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A J Sly signs

  • 2014-042
  • Item
  • n/a

Item consists of 2 cardboard signs printed for A J Sly Furniture Dealer and Undertaker, Seeley's Bay.

Abbie MacKay school certificates

  • 2016-016
  • Collection

Collection consists of: -- Dept. of Education certificate to Abbie McKay for entrance to high school, 1921. -- Dept. of Education Lower School Examination report for Abbie McKay, 1923. -- Dept. of Education High School Graduation Diploma to Abbie MacKay, Lansdowne Continuation School, 1926

Aerial Photos of Farms around Gananoque

  • 2017-039
  • Collection
  • Est. late 1940s/early '50s

Collection consists of 26 bw photos 5 x 7" of farm houses and outbuildings taken from an airplane in the Gananoque area. They are labelled "Gananoque N. W." , Gananoque S.W., Gananoque N.E., and Gananoque S.E.. The automobiles visible range from a Model A Ford to a 1949 Ford. The only farm that anyone has recognized so far is that of Eldon Connor on Hwy. 32

Akita Club Fonds

  • 2015-038
  • Fonds
  • 1930-2005

Fonds consists of: 1 softbound scribbler containing minutes of the Akita Club 1930 to 1935, -- 8 hardbound minutes books including 1946-52, 1953-58, 1959-65, 1966-74, 1974-84, 1985-98, 1999-2008. -- hardbound minutes book of Bethel Church Annual Congregational Meetings 1957-1968 – small hardbound book containing guest registers from events to celebrate 65th and 75th anniversaries of the Akita Club Nov. 19, 1995, and Oct 2, 2005. – suede bound book containing guest register for the 25th anniversary in 1955. – a loose folder containg a history of the Akita Club written for their 50th anniversary. – manuscript minutes of a meeting of the Bethel Church trustees, May 27, 1968, considering selling the church. – typescript minutes of a meeting of Bethel Church trustees in which they rersolved to sell the church to the Akita Club, and manuscript of the same meeting. – manuscript report to a congregational meeting, of the formation of the Young People Club, Nov 14, 1930. – a ticket to a play “An Early Bird” by Wilstead Young People’s Soc. At Grace Church Hall, April 24 (no year). – a file of correspondence to and from the Akita Club. – a file of deeds and legal transactions, and a list of contents of the Akita Club and prices received from Hughes’ Auction Service. -- An envelope of bank statements and cancelled cheques dated 1968 -- a list of members of the Akita Club 1930-2005 -- a page from Gananoque Reporter Nov 20, 1930, containing much local news including the formation of the Young People Society by Mrs. Chisamore's Bible Class at Bethel Church. (encapsulated in Map Cabinet 2 Drawer 3. -- 2-page printout of history of Bethel United Church.
An accrual of more photos donated in October 2020, consisting of 24 colour prints of a gathering celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Akita Club on Oct 2, 2005 donated by Don Chisamore, and 4 colour prints with names inscribed au verso, from a New Years party at the home of Arnold and Ruth Day, Wilstead (no year given) donated by Erma Breckenridge.

Bill Boulton backlog

  • 2020-009
  • Collection
  • 1900 - 2019

2020-009 Historical Soc. Materials from Bill Boulton’s basement

2020-009-A Misc. Items pertaining to Leeds & Lansdowne and Gananoque.
A-001 Supplement to the Gananoque Reporter July 25, 1990, souvenir edition devoted to history of the town, industries and families.
A-002 Calendar of historic photos printed by Gananoque Reporter in co-operation with Gananoque Historical Society, 1995.
A-003 Bound alphabetical index of names in the records of the Thompson Store (location of records? Location of store?)
A-004 Original typescript history of Sand Bay Presbyterian Church by Katie Johnston, on very long ledger paper, also refers to Post office, cheese factory, saw mill, school, and families Stringer, McCready, Slack, Patience, Goff, Fodey, Herbison, Lappan, Ripley, Heaslip,
A-005 Parks Canada Research Bulletin No 307 “The Brown’s Bay Vessel: It’s Design and Construction” by Chris Amer, Sept 1994.
A-006 Index of names in the records of Blacksmith Ira Andress from Yonge’s Mills, 1877 -1884. Location of record unknown.
A-007 Original oil painting on canvas board signed Mary Duff and inscribed au verso “To Dorothy and Dave Newell / Lansdowne Ont. / Mary Duff / 1972”.
A-008 Book “Seeley’s Bay and District 1967 Profile”.
A-009 Program for Opening Ceremonies for the Thousand Islands – Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, 7 June 2003. 4 pages colour.
A-010 1982 reprint of 1909 Souvenir Edition of the Westport Mirror. (encapsulated Map Cab 2, dwr. 3)
A-011 Illustrated walking tour folder for Springfield/Escott printed by Front of escott Township council, undated.
A-012 Booklet “St John’s Church Lansdowne 1877-2007” by Anne Hunt.
A-013 Clipping listing the winners of Championship School Fair of 1928, and manuscript lists of the categories being judged (2 copies).
A-014 2011 calendar “Forever Yonge”, spiral bound with old photos of Yonge Township
A-015 Computer transcript of Report of the Inspector of Licences for Inns in Leeds, Lansdowne, Escott & Gananoque, 1846.
A-016 2-page computer printout of history of Legge’s Corner or Reid’s Corner by Alan Lindsay.
A-017 Manuscript quotes from unidentified Autograph Albums dated 1882 to 1948.
A-018 Photocopy of manuscript list of Reeves, Councilors and Clerks of Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Twp. 1849 to 1999, 5 pages.
A-019 Typescript letter from FoLL clerk to John Flood, Fred Warren and Henry McRow requesting tenders for crushed stone, 1919.
A-020 Stock certificate from Ivy Mining Company Ltd of Ivy Lea to J & T J Darling, Jan 1928.
A-021 Carbon copy of a typed letter from the Ivy Mining Co. Ltd. announcing the prize winners of a contest, 1928.
A-022 6-page printout of Margie Brennan’s web page for Long Point Leeds County, where she posted photos of documents belonging to Daniel O’Connor, including command to muster the Militia and Regiment roll of 1838, call to assemble the Militia, 1841, etc.
A-023 Anglican Parish of Lansdowne Front Pictorial Directory, 1987, includes portraits of families attending St John’s, St Paul’s, and Church of the Redeemer.
A-024 clipping with photo of Jim Galloway and Howard Kaiser in St John’s Church, Lansdowne.
A-025 Photocopy of a deed from Thomas Little to John Wilson, in Leeds L3 C1. 1921.
A-026 Photocopy of a Memorial of a deed from John Richardson Forsyth, and John A McDonald (executors for estate of William Crawford) to Abraham Collard for part of Leeds L2 C1, 1853.
A-027 Reprint of “The Canadian Mercantile Almanack for 1847”, Hushion House Publishers 1997. (General Research)
A-028 Book “Mother Barnes The Witch of Plum Hollow” by Patti Miller, 2007. (General Research).
A-029 Book “400 Years of Log Fences) by Eugene L Fytche, 2008 (General Research)

2020-009-B Notes collected by Bill Boulton in writing his first book “Lansdowne Then and Now”.
B-001 Transcript of an interview with Mrs. Margel Warren, April 9, 2003, in which she talks about businesses in Lansdowne as she remembered.
B-002 E-mail from Bill Boulton to Dave Brown (Ottawa Citizen) re permission to quote, 2010.
B-003 Crude map of Lansdowne with numbered locations of businesses, with a 5-page key to the businesses that operated in those locations.
B-004 List of businesses in Lansdowne as of 1915.
B-005 Manuscript notes on the funeral home in Lansdowne and the building built by Geo. McKay.
B-006 E-mail announcement from Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve re unveiling ceremony for the Railway mural, Oct 2006.
B-007 “Lansdowne Historical Timeline” compiled by Brian Phillips, 4 pages computer document.
B-008 E-mail correspondence with Allan Graphics of Kingston and Bill Boulton re a map Bill used in his book.
B-009 2 copies of the map referred to in previous item.
B-010 Hand drawn map of Lansdowne village with numbers 1 to 73 marking the location of businesses, and typescript lists of the business corresponding to the numbers, by Wilson Goff.
B-011 Typescript list (4 pages) of businesses in Lansdowne numbered 1-89.
B-012 List of businesses in Lansdowne transcribed from The R G Dunn & Co. Mercantile Agency Reference Book, 1909
B-013 E-mail from Gordon Dowsley to Bill Boulton with permission to use information from his writings about Dowsley’s Corners.
B-014 Three-hole punched and tied sheets on individual buildings in Lansdowne, some with copies of photos, such as St John’s Anglican Church, Lansdowne Fair building, Lansdowne United Church, Lansdowne telephone office, and Chalmers Presbyterian Church.
B-015 Map of LTI with adhesive arrows showing the location of all the churches in the township.
B-016 Map of LTI with adhesive arrows showing the location of all the schools in the township

