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Bill Boulton incidentals

  • 2016-006
  • File
  • 1993-2015

File consists of:
-- FoLL Newsletter Dec 1993. -- Thousand Islands Sun Vacationer Aug 2015. (Filed with newspapers) -- undated newspaper clipping of photo of Lansdowne School.(General Research files) -- sample sheet with letterhead of Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Township.

Bill Boulton late installment

  • 2019-021
  • Collection
  • 1919

2019-021 Bill Boulton late installment
Collection consists of:

  • Two albums containing 654 slides, some of which are originals of existing buildings and some are copies of prints already in the collection (or not). They are numbered with prefixes that match the main Historical Society Photo Collection (001 to 016), but the numbers of the individual photos duplicate numbers in the main collection. These have been combined into the main Historical Society Photo Collection.
  • Signature Quilt made by ladies of the Sand Bay Church dated 1919 (artifact)
  • manuscript list of 319 names on the Sand Bay quilt.
  • Two sweat shirts printed with the logo of Lansdowne Continuation School (artifact). Donated to Lansdowne Historical Society by Mary Puttenham Taugher, Wolfe Island, ON.
  • Two yellow plastic fabric banners 28cm x 180 cm with blue lettering “LANSDOWNE CONTINUATION/SCHOOL REUNION”. (artifact)
  • Kodak Carousel slide projector belonging to the Historical Society.
  • eight empty slide trays for above projector.

Bill Boulton N0. 40 at least

  • 2020-012
  • Collection
  • 1914 - 2019

2020-012 Bill Boulton #40

2020-012-A Modern photos and reproductions of Lansdowne Old Town Hall, etc.
A-001 Computer enlargement of a vintage photo of the Town Hall before alterations, possibly 1950s.
A-002 Computer enlargement of a colour photo of the fire station with the brick building next on the west side.
A-003 Computer enlargement of the fire station after demolition of the brick building on the west side.
A-004 Computer enlargement of the fire station after the third bay was added in 1988.
A-005 Letter from Leeds & Thousand Islands Historical Society to LTI Council expressing concerns and assurances regarding rumours that the Old Town Hall might be demolished, 2009.
A-006 Letter in reply from Municipal Clerk saying that the Old Town Hall will be put on the market after the fire department is relocated to the New Municipal Complex. 2009.
A-007 Computer print of façade of Old Town Hall before any alterations, scanned from original 006.1.018P in Historical Society photo album.
A-008 & 009 2 computer prints containing 7 views of Brae Head School in Lansdowne following a fire in an attached feed storage building, 1982.

