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Front of Leeds & Lansdowne

  • Collection

Material pertaining to the history of the legacy township of Front of Leeds & Lansdowne.

The Review Mirror Fonds

  • Fonds

This fonds consists of the news publications of the Review-Mirror, and includes some publications of its predecessors, The Review and The Mirror.

Fonds is composed of the following series:

  1. The Mirror
  2. The Review
  3. The Review Mirror

The Review Mirror

Independent Order of Foresters - Lyndhurst Fonds

  • Fonds

This fond consists of the Charter, records, and effects of the Independent Order of Foresters, Court Lyndhurst. The fonds is organized into the following series:

  1. Charter, constitution & rituals
  2. Meetings
  3. Membership
  4. Correspondence
  5. Financial Records

Independent Order of Foresters - Court Lyndhurst

Harriet Mayhew nee Massey Fonds

  • E 2012-12
  • Fonds
  • 1902; 1910; 1915; 1921; 1936

Five deeds relating to Harriet Mayhew's home in Rockport (Lot 7, Broken Front of Escott) and two digital recordings of interviews with Harriet Mayhew stored in the Digital Vault.

Hewitt Family Fonds

  • Fonds
  • [195-?]

Fonds consists of postcards and a photograph of places in the Thousand Islands. Three images are from Lake Placid, New York.

Jean Mustard Seaman Leadbeater photos

  • 2017-007
  • Collection
  • 1940 - 1980

Jean Mustard photos
This collection donated by Jean Mustard of Lyndhurst, daughter of Giles Mustard and Janet Maxwell. She married Roderick (Brubs) Seaman in 1948 and raised sons Stephen, Jeffery, Andrew and Douglas. After Brubs Seaman died, she married Carl Leadbeater from Lansdowne.
File 2017-007-A Lyndhurst landmarks
6 snapshots of buildings in Lyndhurst including Giles Mustard House, Lyndhurst United Church, Elmy’s mill, Harvey’s mill, Carding Mill Bridge, and cairn for Lansdowne Iron Works NHS. – Print from a scan of 1936 class of Lyndhurst Public School (brick) names include Harvey Sheffield, Eric Landon, Keith Kelsey, Clifford Stevens, Jean Mustard, Geraldine Webster, Ernest Leadbeater, Keith Harvey, Dwane Kelsey Arnold Thomas, Keith Wilsie, Mary Webster, Hazel Wood, Norma Gibson, Vera Thomas, Doris Baxter, Dorothy Thomas, Allan Tye, Shirley Sheffield, Irene Gifford, Bill Landon, Marcella Tye, Millie Landon, Bob Wood, Pauline Cheetham, Margaret Steary, Erma McFadden, Grace Jones, Freda Singleton, Mary Jo Harvey, Helen Sheffield, Lillian Stevens, Mary McFadden, Richard Leadbeater, Billy Gifford, Lyndon Hughes, and others unidentified. --
File 2017-007-B Mustard photos Family of Giles Mustard and Janet Maxwell (includes John Moore adopted)
Memorial book for Pockrage Mustard 1871-1959. – Memorial funeral book for Harrett Mustard 1876-1970 – Memorial funeral book for Janet Sarah Jane Maxwell Mustard 1900-1979, includes invoice for funeral from Scotland Funeral Home in Elgin – Baptism certificate for Giles Wendell Mustard 1913. – Quantity of snapshots of family and acquaintances including Joyce Stedman, Doreen Reagan, Mike Reagan, Leora Denby, Edgar Connell, Eldon Kirkland & Grace Mustard Kirkland, Austin Putman, Edith Maxwell Putman, Minta Machan, John Moore, Arnold Gamble
File 2017-007-C Maxwell & Murphy
Folder with photos of Beatrice Maxwell & Clifford Hartley. – wedding photo Dick & Rose Mary Murphy – half of a photo showing Janet Maxwell (later Mrs. Giles Mustard). – quantity of snapshots appear to be from the Maxwell family, some with names including Mr. Delve, Marcella, Herb Wendell & Kent (Hughson?), Jennifer Maxwell, Edna McWilliams, Lynne & Jay Johnston, “Jean & Arina”, Keith Steacy, “Ruby”, Thelma Maxwell
File 2017-007-D Seaman Family - Roderick (Brubs) Seaman & Jean Mustard family
5x7 snapshot labeled Brubs Seaman. – 3 pictures Melissa Ann Seaman as an infant. – Large quantity of snapshots of the Seaman family including Rod & Molly Seaman (parents of Brubs), Roderick (Brubs) Lewis and Murray Seaman (sons of Rod & Molly), -- Jean Mustard Seaman wife of Brubs, -- Eileen Seaman wife of Murray, -- Steve, Jeff , Doug Seaman sons of Brubs and Jean, --
File 2017-007-E Misc. families
Allison & Freda McElroy wedding photo. – Calvin & Reta Steacy wedding photo – “Uncle Minnie Sweet & Aunt Mary” – Alfred & Rita Willows wedding photo. – Ford & Dora Earl
File 2017-007-F Mustard family album. Large quantity of snapshots of Giles Mustard family and acquaintances around Lyndhurst left on original album pages because of notes surrounding pictures. Names include Jean Mustard, Awilla Gamble, Vita Hartley, Grace Mustard, Aunt Maggie Murphy, Arnold Gamble, John Moore, Earl Wessenger, Annie & Inia? Kelsey, Bill Maxwell, Mildred Murphy, Edith Putman (Maxwell), Hattie Mustard, Walter Wellington, Grace Kirkland, Beatrice Maxwell, Gordie & Wilda Gamble, Candace Sterry, Mrs. Irnside, Tom Maxwell & Edith Bryan, Osborn Earl, Lillie Forrester, Violet Forrester, Bigfords, Steve Seaman, Clifford Hartley, Earl Maxwell, Mame Maxwell, Ormond Elliott, Harold Murphy, Mildred Murphy kids, Bruce Bryan, Vera Moorhead, Jack & Janet Murphy, Margaret Steary Jones, Bowlers, Thelma & Ken Hunter, Paul Lennox, Mallen girls, Doreen Reagan, Maureen Reagan, Johnsons, Margaret Sterry & kids, Alf, Vita, John & Brian Willows, Black Rapids, Mr. Miles & Edgar Connell, Barbra Kelsey, Ronnie McKinnon, Robert Hartley, Dave Murphy family, Mr. Kidd (Russell) & Miss Jacklin, Grandma Maxwell & Mrs Elliott, E Pentney, Richard Myers, Belva White, Phyllis Townsend, ? Phelps, Sheila Summerville, Iva Sweet, Gwen Gamble, Jim Rhodes, Phyllis halladay, Eric Landon, Grippen Lake Camp, Garland Myers, Shirley Sheffield, Mary Joe Harvey, Doug Sheffield, Mike Reagan, Shirley Halladay, Mrs Kidd Mr Mawdsely Miss Leiterman, Bill Landon, Phyllis Machan, Hellen Sheffield, Sheila & Brian (Ryan) Kidd, M J Harvey, Keith Harvey,

Marble Rock photos from Douglas Andress

  • 2017-016
  • File
  • na

2 snapshots of Marble Rock Dam from the old steel bridge, one in winter. -- 1 snapshot looking upstream from the dam, showing the rift and remains of a previous dam. -- 1 snapshot from the Andress House looking down on the dam and steel bridge. -- 1 snapshot showing the rift from upstream. -- 1 print from digital scan of postcard of Richard Griffin's tourist home on Gananoque lake (formerly Sidney Griffin's, later Tedford's), the original returned to owner.

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