2020-009-C Correspondence to and from LTI Historical Society and distant members of local families
C-001 Letter to Hist. Soc. 1999 from Barbara Salazar of Colorado, asking for help in tracing the descendants of Joseph Copeland and Eurith Phillips
C-002 Notes by Marion Joyce re property near Union Cemetery owned by J Copeland, and connections to Rath and McKay families.
C-003 Scribbled notes re Copeland family.
C-004 Reply letter from Hist. Soc. describing their discoveries about the Copeland family.
C-005 Letter from Louise Barber of Vancouver BC 1999 re Walter and Ellen Barber and ancestors.
C-006 to 020 14 pages of comments and reminiscence by John D Steacy of Ottawa in response to things that appeared in the Hist. Soc. Newsletters 1997-2000.
C-021 & 022 Letters from Bill and Margaret Baile of Ponoka AB, 1993 & 94 re John Baile of Lansdowne, baker.
C-023 to 026 4 pages manuscript notes on bakeries in Lansdowne, Baile family and connection to Byron Stringer
C-027 to 044 Bundle of 18 pages of manuscript notes on members of the Quinn Family from newspapers, censuses, and personal interviews.
C-045-046 Photocopy of manuscript notes on descendants of Jeremiah Snider and Jane Harkness.
C-047 Notes from a census on Alexander Slack and family
C-048-051 Correspondence between Mrs. Madge Crawford, Regina Sask. Regarding her Gr Grandfather John Patience.
C-052 Program from the Patience family reunion 1998 in Saskatchewan.
C-053 photocopy of 2 death notices for John Patience, 1916
C-054-057 Computer printout of a family tree of John Patience.
C-058-059 Photocopy of clipping by Harry Painting telling the story of the Patience family of Dulcemaine.
C-060 Manuscript notes on the Patience family
C-061 Original photograph of Mrs. Jerry Patience (Elva) and son Roy Patience, 1933.
C-062-063 manuscript notes on George Patience, son William and grandson Donald
C-064 Photo from scan of Maple Grove Ladies Aid including Mrs. John Seal, Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Cooper (minister), Mrs. Humphrey Todd, Mrs. Brennan, Leah Thompson, Mrs. George Bell, Myrtle Abrams.
C-065-073 Correspondence with Donna (Seal) Cross of Windsor ON. Re her Seal relatives and all matters pertaining to Maple Grove.
C-074-075 Letter to Bill Boulton from Al Adams of Mississauga ON. re his grandparents John and Elizabeth Ferguson.
C-076-083 Photocopies of ads from the Gananoque Reporter for the store of John and Elizabeth Ferguson.
C-084 Computer printout 1-page family tree for the Webb family of Lansdowne.
C-085 Computer print of a letter of information about King’s Landing at Ivy Lea (Markus King) from Bill Boulton to Eleanor Austin.
C-086 Photocopy of a letter listing the winners of a contest sponsored by the Ivy Mining Co. Ltd, 1926.
C-087 Manuscript excerpt from the genealogy of William Landon family, listing descendants of Elizabeth Landon McNeil whose daughter married Markus King.
C-088 Computer printout of descendants of John McNeil (1770-1815) who settled near Lansdowne.
C-089 3-page history of the Gilbert family, carriagemakers in Seeley’s Bay, by David Gilbert.
C-090 2-page history of the family of Jean Walker and Hugh Breckenridge, with appended history of the Tedford family with whom their children married.

2020-009-D Bradley Family
D-001-015 15 page manuscript family tree of descendants of Samuel Bradley, source unknown.
D-016-019 4 page manuscript notes on land acquisitions by members of the Bradley family.
D-020-021 photocopy of a letter from Alan K Bolton (Mineapolis MN) to Wilmer Henderson Bradley, 1966, conveying additions to Bradley’s grandmother’s family tree.
D-022 Photocopy of an undated clipping showing a photo of Wilmer H Bradley and his wife on their golden wedding anniversary.
D-023-024 2-page photocopy of an article on the Bradley family from the Brockville Recorder & Times 1978, includes photos of Thomas Bradley, Maj. Joseph Bradley, Carleton and Elvira Bradley, Wilmer and Mary (Bigford) Bradley, and John and Mary Bigford with children.
D-025 Photocopy of an undated article from Gananoque Reporter tracing the Bradley family from Ireland to Lansdowne.
D-026 scribbled notes about the residence and family of Joseph A Bradley, Lansdowne village.
D-027 Manuscript notes on Edmund R Bradley, Dr. Joseph Arthur Bradley and Edwin H Bradley.
D-028 Transcription of a story about Daniel Bradley being chased and shot at by John Costello.
D-029 Photocopies from an unidentified newspaper about 1921, describing the house building activities of Thomas Bradley, and other residents of Lansdowne.
D-030-033 3 computer print photos of Tommy Stennitt in an envelope with notation signed Betty Bradley, a niece.
D-034 Invitation to a dance in Burns’ Hall, Lansdowne by the Lansdowne Social Club.
D-035 Small photo of two couples at a table with a big cake, inscribed au verso “Annie / Jennie / Bert / Bill /Armstrong”.
D-036 Small photo of a lady in front of the Gray stone house on the Parkway, probably Margaret Gray.
D-037 5 x 7 reprint of studio portrait of an elderly couple, inscribed au verso “Charles & Margaret Gray” .
D-038 Modern colour photo of Bruce Foley at the sign post for Tilley.
D-039 Original mortgage Dennis Noonan to Richard Copeland, 1875.
D-040 Pamphlet “Gananoque/The Name and its Origin” by Frank Eames 1942.
D-041 Pamphlet “Sketch of the Early History of the Front Concessions of Lansdowne and Thousand Islands Group” by Thomas Darling, 1925.
D-042 Studio oval photo on card of two men, inscribed au verso “T A Bradley / E R Bradley”.
D-043 Studio oval photo on card of one man, inscribed au verso “E R Bradley”.
D-044 Studio oval photo on card of a woman inscribed au verso “Mrs. E R Bradley”
D-045 Post card to Mrs. E R Bradley from a soldier in France thanking her for socks she sent which he will wear on long marches.
D-046 CDV young man, inscribed au verso “Wilmer Bradley”.
D-047 CDV young man, inscribed au verso “Clark Foley”.
D-048 Small card with photo inside of Margel Warren, with inscription “To Douglas/ Wishing you many happy returns of the Day / Margel / Mar. 31 – 1927”.
D-049 CDV of young woman, inscribed au verso “Alma Bradley”.
D-050 Studio oval photo on card young woman, inscribed au verso “Mary Bigford/ married Wilmer Bradley”.
D-051 Studio oval on card, teenage boy, inscribed au verso “Wilmer Bradley”.
D-052 Studio photo on card a couple and 2 daughters, inscribed au verso “Charles Bradley / Alma Bradley / Ada Bradley / Daisy Bradley”.
D-053 Studio oval on card 3 young people, inscribed au verso “Albert Bradley (possibly recipient) Harry Green / Eva Green / Mabel Green”.
D-054 Studio photo on card 4 women, inscribed au verso “Mrs. Frank Green / Mrs. Wesley Acton / Mrs. J W Clendening / Mrs. John Willoughby”.
D-055 snapshot of a barn raising, with note attached “Carman Grier’s/ barn Raising / circa 1950 / Centennial Road / still standing”
D-056 35 page booklet "The Bradley Family of Newtownbarry, County Wexford, Ireland and Lansdowne, County Leeds, Ontario" by Alan K Bolton,1962; typescript on onionskin paper in a 3-ring card stock folder, with inclusions

2020-009-E Lansdowne Fair ephemera
E-001-003 Complimentary admission tickets to Lansdowne Fair 1944-45-47 for Miss Elva Vanorman, signed by secretary S C E Dixon.
E-004-005 Satin ribbons worn by Agricultural Society Members at Lansdowne Fair 1933 and 1950.
E-006 Blank “Entry Sheet” used to list animals entered for judging in Lansdowne Fair, no date.
E-007-009 Photocopies of the cover and first pages of the Lansdowne Fair centennial prize list 1964
E-010 List of past presidents of the Lansdowne Fair Board 1864 to 2014 (150 years).
E-011 Stock Certificate in Lansdowne Arena Company Limited issued to William Boulton, 1961.
E-012 Pencil sketch on card stock of the judging stand at Lansdowne fairgrounds, signed “K Nuttall 2014”.
E-013 Photocopy of Lansdowne Fair prize list for 1908.
E-014-018 Typescript History of Lansdowne Fair written for the 125th anniversary 1989.
E-019 Printed postcard to George H Darling, mailed in Gananoque 1910, message and signature unintelligible.
E-020 Card from Fair secretary Dixon to J D W Darling saying the $2 he gave was awarded to D B Johnston, 1921.