2020-012-B Collection of miscellaneous old photos.
B-001 Negative of photo of Prince St. in Lansdowne looking north from railway tracks showing Stewart House, as in 006.1.001P in Historical Society photo albums.
B-002 Snapshot of a couple holding a young girl, inscribed “Howard & Bessie Hall & Carolyn Goff”.
B-003 Snapshot of 2 men and 2 boys using a garden tractor to move snow, house and barn beyond.
B-004 Snapshot of 4 girls in front of Lansdowne Consolidated School, inscribed “Marilyn, Joan, Edith, Barbara 1948”
B-005 Snapshot winter scene with people on a sleigh pulled by a team of horses, unidentified.
B-006 Snapshot man standing beside 1957 Pontiac station wagon, house beyond, unidentified.
B-007 Snapshot in colour, heavy excavator and dump truck with Taggart Construction logo, house beyond, inscribed “Oct 75”.
B-008 Snapshot young woman leaning against direction sign pointing to Lansdowne, inscribed “Mavis O’Malley” with other note.
B-009 Snapshot young woman sitting on a rock, inscribed “Gwen Alguire / August 194?”.
B-010 Snapshot young people on grass, inscribed on front “Kaye, Maurice & George” and au verso “George Maurice & I / June 1948 / The L.C.S. Gang”.
B-011 Snapshot of roadway on the suspension span of the International Bridge, inscribed “July 3/49”.
B-012 Snapshot two men and a woman in a backyard, inscribed ”Aug. 1942”.
B-013 Snapshot two young women with popsicles leaning against a gas pump, inscribed “Silly Girls” and au verso “Monday May 24/48”.
B-014 Snapshot two elderly women in front of a house, inscribed “Lydia Vanorman/ Maggie Wallace/(sisters)”.
B-015 Snapshot four people, inscribed “Mr Benny/ Beatrice Herbison/ Reg/Owen Thomas”.
B-016 CDV woman, inscribed “Mrs S Landon”, photo by B Breslow, Theresa NY.
B-017 CDV girl, inscribed “Jennie Landon”, photo by B Breslow, Theresa NY.
B-018 Reprint of broadside view of steamer “Brockville” under way.
B-019 Colour snapshot of house in Lansdowne, taken from Railway tracks.
B-020 Photo of a large class outside Victoria School in Lansdowne, unidentified.
B-021 Photo of a class beside a wooden school, names inscribed on subjects include “Lorne, Cliff, Eva, Tommy, Mayon, Donna, Betty, Irene, Willey, Elaine” and others illegible. Inscribed au verso “To Kathleen and Thomas Lappan/From Eva Modler”.
B-022 In Memoriam card for Emma Patrick, died 1903, aged 78, interred at Witton Cemetery.
B-023 In Memoriam card for Joseph W Patrick, died 1888, aged 66.
B-024-027 4 pictures of members of a wedding party, inside a church.
B-028 Snapshot, square one-room school in winter.
B-029 Snapshot person in white Ku Klux Klan robe and hood, early 1920s cars beyond, inscribed “K.K.K.”
B-030 Snapshot two children on sidewalk before a house, inscribed “Josephine/Peter” and au verso “Peter L/and/Joe L”.
B-031 Snapshot Lansdowne Railway Station with derailed train cars very close, 1946.
B-032 Snapshot two young women beside wrecked train cars, inscribed “Mary Peck & Barbara Parks”. Lansdowne 1946.
B-033 Snapshot contact print boy and elderly lady on shady lawn, possibly same woman as B-014 above.
B-034 Snapshot contact print, woman and child, inscribed “Lois & Bryan Huskinson/July 1949”.
B-035 Snapshot, row of girls and women in a field, unidentified.
B-036 Snapshot young man behind a WWII era Dodge car, inscribed “Alban” (possibly Alban Moorhead)
B-037 Snapshot six young women, inscribed au verso “Leah Crawford/Lois Huskinson/Eleanor Fletcher /Gwen Alguire(?)/ Irene Landon/Florence Fletcher”.
B-038 Snapshot young man, house beyond,, inscribed “Paul Peck”.
B-039 Snapshot two couples, inscribed “Ernie, Kaye, Basil G, Shirley/May 1950”.
B-040 Snapshot four young women, inscribed “The Lansdowne Happy Gang”, and auverso “Marilyn, Barb, Mary & I/Sunday May 28/48”.
B-041 Snapshot five young women and three young men on the steps of Victoria School, inscribed “Gwen, Squirt, Miss B, Mavis, Kaye, Eric, Ernie, Oliver”, and au verso “May 5/50”.
B-042 Snapshot large group of girls on the steps of Victoria School, inscribed au verso “1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th form girls/ May 1950”.
B-043 Snapshot looking north on Prince St from Stewart House, 1940s.
B-044 Snapshot of students on the steps of Victoria School, inscribed “Whole L.C.S.”, and au verso “May 5/50”.
B-045 Snapshot of the girls on steps of Victoria School, inscriber “L.C.S. Girls” with many individual names, and au verso “May 5/50”.
