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Estate of Joyce Stedman

  • 2020-021
  • Collection
  • nd

-A001 Envelope addressed to Jas. Lester Middleton, Quit Claim Deed of Land from heirs of Servetus Middleton, Re – Will
-A002 Deed of land from James Middleton and Margaret Middleton to Servetus Middleton, Dated Twenty-first day of May 1872
-A003 Deed of land from Servetus Middleton and Hannah Middleton to Jas. Lester Middleton,dated 26th day of October, 1909 – Registrar W.H. Cole
-A004 Deed of Land from Morgan Berry and Maud Berry to James Lester Middleton, dated March 2nd, 1921, Acting registrar – Geo. E. Davis
-A005 Probate of Last Will and Testament of Servetus Orma Middleton registered 17th day of November, 1915
-A006 Executors Deed regarding the Estate of James Lester Middleton. Executors were Florence Lillie (formerly Florence Middleton (widow) and Norris Middleton (son). Dated January 27th, 1965
-A007 Deed of Land from Elijah Middleton to Servetus Middleton, dated 6th day of February, 1883
-A008 Release of Power dated February 24th, 1923 from Hannah Middleton to James Lester Middleton and wife Florence Middleton
-A009 Letter from The Bank of Toronto, Lyndhurst, Ontario dated Aug. 10th, 1931,agreement between Renford J. Wing and Earl W. Middleton
-B001 Sly’s Texaco Hockey Jersey
-C001 Paper copy of group of people –Back row: Mrs. Eileen Seaman,Miss, Joyce Stedman, Mrs. Catherine Mainse, Front Row: Mr. Omar Leadbeater, Mr. Bill McConnell, Mr. Gordie Gamble, Mr. Bernard McAloman, Mr. Wellington Earle. INSERT: Top: Mr. Glen Kenny, Bottom: Mr. Arthur Hughes.
-C002 Small Brown envelope with two photos of Norris Middleton
-C003 One very large Photograph Album with studio photographs and Tin Type photographs – no names.
-C004 Photograph of lady with parasol sitting outside dated about June 16, 1944
-C005 Photograph of lady sitting by rocks with hat on a pole dated about August 5, 1914
-C006 Photograph of two ladies and two gentlemen – verso 1953, inscribed Lovingly Bernice and Dan
-C007 Paper copy of photograph of a gentleman Rev H.B. Cross
-C008 Studio photograph of a small girl
-C009 Thumbnail photo of older lady
-C010 Two Studio photographs of lady holding a baby
-C011 Studio photograph of a gentleman and lady – verso Henry and Electra, from Wing; Lester and Florence Middleton
-C012 Group of school children, verso Front Row: Molly Perrin, Bottom Row left to right: Pat Warner, Eulah McMachen, Orville Birtch, Wilbert Kirkland, Muriel Birtch, Lolina Mc Foclalen, Inez McMachen, Clarence Warner, Harold Wing.
-C013 School picture year 1922 belonging to Joyce Stedman. Top Row lef to right: Grace Mustard, Mildred Johnson, Dorothy Coon, Hazel Leadbeter, Gladys Wiltse, Frances Marllory (Teacher), Ivan Wiltse, Eddie Mainse, Newton Green, Earl Middleton, Everett Simpson, Sanford White.
Middle Row: Gwen Simpson, Alice Green, Eve;lyn Simpson, Edith Leadbetter, Zelda Johnson, Vera Kenny, Helena Chapman, Ormand Kenny.
Front Row: Don Moorhead, John Green, Norris Middleton, Burton Middleton, Lennus Sweet, Milton Berry, Kenneth Berry, Victor Simpson
-C014 Picture of lady on a metal frame
-C015 Small folder with 24 pictures of Niagara Falls
-D001 Collection of letters addressed to Mrs.A. Lillie, one concerning Old Age Pension. One envelope addressed to Mrs. Florence L. Little
-E00l Package containing Day Diary kept by unknown person dated February 5th to March 9th. One song book named 40 Dear Old Songs. Letter and prices pertaining to the Ontario Trappers Association. One newspaper death notice of Burton Jesse Middleton. Little Orphan Annie Scribbler belonging to a Norris Middleton keeping stock record.
-F001 A small booklet with date of 1963 on front containing very few records of farm milking etc. One Rowsells Diary dated 1899 belonging to Doris Warner, Lyndhurstt, On. and then Mrs. & Mrs. R. J. King, Frankville, On. with very few notes inside.
-G001 Records of a church in Lyndhurst 1927.
-H001 Pages with family history from a bible owned by Mrs. Lydia Middleton, Lyndhurst, Ontario. Newspaper clipping of death of Clarnece Delbert Middleton . Newspaper Obituary of Norris Milton Middleton.
-I001 Encapsulated coloured map of County of Leeds 1922. Map Cabinet 2, Drawer 1.