2020-009-F Executors’ Accounts and inventory of Estate of John Wesley McNeil.
F-001 Typescript “Executors’ Accounts” for the Surrogate Court in the estate of John Wesley McNeil, 19 pages legal size, undated.

2020-009-G Records of the Leeds & Lansdowne Association of Historians and Collectors; the precedent to Lansdowne Historical Society.
G-001 Typescript minutes of meeting of LLAHC Oct 25, 1984.
G-002 Typescript minutes of Nov. 22/84
G-003 Manuscript notes from meeting of Jan 23/85
G-004 Typescript proposed budget for 1985.
G-005 manuscript notes on income and expences, April and May/85.
G-006 Typescript Minutes of Mar 22/85 with membership list and manuscript notations.
G-007 Typescript Minutes of June 26/85 2 pages (2 copies)
G-008 Manuscript notes on discussion from June 26 meeting

2020-009-H Court proceedings for and against The Gananoque Water Power Co.
H-001 Photocopy of the petition by GWPC to raise the dam at Outlet, 1882, includes the description of each property affected, seven pages legal size.
H-002 Carbon copy of typescript of the decision by the Chancery Court on a suit by James McCready and others against Gananoque Water Power Co, 1889.
H-003 6-page printed petition of the Gananoque Water Power Co to the County Court of Leeds & Grenville to raise the level of Charleston Lake by four feet, including a survey and description of the lands affected, and naming all the defendants, 1882.

2020-009-I Collection of various deeds and mortgages pertaining to Charles Bonsteel, from unknown source, plus 2 deeds to Abrahan Rogers in Rockport
I-001 Indenture of sale by Adolphus Botsford to George Pattemore of 60 acres in Yonge L19, C9. 1909.
I-002 Memorandum of agreement of sale by Charles Bonsteel to John Morris of 70 acres in Yonge L19, C9, 1920
I-003 Mortgage from Charles Bonsteel to William Jackson for land as above, 1918.
I-004 Mortgage from Charles Bonsteel to Emily McVeigh for land in Lansdowne L16 & 17, C2, 1920, with notations recording payments.
I-005 Conveyance from David Huntley to Charles Bonsteel of land in Lansdowne L17, C2, 1928
I-006 Mortgage from Charles Bonsteel to Ross Purvis for land in Lansdowne L 16 & 17, C2, 1933
I-007 Letter to Charles Bonsteel notifying him of the discharge of above mortgage, 1943.
I-008 Affidavit by Richard Foley concerning title to Lansdowne L16-17-18, C2, 1931.
I-008-010 3 receipts by Emily McVeigh for mortgage payments by Charles Bonsteel 1927-32.
I-011 Receipt from Ross Purvis for mortgage payment by Charles Bonsteel, 1938.
I-012 Mortgage from Thom,as McCrea to Charles Quinn for Lansdowne L16-17-18, C 2, 1901.
I-013 Assignment of above mortgage from Charles Quinn to Richard Foley, 1903.
I-014 Postcard from Geo. Davis to J D W Darling re discharhe of above mortgage, 1920.
I-015A-C Envelope addressed to Richard Cronk, Athens, containing bank book from 1909.
I-016 Receipt for mortgage payment from Mrs. Bonsteel to Ross Purvis, 1938.
I-017 Letter to J D Sheppard from solicitor Arthur Jackson containing description of land in Lansdowne L17, C2, 1924.
I-018A-B Letter from solicitors Matheson Henderson & Hart to Stewart Jones re lack of registration of the will of Charles Bonsteel, 1967.
I-019 Letter from solicitors MacFarlane and Clarke to Richard Bonsteel requesting letters probate for Charles Bonsteel, 1967.
I-020 Letter from MacFarlane & Clarke to Richard Bonsteel asking to sign a declaration, 1967.
I-021 Probated will of Richard Cronkwright of Athens, 1915.
I-022 Receipt from H R Beale to Richard Cronkwright for $425, 1909.
I-023 Notice to Richard Cronkwright that he is a creditor of the Farmers Bank of Canada (bankrupt) in the amount of $269.73.
I-024 From a different source: Certified manuscript copy of a deed from Charles Cornwall and wife to Abraham Rogers, 1897, with an envelope in which they were acquired, with the name of Robert C & Theresa Smith, Cobourg.
I-025 Certified manuscript copy of a deed from Joseph and Jane Rogers to Abraham Rogers 1902

2020-009-J Notes on genealogy of Horton, McCullough/Latimer, Sheppard, Williams & Taylor families and others
J-001 Photocopy of a letter from Evelyn Earl to Edna Johnston, 1966, regarding Taylor family history, the Irish Rebellion, and Tilley settlement.
J-002 Four-page typescript history of the Thomas Williams family in Leeds County.
J-003 Two-page computer printout of the descendants of Samuel Horton and Camelia Graham.
J-004 Twelve-page photocopy of manuscript on the Samuel Horton family by Mrs. T J Webster.
J-005 Three-page computer printout of John Sheppard family in Escott Twp.
J-006 Three-page computer printout of family of Robert McCullough (1801-1871) and Mary Latimer.
J-007 Hand written transcripts of McConnell Family grave stones in Union Cemetery.
J-008 Photocopies from Leeds & Grenville OGS Newsletter on descendants of Abraham Coon, touching on Myers and Poole families, 5 pages.
J-009 “The Moore family of Mooretown” (Eden Grove) by Alan Lindsay.
J-010 Manuscript notes on family tree of Lulu Warren Shipman

2020-009-K Orders for steam threshing equipment including liens on customers’ farms, 1890s
K-001 Order by William Webb and Robert Steacy to The Haggert Bros. Manufacturing Co of Brampton, 1890, for a separator worth $400, with declarations that they own lands listed and promise not to encumber them until all debts to Haggart Bros are paid, witnessed by Hugh Wilson and Jos. Greene and registered in the Registry Office.
K-002 Order by Cyrus Cross, John Ferguson and Alma Weart for a Cornell Steam Engine and Separator by Haggert Bros Manufacturing Co worth $1400, 1889, conditions as previous.
K-003 Order by William Warren and John Franklin for a Cornell Steam Engine and Wide-Awake Separator worth $1500, 1886, witnessed by James Aikens, conditions as previous.
K-004 Order by William Warren for a Cornell Steam Engine by Haggert Bros. worth $1300, 1890.
K-005 Order by William Warren for a Robert Bell steam traction engine worth $1975, 1905.
All of above documents came in an envelope marked “Bud Hunt”.

2020-009-L Album of 98 photos, may have belonged to Archie Johnston of Rockfield, donated by Connie Burns.
2-ring laced black photo album with black pages containing 98 snapshots from the 1920s, most are unidentified. The named photos include Max & Archie, Miss Hollingsworth, Floyd & Agnes, Erma & Eileen, Laura Jack, Miss Miller, Elva Topping, Blythe, Percy & Mary, Stella & family, Katie, Bertha Watts, Ella Sheridan, Davidson Topping, Tilley School (group), Outlet (bridge), Marble Rock Road, Sand Bay (church), Erma & Paul, Eileen, Murray Jack, Rhea Horton, Elmer & Agnes Greer, Marble Rock Cheese Factory (old mill), Miss Miller and Eileen Tilton, Tilley Factory, Mrs. Bradley, Marble Rock Dam, Marble Rock Bridge, Blythe & Grant Haskin, Agnes Steen, Mae Hollingsworth, Arthur Bilford, Robert Murphy, Maud (horse), Archer (man & horse), Hal (man & horse), Lil Forrester, Tilley Jim (woman on horse), Robert Murphy Archie (man & horse), Fred Cooke & Toby (man on horse), Archie Lorna Mr Greer, Varda Wilks, Billy Jim, Ripple Autobon Sam H (horse cart & driver), Billy Boy (man & horse), Dick & Dina, Mollie & Min, Maud Billy Jim (horses), Nell (woman & horse), Billy Hal, Mack (horse), Billy Boy (horse), Crazy Skip (horse), Nell (woman & horse), Jim Maud Billy (horses), Just Jack (horse), Mollie (horse.