B-046 Snapshot of the boys, as above, Inscribed “L.C.S. Boys” with individual names, and au verso “May 5/50”.
B-047 Photo of Tilley Cheese Co. factory, mounted in a folder with tissue fly sheet.
B-048 Photo on card of a skiff with single oarsman, a high shore in the background with a house and two-story veranda.
B-049 Large professional photo on card of a large group, possibly the cast of a play, with partial list of names including Eldon Guthrie, (Douen?) Wright, Norma Guthrie, Shiela Lashay?, Rev. Severage, Martha Anderson, Shirley Mills, Bill Houston, Thelma Foley, Barb Grey, Mac Crawford (in blackface)
B-050 8 x10” glossy photo, group of school students standing beside a road in a tall rock cut, believed to be at the opening ceremony for Reynolds Road, inscribed “Public School”.
B-051 8 x 10” glossy photo, group of students as previous, inscribed “High School”
B-052 8x10 computer print of an old photo showing an excavator/steam shovel removing rock after blasting in the rock cut on Reynolds Road. Lansdowne Corner in the distance.
B-053 Snapshot of little boy beside a boathouse, inscribed “1939/at Lochead’s Island in the St Lawrence in view of International Bridge./John Lochead aged 2”
B-054 Snapshot of child in a stroller, inscribed au verso “10 mos old Jan 1939 Johnn Lochead”.
B-055 Snapshot of small boy in front of a house, inscribed au verso “April 18, 1941/John Lochead 3 yrs/ Lansdowne”
B-056 Snapsot of a man holding a baby up on the back of a large horse, second horse beyond, inscribed au verso “my team”.
B-057 Snapshot of horse and buggy with driver beside a large brick building, unidentified.
B-058 4x6 Group photo of players in costume in old Lansdowne Town Hall. No names.
B-059 4x6 group photo of a larger group of players on stage in the old Town Hall, Lansdowne, including those in the previous photo. No names.
B-060 4x6 B&W reprint of 2 girls in costume outside the old Town Hall, Lansdowne.
B-061 4x6 B&W reprint of 3 girls as above.
B-062 4x6 B&W reprint of 4 girls as above.
B-063 Snapshot from 1950s of Bill Boulton and Betty Slack in CFJR radio studio
B-064 Snapshot from a play in the old Town Hall in Lansdowne, 1950s, with actors Faye (Fitzsimmons) Claney and Bob Huskinson.
B-065 Snapshot from a play in Lansdowne Town Hall, 1950s, with 5 actors including Ann (McMullen) Lappan (seated) and Linda Pritchard (far right).
B-066 Snapshot of a man and a boy, inscribed au verso “Bob Huskinson”.
B-067 Snapshot of a group of players eating. Woman in cowgirl costume standing Linda (Wills) Grice.
B-068 Snapshot group of players in costume, inlcudes Freda (Warren) White, Doris Truman, Barb Fletcher, Linda (Wills) Grice, Mona Grier.
B-069 Snapshot of a large group at night in front of a stone fireplace and chimney. Includes Vera Forte, Lucille Smith, Margaret Steacy, Marilyn Burns, Gail Nunn, Ann McMullen, ?, Bruce Foley, Grant Foley, Ada Warren, Donnie Dorey, Judy Lyons, George Bolger, Lawrence Aldridge, Edwin Kelly, Catherine Fodey, Betty Slack, Myrna Doak, Marion Tedford, Hugh McKay, ?, ?, ?, Bob Huskinson.
B-070 Snapshot group as above in same location.
B-071 Snapshot of mixed group eating, including Marion McKay, helen Struthers, Harold Grier, Freda Warren White, Ada Warren Hare, Bruce Foley.
B-072 Snapshot 3 boys at a snack bar, unidentified.
B-073 Photo 10 men and women dressed for an occasion, including Marion Tedford McKay, Shirley Lackie Moorhead, Helen Struthers, Meribeth Truesdall Maroni, Doug Donovan, Mary Peck.
B-074 Contact print, woman holding a Red Cross donation box, unidentified.
B-075 Professional photo of young Bill Boulton in a school science lab.
B-076 Snapshot of 3 people labelled au verso “”Bert Goff / Uncle Frank Goff / Bessie Goff”
B-077 4 x 6” photo of 14 women in front of the Lansdowne United Church (possibly choir?) inscribed au verso “Summmer of 1936”.
B-078 Snapshot, winter, lady in winter coat and hat, Lansdowne United Church in background, inscribed “Cleora McConnell / March 1938” (wrinkled and torn).
B-079 Cepia portrait of a couple, matted, in oval wooden frame, with recent label attached au verso “George Brown 1796-1881 / Janet McDougal 1798-1869 / lived eastern edge of Gananoque / buried Willowbank Cemetery / Gananoque” Located in Box G0222, Row 1, Bank A, Shelf 5
B-080 Group photo of cast of a play in 1953 at Lansdowne old town hall.
B-081 As above.
B-082 Photo of a scene from play as above.
B-083 Photo of Betty Slack addressing an audience in Lansdowne old town hall