Frances Bryan fonds Part 1

  • CA G 2011-029
  • Fonds
  • n.d.
  • 2011-029-1: Linger in Leeds, Evelyn Purvis Earle
  • 2011-029-2: Memory Turns the Dial, Madeline O'Connor
  • 2011-029-3: Because You Asked For It, Fergus James O'Connor.
  • 2011-029-4: Store ledger from Charleston, 1859. Ledger has also been used as a scrapbook.
  • 2011-029-5: Photograph of class at Long Point School, c1900.
  • 2011-029-6: Photograph of class at Long Point School, c1910.
  • 2011-029-7: Photograph of class at Long Point School, 1953.
  • 2011-029-8: Recollections of Hiel Sliter partial transcript
  • 2011-029-9: To Long Point (poem), Mable Brooker Darrington
  • 2011-029-10 Long Point Cheese Factory receipts
  • 2011-029-11 book "Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment of Common Diseases of Live Stock" by George W Bell, third edition 1930.

Friends of Lyndhurst Bridge material. News clippings and correspondence.

Clippings re: Long Point School (2), Ellisville School, and Dulcemaine School (research files)
Michael Bryan - Ellen Elizabeth Family Tree (research files)

Frances E. Bryan collection

  • CA G 988-03
  • Collection
  • 1967

Collection consists of correspondence between Frances E. Bryan and the Department of Public Records and Archives, Government of Ontario, concerning placing a plaque about the founding of Lyndhurst at Lyndhurst Bridge, and photos of the Thomas Tye house

Bryan, Frances E.