2020-009-M Various photos and reproductions
M-001 Photo a man cutting granite blocks, inscribed “Wm McKee”.
M-002 Man and wagon in front of Granite ridges being cut into building stone, inscribed au verso “McKee Quarry”.
M-003 Rough quarried stone in foreground with a hoisting derrick behind, inscribed au verso “Quarry near Escott”.
M-004 Reprint photo of a simple frame house with veranda, owned in 1921 by Everett T Rogers and Theresa Eves Rogers, birthplace of Phyllis Rogers Mitchell.
M-005 Photo of the cast of the play “Marrying Anne” on stage (possibly in the Lansdowne Town Hall) Nov. 1931.
M-006 Partial casts as above same date and place.
M-007 Reprint photo of woman with Lansdowne village in background, possibly taken from Victoria School.
M-008 Reprint photo of two sisters in old dress, inscribed au verso “Left June Brown Mitchell/ Right Ann Brown Haig”.
M-009A & B Photo and reprint of couple and boy, inscribed au verso “Beatrice Herbison / Owen Thomas/ Reg” and “mother”.
M-010A & B Photo and reprint of man with white beard seated outside, inscribed au verso “Mr. Benjamin Herbison” and “mother”.
M-011 Photo of previous people together, inscribed au verso “Mr. Herbison / Reg Herbison / Beatrice (Herbison) Thomas / Owen Thomas”.
M-012 Blurry photo of man and woman inscribed au verso “Mrs. Sandy MacDonald / Herb Leacock”.
M-013 Photo little boy beside a boathouse inscribed “John Lochead”.
M-014 Photo Man, Dog, boy, and woman, unidentified.
M-015 Photo of stone house with ell on Prince St Lansdowne, inscribed “Jim Foots house / store”.
M-016 Photo four men standing near a log cabin inscribed “Gramma (Cain) / Goff house / ?”.
M-017 Photo of five students taken at Victoria School inscribed “Beatrice Quinn (?) Mayonne Burns, Audrey Earl, Lorne Burns, Dorothy McConnell”.
M-018 reprint photo of man in uniform inscribed “Feb 15, 1950 / Officer Tim McGrill / “HERE COMES CHARLIE”
M-019 Contact print two women under Sunflower tree, unidentified, inscribed “1947”.
M-020 Photo 2 men in straw hats and a woman, possibly a picnic, inscribed “Mildred” and “Urban”.
M-021 Poor photo child in tall grass, unidentified.
M-022 three boys, one mounted on a horse, inscribed “Ronald” and “Edwin”
M-023 Young Man in a buggy and horse, houses beyond, unidentified.
M-024 Village street with board walks, unidentified.
M-025 Cast of 8 characters in a play at Lansdowne Town Hall.
M-026 As above but 10 characters, inscribed “Bob Huskinson”.
M-027 Open grave among headstones with many flowers, inscribed “Kenneth Grier, age 22 / Union Cemetery Jan 22/49 / Lansdowne, Ont. / Forty two floral pieces”
M-028 Man fishing from the Outlet Dam, another watching, guardhouse beyond.
M-029 Large group in three rows, some in costumes, unidentified.
M-030 Interior of an empty church unidentified.
M-031 Unused post card from Lansdowne United Church to announce upcoming meetings.
M-032 Certificate to Douglas Donevan for passing course on the dangerous effects of Alcoholic Beverages by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.
M-033 Photo Grove Methodist Church (Lansdowne United) inscribed “1913”.
M-034 Interior of a United Church with big pipe organ, several flower arrangements as if for a funeral.
M-035 As previous.
M-036 Six people in a 1940s living room, unidentified.
M-037 Eight people on the steps of Woodvale School inscribed “Old Woodvale School”: front row l-r Jimmy Lappan, Doreen Lappan, Marie Heaslip, Helen O’Grady, Lorne Crozier, Clifford Heaslip. Back row Mildred Hall, Eva Modler (teacher).
M-038 Photo two women, inscribed “June 1948 / Mrs Glenn / Mrs Fodey”.
M-039 Large group of women from St John’s Guild probably 1950s; Front row Miss Anna Shaw (Anna Lochead), Miss Susie Truesdell, Mrs Ray Landon and son Ronald Landon. 2nd row: Mrs pearl Rotters, Miss Rachael Webster, Mrs Sam Johnston, Mrs harry Nunn. Back row; Mrs A L Haffie, Mrs George Dillion, Mrs Winter (minister’s wife), Mrs George F Dean, Mrs E E Johnston, Mrs Gordon Loney, Mrs Tom Steacy. Inscribed au verso “John Loney”.
M-040A & B Snapshot and an enlargement of a group photo inscribed “Haffie’s Hunting Camp 1931”, listed as Bill Trickey, Ford Gray, Bob Stringer, Pete McConnif, Al Haffie, Stanley Haffie, John Kring, Edna Haffie, W P Earl, Ed Forrester, Libby Trickey, George Lawson, Tom McMunn, Harry Lawson.
M-041 Four men with shotguns and large stringer of ducks, Al Haffie on the left.
M-042 Snapshot of the Warburton Warriors hockey team displaying the Supertest Shield Trophy. Back row LtoR: Taylor Burns, Smokey Woods, Lou Jefferies, Ben Cirtwell, Basil Gavin, Lorne Kelsey, George Burns. Front row: Bob Crawford, Bob McWilliams, Cliff Foley, Gerald Cranker, Ernie Moorhead, Des Caiger.
M-043 Snapshot of Warburton Warriors undated. Back row LtoR: Taylor Burns, Keith Burns, Dennis McGarr, Basil Gavin, Bernard O’Grady, George Burns. Middle row: Lou Jefferies, Lloyd Moorhead, Ernie Moorhead, Bob McWilliams. Front row: Bob Crawford, Don Tedford, Gerry Cranker, Ben Cirtwell, Monty Crawford.
M-044 Photo adhered to Masonite, of Warburton Warriors undated, estimate 1960. Back row LtoR: Donnie Burns, Blake Foley, Gordie Merkley, Taylor Burns. Front row: unknown, Wendell Webster, Ron Plunkett, Lloyd Foley, Percy Steacy.
M-045 8x10 photo of a mixed hockey team, 9 players each with a different sweater, unidentified.
M-046 Reprint photo of the front of a house, inscribed “Mr. and Mrs. Algernon Hugh McKay’s home on Miller Street, Lansdowne, Ontario”.
M-047 Computer print of a very heavy warship, with note quoting the inscription on the original, addressed to Mr A E Haffie, Lansdowne “Dear Father / This is the ship that I am on / what do you think of her. / Some ship. / Halifax April 1918”
M-048 Computer print of the Cozy Corner Restaurant in the former Stewart House Hotel, where the Lansdowne Post Office now stands.
M-049 Computer copy of snapshot of Al Haffie’s meat delivery truck.
M-050 Computer copy of a snapshot of men hewing square timber, probably to build a barn, unknown location.
M-051 Computer enlargement of men building the brick house at 1091 Prince St, Lansdowne, in 1915.
M-052 Computer enlargement of 2 photos of the cast of a play in the Lansdowne Town Hall, 1940s.
M-053 Computer enlargement of (possible) choir on the stage in the Lansdowne Town Hall. Front row LtoR: Shirley Nunn, Catherine Fodey, Doreen Milner, unknown, Catherine Lynch, Linda Pritchard, Vera Foote, Caroline Clancy, Diane Wills, Anne McMullan. Second row: Marian Tedford, Margaret Rose Lynch, unknown, Myrna Doak, Freda Warren, unknown, unknown, unknown.
M-054 Computer enlargement of two boys on the Town Hall stage, Val Jefferies, George Young.
M-055 As previous; two girls Anne McMullen, Diane Wills.
M-056 Computer enlargement of a gathering of ladies in a living room with sandwiches, cake and tea. LtoR: Daisy Donevan, Bernice Horton, Dorothea Burns, Julia Webster, Marian Steacy, Mary Heaslip, Mrs Gerald Breckenridge, Beatrice Webster, Marcella O’Grady, Mable Aldrich, Marie Summers, ? Bradley, Kate McMunn.
M-057 Computer copy two girls with popcicles and a toddler on a lawn, old man watching from the street. Noted to be “Anne Sly”.
M-058 Computer copy Model A Ford roadster covered with snow beside the stone building at 1004 Prince St. Lansdowne.
M-059 Computer copy of a studio photo of a woman seated, inscribed au verso Isabella Brown Darling.
M-060 Computer copy photo of an old house with veranda, unidentified.
M-061 Photocopy of W.L. Prosser photo of the Government Dock at Ivy Lea, 1944, including Eric Truesell’s store and a bigger building later moved to Mount Airy.
M-062 Photocopy of a picture from the river showing the Ivey boat houses with the farm house in the background, prior to 1938 when the Scenic Highway was built.
M-063 Photocopy of three snapshots from the Ivey farmhouse looking toward the river, showing the Scenic Highway in foreground.
M-064 Photocopy of a modern colour photo of the Ivey farmhouse.