2020-012-C Various Papers and Ephemera.
C-001 Program with local advertising for a comedy play by “St. John’s Players” in Lansdowne Town Hall, late 1940s.
C-002 Booklet entitled “The Hillbilly Jewels Picture Album”, with a note that they played at Lansdowne Town Hall, and that they were later known as the Family Brown.
C-003 Stock Certificate for the Lansdowne Arena Company Limited in the name of Keith Burns.
C-004 Receipt from ajent J Brownell for $40 for a Singer sewing machine, 1888.
C-005 Receipted invoice for Professional Attendance and Medicine, $11.50 to Mrs. Wallace (Wallis?) from Dr Jas. W Mackie, 1924.
C-006 Pass on the CNR for Mr. W H Wallis from Vancouver to Toronto, 1921.
C-007 Receipted invoice from Albert J Sly, Funeral Director, for the funeral of Mrs W H Wallis, 1925.
C-008 Invoice from Union Cemetery to Mrs. W H Wallis, 1924.
C-009 Receipted invoice from Joseph Dillon to Mrs H J Peck, 1925.
C-010-023 Collection of 14 Notices of Assessment naming variously James peck, Caroline Peck, Helen Peck, Matilda Wallis Estate, Mary Peck, and Wallis Peck, between 1907 and 1933.
C-024-043 Collection of 20 “Demand for Taxes” from Front of Leeds and Lansdowne to the same individuals as previous, between 1908 and 1932 .
C-044-072 Collection of 29 invoices from local merchants, 1960 to 1966, most of them to I B Alguire, from Dr. Lockhead, J W Heaslip, Phil’s Shell Service, Warren Supply, John H Donevan, F W McConnell, Eric Webster, McMullen’s Service Station, Funnell’s B/A, Gerald Cranker, Leslie Running, R M Burns, Boulton Washer Service, Blaine Slack Service Station, Johnston’s Hardware.
C-073-080 Eight unused envelopes and invoices from Lansdowne merchants, including George Darling, JDW Darling, Mitchell Bros, and I B Alguire.
C-081 Envelope addressed to J H Darling Esq./Lansdowne, bearing 3 one cent postage stamps, with customs stamp from Rockport Customs, postal cancellations from Rockport, Lansdowne and Mallorytown.
C-082 Photocopy of illustrated advertisement with testimonials for the “Automatic Bobsleigh Coupling” manufactured by McNamee and Slack, Kingston.
C-083 Photocopy double sided ad from the Journal Press Gananoque for Automatic Bobsleigh Coupling by F.B. McNamee, Warburton.
C-084 Photocopy of the patent drawing and description of the automatic bobsleigh coupling from United States Patent Office dated May 17, 1904, to Francis Bernard McNamee, with cover from World’s Fair Souvenir Album.
C-085 Photocopy of a folded ad from the Journal press, Gananoque, for the automatic bobsleigh coupling, with testimonials.
C-086 Photocopy of certificate of Letters Patent No 759,905 to Francis Bernard McNamee of Warburton for improvement in Sleighs, Mat 17, 1904.
C-087 Photocopy of small ad, possibly an envelope, for the automatic bobsleigh coupling by F.B. McNamee, Lansdowne.
C-088 Invitation to Graduation Dance for Lansdowne Continuation School in Running’s Hall, June 25, 1954, with music by Brian Gallagher.
C-089 Chaffey’s Lock and Area Heritage Society 1993 Newsletter.
C-090 “Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Recreation Committee” a history compiled by B. Warren, Nov 1989.
C-091 “Council Members and Clerks – 1849 to 1987” photocopy of a 5 page hand written list for Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Council, anonymous,
C-092 Photocopy of a typescript list of Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Reeves and Councilors for the years 1953 to 1987
C-093 “The Lansdowne Reporter” issue of November 17, 1950 (encapsulated, stored with other issues in Map Cabinet #2 drawer #3.
C-094 Letter on FoLL letterhead, Dec 1964, from clerk Robert Burns to Adeline Kennedy thanking her for a Council Minutes book and sending Money order for postage.
C-095 Booklet on Discipline and self discipline, #5 in a series from RCMP Talks on Youth and Citizenship, 1947. Inscribed “Audrey Hill”.
C-096 21 page autobiography of Fred Landon, born near Kyes’ Corner about 1869, lived in Watertown NY most of his life.
C-097A&B Printout of Obituary of Frederick Steacy, 1920-2006. Lived in New York City and Silver Springs MD. With envelope.
C-098 Four-page manuscript “Memories of Greenfield” by Marion E (Webster) Steacy about her years as a student and then teacher at Greenfiled School.
C-099 Computer print of first pages of above manuscript.
C-100 Computer script of history of Union Cemetery.
C-101 Manuscript notes on history of Union Cametery.
C-102 Manuscript notes on the history of the farm of John B Webster by Robert Webster (the 4th generation on the farm.)
C-103 Manuscript notes on the history of Bluemont Farm, probably by George Webster.
C-104 Computer script of “Memories of Greenfield” by Elizabeth Webster Goddard, about attending Greenfield School.
C-105 Computer script by Bill Boulton describing the project by the FoLL Historical Society to restore Greenfiled School.
C-106 Three-page computer script “The Chisamore Descendants”, begins with Marsey Chisamore 1822-1877.
C-107 Computer script four pages “A Steacy Anthology” by John Diby Graham Steacy.
C-108 Three communications between Bill Boulton and John D G Steacy from 2002-03.
C-109 Fact Sheet regarding the proposed Thousand Islands Charity Casino, 2000.
C-110 Architect’s rendering of interior of proposed casino, May 2001.
C-111 Letter to Twp. Leeds & 1000 Islands requesting permission to quote the book “The rear of Leeds & Lansdowne 1796 to 1996” in the Historical Society Newsletter, Mar 2, 2004.
C-112 Reply to above letter from Vanessa Tye, Deputy Clerk authorizing his request (above).
C-113 List of teachers at Greenfield School 1883-1962.
C-114 Computer script facts about Greenfield School.
C-115 Letter of introduction for the first Community Heritage Photo Album printed by Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne LACAC and placed in the libraries about 1992.
C-116 Blank form for artisans to consign articles of craft to Bill Boulton’s store “William’s Place”, 1986.
C-117 History of the Wm Beatty property, Lot 19, Concession 3 Lansdowne.
C-118 Computer script list of names believed to be students at Selton School 1883
C-119 Calendar printed for W G & L D Johnston Hardware Store in Lansdowne 1914; (encapsulated Map Cab #2, Drwr #3

