Rotary and Weaver Automotive lifts.
  • Green lined scribbler with manuscript lists of extras and reductions in the scope of work for the service station..
  • Correspondence and invoices from Overhead Door Co of Kingston.
  • Envelope from Emerson Baxter containing quotes on electrical and plumbing for Sly’s Service Center by himself and Green’s Electric, May 1963.
  • Invoices from Patterson Concrete and Sweets Sand & Stone.
  • Empty envelope with ink stamp from Sly’s Service Station.
  • Empty envelope from Delhi Metal Products Ltd.

2020-010-T ; Receipts and billheads for vehicle expenses by Lorne Chapman.

  • 0.5 cm thickness receipts and billheads from suppliers of products and services to vehicle. Suppliers include Seaman Sales & Service, Thompson Service Sta, Central Garage Gananoque, Gates Garage, Sly’s Service Sta, Bottings Service Sta, Webb Bros Texaco, Drapers Service Sta, White Rose Service Sta Seeleys Bay (Geo Graham prop), Gananoque Motor Sales, Canadian Tire Gananoque, Canadian Tire Kingston, Carl’s Place Gananoque, Radiator Sales and Service Kingston, W J Allinson Kingston, National Auto League.

2020-010-U: Oversize items housed remotely.

  • Page 11 from the Whig Standard of Nov 29, 1963 with half page advertisement for the opening of Sly’s Texaco Service Station and congratulations from some suppliers and from Lorne Chapman General Contractor.
  • Clipping from the Whig Standard, undated, with photos of the 1939 fire on Main Street.
  • Poster for the auction sale for Alice Chapman in Seeley’s Bay, May 9 , no year given, probably about 1969?
  • 1974 calendar for Sweets Food Market, Seeleys Bay, with photo of Putnam’s store 1912 (later Sweets grocery store).
  • Paper bag with twine handles advertising Sweet’s Food Store and Locker Plant, Seeleys Bay.
    Above 5 items encapsulated together, Map Cabinet 1, drawer 3.
  • Book “Ontario Teachers’ Manual” for Science, 1920. Signed “Ethel Smith”. Housed in the text book collection.
  • Book “Ontario Teachers’ Manual” for Nature study, 1915, inscribed “SS No 12/ Leeds & Lansdowne Rear”. Housed in the text book collection.

2020-010-V Callenders

  • 29 callenders with scenic photos, advertising Chapman's Building service, from 1969 to 1977. Callenders are housed separately in clamshell box G0242., Row 3, Bank A, Shelf 3