2020-009-N Three ring binder containing 38 photographs of Lansdowne area printed by George Lackie in 1989 from glass negatives found in his house in Lansdowne in 1968, with possible attributions for some, as follows: #1 Merchants Bank of Canada now home of Jim Foote. #2 Home built by Brock Truesdell for Efford Brown. #5 Possibly Sam Montgomery’s home (confirmed). #7 Home built for Joe Heaslip around 1900 … #8 Store built by Henry Mulvaugh (Lansdowne Freshmart). #10 possibly Glenn Shields. # 11, 12, 13,14 interior views of Lansdowne Creamery (cheese factory) now Burgeson Boats. #15 Child, possibly post mortem. #19 Mrs Sarah Heaslip, Polly Keating, and Sam Heaslip. Note: photos were removed from “sticky” album pages and sacrificial paper placed behind them so they did not adhere directly .

2020-009-O Photos donated by Freda White
O-001 Studio photo on card of Mr. (Charles) and Mrs. (Alice) Fredenburgh.
O-002 Studio Photo on card Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fredenburgh and baby.
O-003 Studio photo on card Alice and Charles Fredenburg and sons Ford and Norman.
O-004 Studio photo on card of two little girls, believed to be Mary and Alice Webster.
O-005 CDV two young women, broken, partial inscription au verso “Essie” .
O-006 Studio photo in folder inscribed Ford Fredenburgh.
O-007 8x10 photo four people inscribed “Patsy Kennedy Pres. /Ford Johnston / Mrs Dave Tedford / Oldest people at Lans. Fair”.
O-008 Colour snapshot in folder, elderly couple, inscribed “Myrla Shields & 2nd husband Bob Sheppard / Easter Greetings 1973”.
O-009 Snapshot five women, inscribed “Taken in July or Aug/39 / are we lovely? Especially me.” And in ballpoint pen “Alma Bradley McKay”.
O-010 Snapshot three elderly women and a man, inscribed “April 1942 / Alma Blanche Quinn”.
O-011 Snapshot same three women as previous, inscribed “May 1942 / at Lansdowne Ont” and “Mother / Mrs. Blanche Johnston / & Mrs Eliz Quinn”.
O-012 Snapshot of woman at woodshed door, inscribed “Xmas Day 1933 / Blanche Johnston”.
O-013 Snapshot from same roll of film as previous, man holding toddler, inscribed “Uncle Algie / & Marion”.
O-014 Envelope with form for ordering photo prints, from Edwards Drug Store, Lansdowne.

2020-009-P Lansdowne Continuation School yearbooks.
P-001 “Campus Capers” Yearbook of 1951, purple flocked cover with gold letters.
P-002 Yearbook for 1954-55, yellow covers.
P-003 yearbook for 1955-56, gold covers creased and worn.
P-004 Yearbook for 1955-56, as above but better condition.
P-005 Replica yearbook compiled for the school reunion in 2011.
P-006 “Campus Capers” yearbook for 1951, second copy.

2020-009-Q Diary for 1965 and 1966 by Lettie (Landon) Mitchell, widow of Fred Mitchell.
Item consists of a hardcover diary titled “Daily Journal 1915” with entries from 1965 and 1966.

2020-009-R Butter making manual
Item consists of a three-ring binder with typescript printing on one side of each page giving complete instructions for making butter, with an insert saying it was used by Kenneth Hill at Coverdale, Ripley, Taylor, Rockport and Willowbank cheese factories.

2020-009-S Book from the library of Gananoque Narrows Lighthouse
Item consists of book “The Morning Goeth Forth and Other Poems” by Britton Strangways, 1924, with a plate saying it was presented to the Gananoque Narrows Lighthouse by the Public School, Chesley, Ontario, and identifying the Upper Canada Tract Society. It was donated to the Lansdowne Historical Society by Robert Liddell, the son of the last lighthouse keeper.

2020-009-T Voters List Book 1901-1924
Item consists of “Clerk’s Voters List Book” for Front of Leeds & Lansdowne, in which is recorded the names of everyone who is supposed to receive a copy of the voters list, including County Judges, municipal councilors, treasurer, sheriff, clerk of the peace, postmasters, head masters of all schools, county clerk, MP, MLA, defeated candidates for MP and MLA in the last election, and the reeve. The lists are complete from 1901 to 1924, during which time the Township Clerk was J D W Darling.

2020-009-U Information on Post Offices in the area.
U-001 Rural Mail Directory for Brockville and surrounding area, 1929, lists the mail recipients in all the rural routes but not the towns/villages.
U-002 Transcription from the Gananoque Reporter 1901 noting the change in location and Postmaster at Wilstead.
U-003 Computer reprint of the appointment of Charles O’Connor as Post Master at Long Point 1894.
U-004 Letter with attachments (10 pages) from Diane Martineau of Canadian Postal Archives in response to information request by Hillary Hamilton about post offices in Front of Leeds & Lansdowne.
U-005 Manuscript data on post offices at Bowell, Fairfax, Gananoque Junction, Melcombe, South Lake, Beverley, Oak leaf, Ellisville, Berryton, Seeley’s Bay, and Lyndhurst, probably taken from online sources.
U-006 Fold-out rack card describing the Canadian Postal Archives, 1993.
U-007 Three ring bound collection of information on Post Offices in Leeds & 1000 Islands, including a collection of envelopes bearing the postmarks of many of them, plus an unopenedsheet of 8 stamps commemorating 150 years of postal service in Canada, 2001. 28 post marks are includes as follows: Bowell (2), Grenadier Island, Escott, Ivy Lea (3), Lansdowne, Lyndhurst, Marble Rock, Melcombe (2), Rockport (2), Sand Bay (8), Seeleys Bay, Warburton (5), The collection was assembled by Bill Boulton.
U-008 (Artifact) Postal cancellation hammer, not for a specific post office, with brass face on one side and the other side missing. It is on a whittled pine handle secured with electrical tape.

Bill Boulton Basement Purge

  • 2019-033
  • Collection
  • 1875 - 1975

2019-033 Bill Boulton basement purge
2019-033-A Diary of William Beatty 1838-1854 (photocopies)

2019-033-B Diary of William Beatty 1854-1863 (photocopies)

2019-033-C Diary of William Beatty 1863-1870 (photocopies)

2019-033-D Diary of William Beatty 1872-1877 (photocopies)

2019-033-E Diary of William Beatty 1877-1883 (photocopies)

2019-033-F Diary of William Beatty 1883-1892 (photocopies)
NOTE: photocopies were apparently purchased by the LTI Historical Society after the original owned by Upper Canada Village. Modern handmade covers erroneously titled them "Diary of Walter Beatty". There was no Walter Beatty who lived for this entire period of time and content is consistent with William (1806-1897) early settler in Lansdowne.

2019-033-G “Schools of the Past” large file of materials on history of schools in Front of Leeds & Lansdowne, collected by the LTI Historical Society.

2019-033-H Material on the history of schools in Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne, and Front of Escott, collected by the LTI Historical Society.