2020-012-D Merchant Marine experience of the Haffie brothers.
D-001 Photocopy of a manuscript account of John and Ai Haffie experience during WWII in the Merchant Marine, 10 pages plus list of sources.
D-002 Full page newspaper clipping of John Haffie and his adventures in the Merchant Marine, from the St. Lawrence EMC, 13 June 1997.

E-001 Architectural Blueprint cross section of the Lansdowne Drill Shed dated 16-12-07. (encapsulated

2020-012-F Photos from a bag labelled “Ruttle”, a family from Warburton.
F-001 4x6 photo on card showing individual oval busts of a couple, labelled Murray Studio, Brockville. Unidentified. Received in a frame with backing with the name “Mrs G Root”
F-002 Mounted CDV of a gentleman in Orange Lodge regalia, inscribed au verso “Uncle Ed Bradley / Lansdowne, Postmaster”.
F-003 Tintype of 2 men posed as if arm-wrestling. 2.5x4” badly bent.
F-004 Post Card of 10 men in WW1 military uniforms, inscribed au verso “Mess Hogs and Orderly Royals/ D Company/ 38th Batt.”
F-005 Small snapshot of a man with trees and an old car, labelled “Clarence Ruttle”
F-006 Tiny photo of 5 men and a 1930s car with an insignia on the radiator which read “21 / Canada”. 4 of the men are wearing berets.
F-007-016 10 colourized postcard of scenes in France and Germany, with no names. One inscribed “from Paris France/ Clarence Ruttle”
F-017-018 2 postcards with tule fabric and embroidered detail, one dated 1919, one addressed to Mrs Thomas Ruttle.
F-019 Post card of young woman addressed to Miss Eva Ruttle, with message, refers to “old Kate Crowe” post marked 1910.
F-020 Post card with pocket of Tule fabric embroidered with flowers and motto “With love and Kisses” containing in insert inscribed Birthday wishes from Clarence/ No. 245840. Addressed to Miss Eva Ruttle/ Lansdowne/Ont., with message “Widhing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.”
F-021 Studio card 5 ½ x 8” showing a large group of (mostly) men in outdoor setting, inscribed “EXPERIMENTAL FARM, OTTAWA / June 15 ’92”, with writing au verso “Mrs Thos E Ruttle / Warburton / Leeds Co. / Box 32.
F-022 Deed of Bargain and Sale between Angus McDonell and Henry Fowler dates Sept 22, 1847 for the North ½ of Lot 8, Con 7, Finch Twp, Stormont County

