Camelot Island



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  • D-5. Plan of the Canadian Islands in the River St. Lawrence, TIARA.

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Camelot Island

Camelot Island

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Camelot Island

  • UF Hog Island

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Camelot Island

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TIARA Accrual

Thousand Islands Area Residents Association Board Letters Patent, By-Laws, Constitution,1975-1997 minutes, newsletters, promotional and educational materials and an album of local anecdotes and images:
Album compiled by Cathie Shine for TIARA, given to Douglas MacIntosh for deposit in archives : contents of a three ring binder, removed from the binder and bound with cotton tape for economy of storage. It contains several plastic covered adhesive pages with the contents adhere to the extent that they could not be removed without damage. Includes stories and photos collected from other publications, such as:

  • photo of “One of the first residences on Grenadier Island” and unnamed people, p27
    -Story of Hog Island [now McDonald Island, Admiralty Group] and how it was named, including references to Daniel Howe, Messrs. McDonald, and Joel Stone, p28
    -Stories of horses going through the ice on the river, references to Abel Root, James Toe, George Heffernan, p30
    -Story of cordwood trade to supply steamships, references to JDW Darling. P31
    -boatbuilders F. Hunt and George Andress, includes a photo of a boat being framed. P 32-33
    -story of Collins’ store in Rockport, building the Skydeck. P35
    -excerpts from a diary of a riverman unnamed, 1918 to 1977. P37-39
    -account of fishing on the river by an American visitor 1880, no names, p40
    -PMT photos of tour boat Elva II, fisherman with huge Muskie. P42
    -Obituary for Joseph Senecal and a story of “Old Joe”. P43
    -Story of Capt Sanford Davis and a fire in the Stave Island light house. p43
    -Story of mail delivery to the islands by Mr Belfie and George Funnel. P44
    -Story of Captain Charles Seymour spreading the ashes of Mrs. Augusta Mann and husband Herman Mann 1936. P44
    -Stories of “a riverman” becoming caretaker of an island, cutting ice, trapping, cooking a shore dinner. P45
    -Memories of Adiel Sherwood marrying people, Mr. Purvis, Sir John Johnson p46
    -Old Man Gregg smuggling whiskey 1885 p48
    -Some history of the disposal of the islands by the Crown, leading up to buying them back in 1976/77. P49-50
    -PMT photo of a cottage on Tremont Park Island, summer dining room on Stave Island. p51-52
    -Naming of Reciprocity Island by Mr. Stearne 1891. P53
    -Stories of Indian contact in Mallorytown area, harvesting sweetgrass on Grenadier Island, p54-55

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