2019-033-I Items located in other locations.
033-I 001 Kirker Family History; 10 pages of photocopies from a computer printout, of history of the Kirker Family. Located in General Research/Family Histories.
033-I-002 Cemetery transcript published by Brockville OGS for Ebenezer Cemetery 1982. Located in General Research Cemetery Listings.
033-I-003 Cemetery transcript for Grenadier Island Cemetery, typescript by Danny Massey, 1982
033-I-004 Newsprint Poster advertising the grand opening of Lansdowne Food Lockers and Stedman’s store, undated. Encapsulated, Map Cabinet 2, Drawer #3.
033-I-005 Three-ring binder of duplicate Gananoque Historical Society newsletters. Located in dead storage room second floor.
033-I-006 Architectural elevations and cross section on linen, of proposed Lansdowne Twp. Hall in brick by Architect George A. Allan, 1890. . (This scheme not adopted) Map cabinet 2, Drawer #3
033-I-007 Architectural floor plans on linen, for proposed Lansdowne Twp. Hall in brick by Architect George Allan, 1890. (this scheme not adopted) Map cabinet 2, Drawer #3.
033-I-008 Architectural elevation and cross section on linen, for proposed Lansdowne Twp Hall in stone, by Architect George Allan, 1890 (this scheme approved and built). Mab Cab 2, Drawer 3
033-I-009 Architectural floor plans on linen, for proposed Lansdowne Twp Hall in stone, by Architect George Allan, 1890. (this scheme approved and built). Map Cab 2, Drawer #3
-I 010 Tape recorder/player for micro-cassette tapes, General Electric Model 3-5370-B, belonged to LTI Historical Society. In equipment cabinet, back office.
-I-011 Wooden rod with leatherette wrapper, used to carry the plans for the Lansdowne Town Hall. Plans are encapsulated, #008 and 009 above. (artifact)

2019-033-J Material assembled or reproduced for the Lansdowne Continuation School Reunion in 2011
-J 001 Lansdowne Continuation School yearbook 1954-55 donated by Mary Peck.
-J-002 Program and menu for graduation ceremony of Lansdowne Continuation School, 1953.
-J-003 Program and menu for graduation ceremony at Lansdowne Continuation School, 1952.
-J-004 Program for Public Speaking Contest, Commencement and Concert at Lansdowne Continuation School, Feb 19, 1953.
-J-005 As above, Feb. 11, 1954.
-J-006 As above, Feb 12, 1955.
-J-007 to 032 24 computer generated prints from vintage photos, unidentified..
-J-033 to 045 13 original snapshots from school plays, etc.1952 to 55, unidentified
-J-046 to 052 7 original snapshots of Bill Boulton and Betty Slack as winners of Whig Standard public speaking contest.
-J-053 Colour photo (or colourized) in frame of Betty Slack and Bill Boulton with the public speaking trophy.
-J-054 to 056 Letter from Audrey Newell to Bill Boulton, and 2 photos, listing names of students and teachers in the photos.
-J-057 7 page computer printout mailing list for school reunion.
-J-058 3 page manuscript "Memories of L.C.S." by Betty (Slack) Simpson.
_j_059 & 060 2 cards from Betty Simpson to Bill Boulton acknowledging that she will attend the reunion.
J-061 This item moved to Historical Soc. photo collection. 5x7 original print of a class on the steps of the school, no names, probably 1940s
J-062A-B Reprint photo (2 copies) of 9 boys in a classroom, no names.
J-063 This item moved to Historical Soc. photo collection. Original print of a class on the school steps, no names, probably 1940s.
J-064 This item moved to Historical Soc. photo collection. Original print of a class on the steps of the school, no names, probably 1940s.
J-065 3x5 computer reprint photo of “Miss Kenny 1952”
J-066 Photocopy of program for LCS Commencement and Concert, 1950
J-067-068 Photocopies of photos of students and events, with names.
J-069-070 Photocopies of photos of students and events with dates but no names.
J-071 Computer enlargement of a class photo of 1942-43, including Howard Sly, John Bulger, Wilma Earl, Wilhelmina Webster,
Marion Running, Doreen Lappan, Eunice Kelsey, ? Running, Forest Bradley / Jim Read, Shirley Williams, Doreen Burtch,
Helen McCleary, Paula Turnbull, Pauline Lappan, Joan McNeil, Doreen Kirk, / Shirley McConnell, Nina Slack, Audrey Hill,
Alma Alguire, Jean Shields, Winnie Funnell, Viva Jack, / Lloyd Kelsey, Wendell Gamble, Condie McCay, Ron Moorhead, Blain
Slack, Robert Webster, Calvin Steacy.
J-072 Computer enlargement of the cast of 1949 Music Festival play “The Broom and the Dust Pan”, including George Warren,
Carolyn Clancy, Doris Trueman, Margaret Rose Lynch, Mona Grier, Glen Haffie, Betty MacDonald / Florence Funnell, Ruth
Struthers, Marina MacDonald, Myrna Doak, Bob Huskinson, Naida Alguire, Glenna Tedford.
J-073 Computer enlargement photo of LDS Commencement 1952, including valedictorian Betty Slack, trustees T J Webster, Dr. J
H Lochead, Harold Wills.
J-074 Computer enlargement photo of cast of the 1952 play, including Gordon Modler, Helen O’Grady, Bruce Fodey, Betty Slack,
Joseph Gavin, John Shipman, Marion Grier.
J-075 Computer enlargement photo of cast of the 1953 school play, including Glen Haffie, Wilma Cross, Celia Fodey, Marie
Caiger, Mrs. Kenny, Ethel Lappan, Doreen Lappan, Florence Funnell, Bob Huskinson, Merril Alguire.
J-076 Computer enlargement photo of a scene from the 1955 school play, including Carolyn Clancy, Lawrence Aldrich, Anne
McMullen, Judith McConnell, Linda Pritchard.
J-077 Computer enlargement photo of a scene from the 1955 school play, including Faye Fitzsimmons, Bob Huskinson, Freda
Warren, George Burns.
J-078 Computer enlargement photo of cast of 1955 Music Festival play, including Marie Caiger, Linda Wills, Cecelia Fodey, Bob
J-079 Program of LDS Commencement, Public Speaking Contest and Concert 1952.
J-080 Program of LDS Commencement and Concert 1955.
J-081 Program of LDS Graduation Dinner June 1955.
J-082 Yellow felt fabric crest of LDS with motto in blue.
J-083 Order of service in the Lansdowne United Church for the reunion attendees 17 July 2011
J-084 Digital Photo of Bill Boulton.
J-085 Computer enlargement of attendees and food table at the reunion.

2019-033-K Ephemera from Lansdowne District Public School
033-K-001 Program from the Official Opening of the new Lansdowne District Public School, 1963.
033-K-002 Print of a pencil drawing by Shirley Gibson-Langille of Lansdowne Public School, 2004.
033-K-003 “Centennial Post / 1867 – 1967” 49 pages of drawings and writings on a centennial theme, by students of Grade 6 at LDPS.
033-K-004 21 page book of photos (photocopied) of the 1963 classes at LDPS, produced in 1988 to celebrate 25 years.
033-K-005 “Lansdowne” 22 page book on the history of Lansdowne by the 1972-73 grade 8 class at LDPS

2019-033-L Mini-size Audio Cassette tapes of interviews with old Lansdowne residents 1993-96 & 2005.
033-L 001 Cassette labeled “Bob Cunningham Dec 30, 1993”.
033-L-002 Cassette labeled “Ralph Smith Lansdowne Fair 1994”.
033-L-003 Cassette labeled “Paul Slack Jan 20, 1994”.
033-L-004 Cassette labeled “Ruth Ralph Greenfield School”.
033-L-005 Cassette labeled “John Nalon Jan 16, 1994”.
033-L-006 Cassette labeled “Griffin Interview”.
033-L-007 Cassette labeled “Darlingside sorting”.
033-L-008 Cassette labeled “Omar Smith –School Fairs –Quinn Family 2005”.
033-L-009 Cassette labeled “Sadie Allen 1996”.
033-L-010 Cassette labeled “Gerald Foley re Lot 24 Con 3 May 25/94, Lansdowne Seniors Presentation & Conversation”.
033-L-011 Cassette labeled “Ford Haig 93 years old Nov 15/93”.
033-L-012 Cassette with no label.
033-L-013 Cassette labeled “Thelma Dennison Sept. 22/93 Ford Haig Nov 15/93”
033-L-014 Cassette labeled “Side A Doug Donevan / School”.
033-L-015 Cassette labeled “Maude Stratford 2005”.
033-L-016 Cassette labeled “Mike Sykes 1995”.