G-001 Photocopy of a typescript 26 page list entitled “DARLING FAMILY Papers and Records”, by Shirley Spragge and Bruce Riggs, 1991, being the material held by Queen’s University Archives, includes a Biographical Sketch of the Darling Family.
G-002 Typescript narrative of the effort by citizens and FoLL Twp staff to salvage historic materials from Darlingside after it was placed on the market in 1991.
G-003 Typescript on FoLL Historical Society letterhead listing the owners of the Dalingside property from 1820 to 1851 when Thomas Darling acquired it.
G-004 Colour snapshot of the Darlingside house from the river side, dated 1993.

2020-012-H Info on Orange Lodges #26, 27, 100, 51
H-001 Four-page typescript “A Memorial to Our Deceased Brothers”and a verse, by T J Webster, listing the members of Orange Lodges # 26, 27, 51 and 100 who died in WW1.
H-002 Three-page “History of the Orange Order in Escott District” by T J Webster, dated Nov 1, 1960.
H-003 One-page typescript “The Records of L.O.L. No. 27
H-004 Typescript list of charter members of LOL #100 with a paragraph of history.
H-005 Typescript “Some of the History of this District”, probably an early version of H-002.

Bill Boulton No 39

  • 2020-006
  • 1900 - 2019

Files from Bill Boulton’s basement

2020-006-A Original old photos
A-001 Large tintype 6” x 8” of a newly built cheese factory, unidentified, donated by Forest Earl.
A-002 4 x 6 photo on card of construction of Bert Sly house on Prince Street in Lansdowne C1910. Man 2nd from left is Henry Guild.
A-003 Three pages from a photo album, believed to have belonged to Don Gray (1000 Islands Village) containing 38 snapshots of the area, including 5 of the newly finished International Bridge, 5 of the construction of the Parkway bridge at Landon’s Bay, 4 winter scenes of crashed WWII training planes, 6 of a crowd on a wharf around a military looking ship, 1 of Marble Rock dam.
A-004 photo of a woman (probably a teacher) with a map of Canada behind, with note “Thought you might like / this picture of Gracie / have more like it / Elton”.
A-005 3 x 4” photo on card of C F Rath in Orange Lodge regalia.
A-006 as above of H S Cook.
A-007 As above of Jas. Grier.
A-008 As above of J H Warren.
A-009 As above of Thos. Gilbert.
A-010 As above of S R Copeland.
A-011 Photo on card of Lyndhurst Citizen Band in uniform with instruments, undated.
A-012 Yellow Kodak envelope stamped “Lansdowne Drug Store / Lansdowne , Ont.” And inscribed “Mrs. Lochead” containing negatives A-013 to A-017.
A-013 Strip of three 2x2 negatives showing a group of ladies under a banner reading “Lansdowne Women’s Institute”, and a view of Prince Street.
A-014 Negative 2 3/4x4 ½ showing a public display of a very early [c1854] steam locomotive. [Albion, extant, see Museum of Industry, Stellarton NS]
A-015 Negative s 3/4x4 ¼” of a frame house with veranda, unidentified.
A-016 Negative showing 2 women in a back yard, probably in Lansdowne.
A-017 Negative showing a man in the same back yard.
A-018 Print of Fairfax Young People’s group including Gordon Smith, Alma Allan, Claude McCready, 2 unknown women, Sadie Allan, Bessie Allan, Helen Landon, Bob Allan, Floyd Moore, Ralph Smith, who were characters in a play “Agatha’s Aunt”.
A-019 Believed to be the same characters as previous, in costume on stage at Lansdowne. The short girl in the center is Bessie Allan.
A-020 Manuscript key to names in the A-018 and A-019.