Fred Tye Family photos

  • 2016-010
  • Collection
  • na

Collection consists of the family photos of Fred Tye, son of Charlie Tye:
File 2016-010-A Identified Photos
-- photo inscribed “view from R. Griffin’s Tourist Home, Gananoque Lake.” – Photo of Wilmer Kenny house (Alonzo Washburn house) -- snapshot of 6 women labeled au verso “Blanche, Ila, Edith Scott, Ella Tye, Emma Scott, Verdun Shaw.” – snapshot 6 people and a dog labeled au verso “Edith Scott, Blanche, Ila & Charlie Tye, Gord & Doreen Scott” – snapshot inscribed “Charles Ormond Tye fall of 1922 he died Nov 2 – 1922 He broke our hearts” – snapshot inscribed “Helen Sheffield and doll”. -- snapshot 5 people including John and Paul Tye. – snapshot of Fred Tye 1958 – snapshot 3 people, au verso “Ella Tye 1957-58, Mary Davies” – large snapshot “Mr. & Mrs Wilmer Kenny and Caroline” – CDV a couple and child labeled “Muldoons”, branded by studio in Brandon, Man. – CDV of man and boy labeled “Muldoon out west Carryvale Sask”. – CDV of a man labeled “S. Running”. – CDV of young woman labeled “Mrs. Edith Scott /Stan’s wife” – Studio half card labeled “Mr. & Mrs George Tye” from F W Kelsey Photographer in Arnprior. – snapshot of Charlie Tye labeled “CHARLES 1956/ Born Jan 12 1878” – snapshot of 2 women, 3 girls and a dog, Doreen Scott at left. – snapshot of 12 women and 2 men labeled “Eastern Star” dated Aug 59 – snapshot of Charlie and Blanche Tye seated and 5 people standing behind them, Ford Tye center and his wife Ila to right of him. – 2 snapshots of Charlie and Blanche’s 50th anniversary, Mrs and Mr Fred Tye at left, Charlie and Blanche center, Ford and Ila Tye right, Fred’s sons John and Paul in front. – photo of large group with old touring car behind them, unidentified except Charlie Tye seated front row left – 2 snapshots of Charlie Tye with horse and cultivator. – snapshot of Ford and Fred Tye riding on work horses – miniature school pictures of John and Paul Tye, sons of Fred. – snapshot of Charlie Tye and Emma Scott. – snapshot of William and Susan Sheffield. – snapshot Charlie Tye and Marg VanCurran? – snap of Charlie and Blanche Tye. – snap of Ford & Fred Tye and Marg VanCurran. -- snap of girl on a horse inscribed “Marg VanCurran on Old Joe in corn field” – girl with fish inscribed “Margorie VanCurran + fish June 1925”. – boy and girl and dog inscribed”Fred Tye Margorie VanCurron buddies June 1925” – girl and dog inscribed Margorie VanCurron 1925 -- unidentified group of 6 people, Charlie Tye rear 2nd from right. – tiny snap of John McNeely dated Aug 4, 1931. – post card of 2 girls inscribed “Edith & Olie in Guelph”. – group photo of women and girls by a lake, inscribed “Front row: Dorothy Galway, 2 unknown, 3 Ruth Tye 4 Lillian Galway, 5 Bernice Sheffield, Back Row: 1, 2, 3 Helen Sheffield, 4 Blanche Tye, 5 Helen Galway, 6 unknown”. – Christmas card with photo of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Nuttal on their 60th wedding anniversary 1960. – snap of 2 women on a hammock inscribed “Aunt Sarah Nuttal & _____” – studio photo of 3 couples inscribed “1 Jim Peters & Wife 2 next couple unknown 3 Mr. & Mrs. Art Pownall”. – group inscribed “Charlie, Edith, Ford, Blanche, Ila Tye, Edith Scott Stan Scott”. – snapshot inscribed “Gary Scott/Gors’d kids/Edith Scott” – snapshot inscribed Gord Scott & Doreen & children” – snapshot inscribed “Don, Bud, Emma, Fitzroy and Rover (dogs) Norma was in bed with a cold”. -- group photo inscribed “Sara Sheffield, Emma Scott, Edith Tye, Blanche Tye, Charles Tye, Ila Tye, Ford Tye”. – Snap inscribed “Paul Tye in front of John’s Shwinn Bicycle”. – group photo inscribed “York Family Reunion, Maxville, 17/8/52”. – group photo inscribed “Fred, John, Paul, Charles, Ford, Ila, Blanche, Ella & Edith/Tye Family”. – snap inscribed “Paul in wagon” – snap inscribed “Paul Tye”. – snapshot of Lyndhurst Bridge. – snapshot of the Lyndhurst spillway dam – snapshot of piglets. – studio half card of young woman inscribed “Elizabeth (Lizzie) Webster Andress”. – school photo of John Tye 1959-60. – studio folder of baby and Christmas tree inscribed “One of Helen Sheffield Blackman Boys at Ernies Sarahs”. – 2 copies of the same studio half card, one inscribed “Charles Blanche with Ruth”, the second inscribed “Blanche Charles Ford”. – wedding photo in studio folder inscribed “John McNeely & Pearl Webster – studio half card inscribed “Lizzie, Jenny, Maggie, Bob, Pearl, Mabel, Toll, Alice, Tom, children of Nelson Webster & Victoria Storey, 1890”. – studio folder 2 girls inscribed “Vesta Jack, Vivia Jack”– colour snapshot of Elswood Gamble with horses and wagon at Smiths Falls – post card from Winnipeg 1914 showing 7 polo horses addressed to Miss Edith Tye. -- snapshot of Ford & Vera Webster. – series of 7 colour snapshots of the wedding of Paul Tye and Sheila Hart. – b/w snap of Stan and Gary Scott (3 yrs old). -- colour snapshot of Tole Jack, Jenny Brown, and Pearl McNeely, July 1960. – snapshot inscribed “Mrs Albert Tye/Mrs George Tye” -- snapshot of Pearl York, 1973. – Photo of Fred Tye in Masonic Regalia. – snapshot of John & Pearl McNeely with John & Paul Tye in front of Fred’s barn. – Polaroid snapshot of Fred Tye, Madeline Hare, Tommy Hare & Ernie Plunket. – wedding photo of Sandy & Danny McKenzie. – snapshot of David Gordon Scott, aged 2 -- snapshot of Ralph Sweet and Don Moorhead -- large number of snapshots of members of Fred Tye’s family, some including other local figures such as Ernie Plunkett, Helen Sweet, Garry Scott, Rod Earl, Mildred Hudson,