2019-033-M Computer prints (large format) of various photos of Lansdowne
-M-001 Parade up Prince St, mostly children, on VE Day, May 6, 1945
-M-002 As above.
-M-003 As above.
-M-004 Photo Bill Grier, Ken Tedford, John MacDonald, Charlie Tedford, all former Chiefs of Lansdowne Fire Dept. No date.
-M-005 St. Lawrence Medical Center, Lansdowne, no date.
-M-006 Man and girl in a cutter with horse, Lansdowne. No date.
-M-007 Dr. J H Lockhead, early 1950s.
-M-008 Steam traction engine in operation, unidentified.
-M-009 David Webster and wife Kay (Mallory( in costumes from the War of 1812 after their presentation to Lansdowne Historical Society.
-M-010 Gathering in auditorium at Lansdowne Community Building, undated.
-M-011 Hist. Soc. Members at a meeting, undated, includes Dom Chisamore and wife Danny (Montgomery), Beatrice Webster, Chris Gibbins and others.
-M-012 Sign on Blue Mountain celebrating the first snowmobile to reach the top, 1967.
-M-013 Seven unidentified children with WWI-era automobile in background.
-M-014 Photo of the steamboat Outlet Queen with crew and passengers.
-M-015 Partial view of a big house with veranda, unidentified (possibly Vanorman Nursing Home?)
-M-016 Two views of a farmyard on Prince St at the north edge of Lansdowne, unidentified.

2019-033-N: Miscellaneous unrelated documents and clippings.
-N-001 Program from the final competition for the Whig Standard Public Speaking Contest at KCVI, 6 May 1954.
-N-002 As above, 2nd copy.
-N-003 9 clippings from Kingston Whig Standard 1952-55 regarding the public speaking contests of which Bill Boulton was the winner in 1954.
-N-004 Program of events in Lansdowne Winter Sports Carnival & Ice Frolics, 1949, includes ads from every store in Lansdowne.
-N-005 Commemorative statement and Program for the commemoration of Darlingside by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, Sept. 16, 2000.
-N-006 Booklet “Sketch of the Early History of the Front Concessions of Lansdowne and Thousand Islands Group” by J D W Darling, 1925.
-N-007 Instruction book for the “Macartney Junior” hand pumped vacuum milking machine. Undated.
-N-008 One-page condensed version of above instruction book on card stock, to be hung in the milk house.
-N-009 Six-page direction book for operating International Harvester horse drawn hay tedder, 1904.
-N-010 Receipt from $51.50 for rent for the Lansdowne Agricultural Society fair grounds, 1895.
-N-011 Stereo view card “Weary Man’s Rest, St. Lawrence River, Thousand Islands” copyright 1894
-N-012 Computer printout of records of Sly Funeral Home in Lansdowne, broken down according to cemeteries.
-N-013 Computer generated transcript of Union Cemetery with women’s names cross referenced with maiden and married names.
-N-014 Letter from Bolton Slack with attached curriculum vitae, 1968
-N-015 Postcard of shoreline and house entitled Hayden’s Island, Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands.
-N-016 “Clean World Award” to Lansdowne Pride Association, undated (water damaged).
-N-017 Photocopy of a map of Leeds and Lansdowne townships showing land owners, hamlets and post offices, undated.
-N-018a,b,c Print of a pen and ink drawing of a storefront on Prince St. Lansdowne by Mary Jane Lamb, 1975 with supporting documents.

2019-033-O Deeds of Land pertaining to Trickey family.
-O-001 Typescript property description transcribed from the Registry office for a waterfront lot in Lot 22 BF Lansdowne, 1912.
-O-002 Typescript of an obituary for John Harold Overton, no date.
-O-003 Indenture of sale of land by James Trickey to Simon Trickey, 1891.
-O-004 Indenture of sale of land by William and Agness trickey to James Trickey, 1886.
-O-005 Indenture of sale of land by Ida Donelly Trickey (wife of Ralph Trickey) to Sarah Trickey, 1911.
-O-006 Indenture of mortgage by Simon Trickey to JDW Darling, 1891.
-O-007a Survey plan of cottage lot on St Lawrence River showing Trickey property outlined in red, with note attached from the surveyor. No date.
-O-007b Duplicate of above.
-O-008 Letter to Wm Trickey from R F Mucklestone, surveyor, transmitting legal description of a parcel of land, 1975.
-O-009 Small survey plan of a lot on Old Rockport Road by R F Muckelstone, 1964.
-O-010 Photocopy of memorial of sale of land by John and Mary Trickey to Isaac Trickey, 1825.
-O-011 Manuscript receipt from John Landon for full payment of mortgage by William Trickey, 1931.
-O-012 Receipt from John Landon to Wm Trickey for mortgage interest, 1922.
-O-013 Indenture of sale of land by William and Agnes Trickey to Simon Trickey, 1891.
-O-014 Indenture of sale of land by Simon and Sarah Trickey to Ida Donnelly, 1895.
-O-015 Indenture of mortgage Sarah Trickey to John Landon, 1911.

2019-033-P James Fodey Papers (he was the postmaster at Outlet Post Office)
P-001a Letter of reply from Dept. of Lands & Forests to James Fodey confirming that part of Lansdowne Lot 21, Con. 8 could be bought for $2 per acre or $54. 1932.
P-001b Envelope that conveyed the above letter.
P-001c Subsequent receipt from Dept. of lands & Forests to James Fodey for $54.
P-001d Letter from Lands and Forests explaining further requirements of the land sale.
P-001e Letter from Lands and Forests responding to his objections to cost of reqirements and informing him of rent that will be charged for previous use if he doesn’t buy it.
P-002a Manuscript letter from W G Johnston (signed “Billie”) to James Fodey, 1922.
P-002b Envelope that conveyed above letter, postmarked Lansdowne and Outlet.
P-003 Eight-page periodical “The Postal Current”, April 1906.
P-004a Poster size list of prices paid for furs by Gillespie Fur Co., St. Louis, MO. 1922.
P-004b Envelope addressed to J Fodey from Gillespie Fur Co, postmarked St Louis and Outlet.
P-004c Return post card to Gillespie Fur Co.
P-004d Tag pre-addressed to Gillespie Fur Co to attach to furs shipped.
P-004e Tag as above.
P-005a Bill from Chicago Herald and Examiner to “Postmaster / Outlet Ont. Canada” for subscription 1923.
P-005b Envelope that conveyed above letter.
P-006a Letter from “Irene” in Regina to Harold Fodey, 1923.
P-006b Envelope that conveyed above letter, printed for Monarch Lumber Co. postmarked Regina, Lansdowne and Outlet.
P-007a List of prices paid by Nelson Bickerdike, Montreal, for dressed poultry, hogs and calves, 1922.
P-007b Envelope that conveyed the above letter, addressed to James Fodey, Outlet.
P-007c Shipping tag addressed to Nelson Bickerdike, Montreal.
P-007d Duplicate as above.
P-008 Price list for liquor sold through Government Dispensaries for medicinal, sacramental and scientific purposes, 1926.
P-009 Letter of reply from Dept. of Crown Lands to James Fodey re purchase of Hedgehog Island, 1886.
P-010 Postcard to Jas. Fodey from Brockville Recorder, 1895
P-011 Postcard to Jas. Fodey from Peterborough, 1911.
P-012 Blank postcard with photo of Brockville General Hospital, no date.
P-013 Postcard to James Fodey with photo of St Lawrence State Hospital, Ogdensburg NY, 1906, with Outlet postmark.
P-014 Retail price list for farm implements from David Maxwell, St Marys, Ont, 1901.
P-015 Fire Insurance policy on James Fodey house, 1900-1903, by North British and Mercantile Insurance Co.
P-016 Receipt to James Fodey for insurance premium, 1904, from Grenville Patron Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
P-017 Commission Contract for James Foley to sell farm implements made by David Maxwell & Sons, St Marys Ont, 1903.
P-018 Commission Contract as above, 1905.
P-019 Letter from David Maxwell & Sons to James Fodey regarding price changes, 1902
P-020 Price list of Maxwell implements, 1903.
P-021 Receipt to James Fodey from Seeley’s Bay Agency of the British North American Assurance Co. 1897.
P-022 Manuscript receipt to James Fodey from “E Coleman, collector”, 1888.
P-023 Demand for Taxes from FoLL to Elizabeth Dineen, 1897.
P-024 Demand for Taxes from FoLL to James Fodey, 1903.
P-025 Demand for Taxes from FoLL to James Fodey, 1907.
P-026 Tax notice from RoLL to James Fodey, 1908.
P-027 Assessment Notice from RoLL to James Fodey, 1930.
P-028 Assessment Notice from RoLL to James Fodey, Harold Fodey and Agness Fodey, 1930.
P-029 Empty envelope advertising J E Murray Chemist & Druggist, Lansdowne.
P-030 Insurance Policy to James Foley from British American Assurance Co, agent J Willis, Seeley’s Bay, 1897, expires 1900.
P-031 Letter from George E Dodds, Durlingville Alta, 1922, in reply to an inquiry by James Fodey, regarding his son William, who Dodds says has gotten into trouble with the law.
P-032 Letter of 3 pages from George Gillies (Carriage hardware, Gananoque) to James Fodey, April 1894, insisting that the Outlet Dam be regulated so the water is at the top of the dam, and only be opened if the water is flowing over the dam.
P-033 Letter of agreement between James Fodey and Ira Watson, Feb 1914, whereby Watson is allowed to live in a certain dwelling rent free until May 1st 1914 and then vacate the dwelling.
P-034 Agreement whereby Elizabeth Dineen rents 2 caws to her father John Dineen for $10 per year, 1890. Witnessed by James McAvoy..
P-035 Written declaration by John Dinean that he returned 2 cows to his daughter Elizabeth Dinean, 1890, witnessed by Agnes Fodey and Edward Vanderburgh.
P-036 Unidentified letter dated "Outlet Feb 1" about a horse that is no longer lame.

