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Barn Raising

One photograph of men hewing logs for the barn raising at Vanorman's (Steacy) Farm on Hwy #2 in Ebenezer.
Mrs. Lidia Vanorman, Daniel Vanorman, Mr. Sullivan, Billy Griffin, Child is Elgin Vanorman
In Orchard: house lived in by Hilda Goff(Mrs. Vanorman's mother)
They left in 1930.
Raymond Vanorman was cheesemake aat factory in Ebenezer on Hwy #2
He may have lived in the house a bit longer

Hubert Sly Fonds

  • 2013-032
  • Fonds
  • n.d.

Items consist of 4 shelf boxes of farm records of George Sly and Hubert Sly from the 1940's and 1950's, 1 shelf box containing as follows: photos from Frances Bryan, photos of Seeley's Bay C.G.I.T. 1947 (Canadian Girls In Training), Hartley's saw mill, SB fire dept, steam tug Maggie May, passenger steamer Buena Vista, photo of Sam Stafford, photo of a large crew on a timber raft, clippings of 1941 plane crash, fires at the saw mill 1947 and 1968, 25th anniversary history of SB Fire Dept., booklet "Garnet & Gold" re SB school reunion 1989, Seeley's Bay events, accounts of early history of Seeley's Bay and Lyndhurst, Olivet Church, Chapman gang, hand written obituaries of Mrs. Thomas Moore, Mrs John Niblock, history of Gray's store and Sweet's store and SB Boy Scout group, 1924 Thrift Card and Thrift Stamp, -- poetic announcement of a "Bakeless Bake Sale" by Order of the Eastern Star. -- 1940 Registration Certificate for Hubert Sly. -- bag tag from Brockville Co-Operative Association. -- 1945 Ration Book and Gasoline Licence & Ration coupon book, copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, an envelope of copies of documents from the Provincial Archives including sworn complaints of assaults (Caleb Seaman versus Oliver Church & ? How; Abigail Crippen vs David Lee, Thomas Hubbard, Jabez Carpenter, Ezekiel Middleton, Jesse Lamb, & John Struthers; John Hurd Covell vs Wallis Sunderlin, Peleg Sunderlin, Steven Washburn, William Stevens, William Patterson, Abel Stevens Jr & Adam Shook), Copies of letters regarding land matters involving Benjamin Slack, Joseph Wiltse, & Wallis Sunderlin, index of articles by Harry D Blanchard in the Brockville paper 1935-37, 8 Photos of members of the Sly family adhered to a glass plate, 1936 clipping describing the "Devil's Washbasin" or "Nature's Birdbath", one silver plated trophy cup 18 cm x 23 cm presented by T Eaton Co with the inscription "Won by Hubert Sly at Leeds and Lansdowne Rear Rural School Fair 1931", Also a shelf box containing 23 photos from the Roy Weeks Estate, and a another containing 2 ledger from Dr Young in Seeley's Bay; Seeley's Bay Pastoral Charge (United Church) annual statements 1961-69; -- 6 letters of congratulations to Hubert & Bessie Sly on their 60th wedding anniversary from Stephen Harper, Gord Brown, James Bartelman, Dalton McGuity, Prime Minister Paul Martin, & Bob Runciman, 2004.

2019-002 Accrual -- 5 more letters of congratulation for 50th and 60th anniversaries and 90th birthday from Bob Rae, Jean Chretien, Stephen Harper, Jim Jordon, Ray Hnatyshyn. -- 10` photos of Hubert Sly and members of the County Roads Committee at the opening of the Officers' Quarters Bridge in Jones Falls 1974. -- guest book from the funeral of George Sly, 1964, with tags from the funeral flowers. -- guest book from the funeral of Maud Sly, undated

Lansdowne Dairy Association ledger

  • Item
  • n.d.

Item consists of a ledger from a cheese factory entitled Lansdowne Dairy Association for year 1937. Mary A. Slack, Sec. Treas.

Oldest Barn in Ontario

One photograph of the Oldest Barn in Eastern Ontario. This barn was in Ebenezer and was built in 1812 with help of the British soldiers. It was torn down mid 1980's (oldest barn in Ont. standing at that time). This barn was owned by Conley Jack back in the 1940 - 1950's and possibly longer.

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