File 2016-010-B Galway photos and album
-- small black photo album containing 1 studio photo identified as “Frank Chase”, and 17 snapshots of which only a few are identified, including “Ernest Sheffield” “Ina, Dora & Mable”, “Charles Galway House”, “Bruce and Eddie”, “Leonard Galway”, “Sarah Galway”, “Grandma & Ormon”, others unidentified. – Loose snapshots in page holders include: Joe Galway and Hannah sitting on a bench under a tree. -- Small folding memorial card for Joseph Galway who died Dec 12, 1914 aged 56 years. – 17 snapshots of various family groups, all including Hannah Galway who had a distinctive face. -- Snapshot of Doug and Dell Chase and team of horses. – Professional photo of a tall horse and 3 men in foreground, men and buildings in background, labeled “Woodside, Fort William, Ont.” And inscribed “for Mrs Robert Nuttall from W T Nuttall”
File 2016-010-C Unidentified Photos Pre-1950
12 studio photos on card – 10 CDVs including 5 tintypes – 30 snapshots of various people, all unidentified and estimated to be pre-1950.
File 2016-010-D Unidentified Photos post 1950
46 snapshots of unidentified people, 2 photo Christmas card
File 2016-010-E McNeely Papers and photos
Very small snapshot of the McNeely stone house at Wilstead, ”. – studio half card of a couple in oval mount inscribed “Mr. John McNeely, Lansdowne RR2, 4 ½ mi W of PO, 4 ½ mi E of Gananoque, Con1 Lot 3”. -- photo of Pearl McNeely standing beside the stone house. – snapshot of Ella McNeely at about age 3, sitting in tall grass. – snapshot of John McNeely with John and Paul Tye as children. – snapshot of John McNeely, Ella (McNeely) Tye, John & Paul Tye, and possibly John McNeely’s mother. – 2 snapshots of elderly woman in previous photo (Grandma McNeely?). – CDV of John McNeely as Warden of the Counties. – 8 snapshots of Pearl McNeely over several years, 3 snapshots of McNeely’s trip to Florida in 1959 with Sam and Victoria Horton. – 2 photos of Ella McNeely at the wets gate to Gananoque. Including the negative for one -- hand tinted photo of Ella McNeely by a lake – newspaper clipping of the opening ceremony at Reynolds Road showing reeve John McNeely and Ont. Minister of Highways Geo. H Doucett – invitation to the Warden’s banquet at Mount Airy Hotel, June 1950, with photo of Reeve John McNeely. – Baptism certificate for Pearl Webster 1892 – Baptism certificate for Ella Victoria McNeey 1917 – Lower school examination reports for Ella McNeely 1931 & ‘32 – High School entrance certificate for Ella McNeely 1930. – Marriage certificate of Ella McNeely and Fred Tye 1936 -- autograph book of Ella McNeely with dates 1929 to 1931. --
File 2016-010-F 1950s Jokes and smutt
A collection of course jokes and stories and newspaper clippings typical of the 1950s.
File 2016-010-G Misc. Papers and Tye family clippings
Folding memorial card for Harrison Ellsworth Wing who died 13 Oct, 1943 in his 65th year. – folding memorial card for Earl Alexander Hollister who died 20 July, 1935 aged 20 years. – 3-fold card advertising the 50th year of A L Campbell Funeral Home in Elgin, 1953 – carbon copy of a typescript letter of resignation by E. C. Plunkett. – wedding announcement for Nathan Kenny and Fanny Horton. – funeral announcement for Ford Tye, probably 1977. – wedding account with photo for Hilda Rowena Pitt and Gary Edwin Scott, undated. – announcement of graduation exercises at KGH School of Nursing 1952 when Gwendolyn Ruthella Tye was a graduate.