2019-033-Q Deeds to ownership of Sand Bay Cheese factory
Q-001 Assignment of Mortgage from John Reid and Thomas Fawcett to Francis O’Grady on East half of Lansdowne Lot 20 Con 8, 1877.
Q-002 Indenture of Mortgage from John Deneen to Thomas Fodey for 20acres in Lansdowne Lot 13 Con 6, 1885.
Q-003 Deed of Land from Thomas Fodey and Bridgit Fodey to John Deneen, 20 acres in Lansdowne Lot 13, Con 6, 1884.
Q-004 Deed of land from Ephraim Haskins and Eleanor Haskins to Mary Stringer for 1 ½ acres in Lansdowne Lot 7, Con 5, 1885.
Q-005 Manuscript Deed of Land from Robert McNeil and Mary McNeil to Lansdowne Butter and Cheese Co. for a lot in Lansdowne Lot 17, Con 2, 1905.
Q-006 Deed of Land from Mary Stringer and Robert Stringer to Byron Stringer for 1 ½ acres in Lansdowne Lot 7, Con 5, 1897.
Q-007 Deed of Land from Byron Stringer and Ellen Stringer to Robin Gray, same land as above, 1905.
Q-008 Deed from Robin Gray and Alice Gray to James Lappan, same land as above, 1910.
Q-009 Typescript Memorandum of sale from James Lappan to Henry Woods, same land as above, 1916.
Q-010 Deed of Land from John Lappan and Sadie Lappan to Harry Woods, same land as above, 1917.
Q-011 Deed of Land from Harry Woods to Everet Rogers, same land as previous, 1918.
Q-012 Indenture of Mortgage from Everet Rogers and Theresa Rogers to James Thompson, same land as previous, 1918.
Q-013 Deed of Land from Everet Rogers and Theresa Rogers to Gordon Kelsey, as previous, 1921.
Q-014 Mortgage from Orange Warren to Gordon Kelsey, as previous, 1921.
Q-015 Deed from Gordon Kelsey to Clawson Sly, as previous, 1924.
Q-016 Manuscript abstract for Lansdowne Lot 7, Con 5, 1919.
Q-017 Deed from Clawson Sly and Annas Sly to Walter Campbell, same land as above, 1935.
Q-018 Scribbled notes on soft paper regarding a mortgage from Clawson Sly to Walter Campbell and a payment plan.
Q-019 Indenture of Mortgage from Clawson Sly to Walter Campbell, for Sand Bay cheese factory, 1935.
Q-020 Deed from Betsy Campbell, widow of Walter Campbell to Hugh Lynch and Suzanne Cheryl Lynch, same land as previous, 1967.

2019-033-R Items from a scrapbook begun in 1966 by Lansdowne Women’s Institute. It was on large format high-acid paper, which was trimmed to fit the file and some clippings were peeled off the original paper.

  • Typescript Report of Federated WI of Ontario Tweedsmuir Histories Curator 1968-69 signed L Mitchell.
  • Typescript Report of FWIO Donations Report 1968-69 signed L Mitchell
  • Includes multiple clippings regarding Women’s Institute meetings and conventions in the area.
  • multiple clippings regarding Lansdowne fair Queen competitions.
  • manuscript note about L. Bland Webster of Warburton receiving a 40 year pin from Holstein Friesian Assoc. of Canada, 1956.
  • clipping with pictures of the Lansdowne Junior Farmers executive 1967 including Jim Foote, Vicky Lynch, Thane Johnston, and Joan Burns.
  • clipping showing John Sheppard and his winning science fair project 1967
  • clippings about local ministers including Dennis Powell, David Saunders, Stanley Leeder, V J MacPherson, Max Putnam, Paul McAvoy, H O Hanna, and C Rudd.
  • clipping showing 1000 Islands Chamber of Commerce 1967 members Don Brawley, Ray Stone, Max Sheppard, Tom Newell, Bob Lackie, Jerry Huck, Morris Huck, George Wacklin, Cliff Foley.
  • clipping of ladies in centennial dresses at Lansdowne Parade of fashion 1867-1967, including Mrs. Beatrice Webster, Mrs. Gail Foley, Miss Anne Burns, and Miss Lucia Fuller.
  • photocopy of clipping showing a ceremony at the International bridge to celebrate Canada’s Centennial Ma6 6, 1967.

Bill Boulton incidentals

  • 2017-005
  • Collection
  • na

Collection consists of: -- 24 photos taken by Charlie Sykes during construction of Ivy Lea Bridge 1937. -- regalia ribbon from Loyal Orange Lodge #26 Lansdowne, -- CD entitled "Fighting Sea Fleas" made 2009 by Image Advantage from original by National Film Board. -- CD entitled "Mallorytown Glass" made 2009 by Image Advantage from an original by TV Ontario -- Compilation of photos and video on CD commemoration 50th anniversary of Lansdowne Fire Department. -- blank sheet of letter paper with the letterhead of former Township of Front of Leeds and Lansdowne

Bill Boulton incidentals

  • 2016-006
  • File
  • 1993-2015

File consists of:
-- FoLL Newsletter Dec 1993. -- Thousand Islands Sun Vacationer Aug 2015. (Filed with newspapers) -- undated newspaper clipping of photo of Lansdowne School.(General Research files) -- sample sheet with letterhead of Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Township.

Bill Boulton late installment

  • 2019-021
  • Collection
  • 1919

2019-021 Bill Boulton late installment
Collection consists of:

  • Two albums containing 654 slides, some of which are originals of existing buildings and some are copies of prints already in the collection (or not). They are numbered with prefixes that match the main Historical Society Photo Collection (001 to 016), but the numbers of the individual photos duplicate numbers in the main collection. These have been combined into the main Historical Society Photo Collection.
  • Signature Quilt made by ladies of the Sand Bay Church dated 1919 (artifact)
  • manuscript list of 319 names on the Sand Bay quilt.
  • Two sweat shirts printed with the logo of Lansdowne Continuation School (artifact). Donated to Lansdowne Historical Society by Mary Puttenham Taugher, Wolfe Island, ON.
  • Two yellow plastic fabric banners 28cm x 180 cm with blue lettering “LANSDOWNE CONTINUATION/SCHOOL REUNION”. (artifact)
  • Kodak Carousel slide projector belonging to the Historical Society.
  • eight empty slide trays for above projector.

Boat race program/First Book reader

  • 2014-015
  • File
  • 1867, 1954

File consists of a copy of the Souvenir Program & Historical Review of C.B.F race boat Regatta at Brass Point Bridge Sept 4, 1954, sponsored by the Seeley's Bay Fire Department - - First Book of Reading Lessons Part 2, published by W. Warwick, Toronto, 1867.- -

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