Glenn Warner Fonds

  • 2016-046
  • Fonds
  • na

Collection consists of: Birth Certificate for Brenda Joyce Warner born Aug 9, 1944. – Baptism Certificate for Florence Eliza Thomas (Mrs. Glenn Warner) born Oct 17, 1917 – Baptism certificate for Glenn Dougall Warner born 21 Jan 1913. – Record of baptism of Stephen Douglas Warner (adopted) born 19 Sept 1961. -- Acknowledgment of registration of birth of Cheryl Yvonne Warner 1955. -- Certificate of confirmation for Florence Thomas 31 Aug 1930. – Baptism certificate for Glenna Maxine Warner born 21 Mar 1940. – Baptism certificate for Brenda Joyce Warner born 9 Aug 1944. – Baptism certificate for Cheryl Yvonne Warner born 13 Mar 1955. – Marriage certificate of Glenn Warner and Florence Thomas 1 Mar 1938. – Dept. of Education certificate qualifying Glenn Warner for entry to Secondary School, 1927. – Dept. of Education intermediate certificate for Glenna Warner 1956. – Masonic Lodge membership certificate for Glenn Warner 1962 (in flat box -- Appreciation Awards from Texaco Canada Ltd to Glenn Warner for 5 years (1961) 10 years (1966) and 15 years (1971). -- Large class photo of Lyndhurst Public School, probably 1972-73. Doreen Reagan teacher. -- large photo believed to be Glenna, Brenda and Cheryl Warner about 1960. – Confirmation certificates from St Lukes Church Lyndhurst for Glenna Warner 1954, Glenn and Brenda 1958, and Cheryl 1971. – locks of hair from Glenna Warner, Cheryl Warner and Stephen Warner. – membership card for Furnace Falls Seniors Club. – tiny school photos of Stephen Warner, Billy & Bobby Price, other unknown. – plasticized birth certificate for Florence Eliza Thomas made in 1963. – Auction sale poster for Mr. Ford Thomas. – Yearbook from Sweets Corners Elementary School 1973-74 (Opening year). – “Curtain Calls” yearbook from Rideau District High School 1970. – Quantity of invitations, sympathy and thank you cards from sundry sources to Glenn & Florence Warner

Artifacts: Masonic ceremonial apron, white kid leather with blue and gold braids and tassels and gold coloured metal bars and chains. – name plate for an office door, glass and tin, with the name G.D. Warner. – Blue and silver Masonic lapel pin. --

Harvey Family

File contains a copy of A Short History of the Harvey Family written by R.G. Harvey, a photocopy of an obituary for Mrs. J. Hal Harvey, and an article about R.G. Harvey, and a photocopy of an obituary for J. Halliday Harvey.

Independent Order of Foresters - Lyndhurst Fonds

  • Fonds

This fond consists of the Charter, records, and effects of the Independent Order of Foresters, Court Lyndhurst. The fonds is organized into the following series:

  1. Charter, constitution & rituals
  2. Meetings
  3. Membership
  4. Correspondence
  5. Financial Records

Independent Order of Foresters - Court Lyndhurst

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