A-021 Snapshot of 4 people inscribed “Keith Landon / Nancy Landon / Byron and Clair.” Appears to be 3 generations of Landon family.
A-022 Snapshot of 2 men and dog with tractor, hay wagon.
A-023 Snapshot of 2 Ford dumptrucks with a woman sitting on one fender, probably during construction of the Parkway 1938.
A-024 Snapshot of 2 boys in a farm yard.
A-025 Tiny snapshot of woman and 2 sons on the Parkway bridge at Landon’s Bay, possibly Byron and Clair Landon and mother.
A-026 Snapshot of a man with clerical collar, inscribed “Rev. Robert McVeigh”.
A-027 Snapshot 16 people in theatrical costumes in front of the Lansdowne old town hall.
A-028 Snapshot of L-shaped farm house with woodshed attached.
A-029 Snapshot of the same house from the other side, with chickens and ducks in foreground.
A-030 Snapshot of a farm house with veranda, man seated on steps, team of horses and buggy in front with man and woman passengers.
A-031 Snapshot winter scene woman and dog, inscribed “Jan 31/30”.
A-032 Post card 16 boys and girls in white, on the steps of a house, some with polo bats.
A-033A Post card showing 19 people posed, inscribed” Edith Wallace (teacher), Maggie Cross (Burns), Loftus Bryan, Mae Clendening,, Edna Leith, Reg Leith, Sinclair Bryan, Georgianna Bryan, Blanch Acton, Dick Leith.
A-033B Manuscript list of names of people in the previous photo.
A-034A Manuscript letter from Blanche Johnston at Perth Road to “Dear Friend Alma”, May 1964.
A-034B photo accompanying the above letter, showing a group of people, inscribed au verso “The cast of a play put on by the Fairfax Young People”. Some are the same as in A-018 above.
A-035 Photo on card of a team of horses and driver on a heavy wagon, inscribed au verso “Henry Guild corner of Mill & Gilbert with his team”.
A-036 Booklet of 16 scenes of the Thousand Islands entitled “Miniature Scenic Album of The Thousand Islands Canada” with the coat of arms of Ontario. Copyright 1946 by M R Pellissier.
A-037 Post Card of “The Bridge of Shoals, Out-of-Sight, near Echo Lodge” inscribed 1924, published for F R Curry, the Rexall store, Brockville.
A-038 Post card aerial view of Boldt Castle by Rideau Air Photos Ltd, Seeley’s Bay (Mike Willis & Jack Wyatt).
A-039 Colour snapshot of postmaster Wallis Peck and Victoria Wills in the new post office at Lansdowne, May 1969. (from Mary Peck)
A-040 to 046 Original snapshots of the train wreck in Lansdowne Dec 22, 1946, from Mary Peck.
A-047 Post Card of 2 couples in a large brass-era touring car with pennants, one says “Ogdensburg”, a woman driving.
A-048 Photo on card of an older couple, inscribed au verso “Mr. & Mrs. Charles Armstrong”.
A-049 to 051 small snapshots of an older couple at home with gifts and a cake, probably an anniversary, all inscribed au verso “Bert & Jennie Armstrong”.
A-052 snapshot of a baby in a stroller with large frame house beyond, unidentified.
A-053 negative of a toddler on sidewalk in front of the same house as 052 above.
A-054 to 057 4 negatives 2 x 2” of people in a house or cottage, one young person looks to be wearing a Cub Scout hat.
A-058 snapshot of older man inscribed au verso “Uncle Herb Leacock”.
A-059 snapshot of four men hewing and drilling timbers for a barn, with houses in the background, inscribed au verso “April 1924 / Mother, Father, Mr Sullivan, Billie Griffin, Elgin’ and in pen “Grandma Goff’s house in the orchard”.
A-060 Post card labeled “The Arena, Lansdowne, Ontario.”
A-061 Photo of partial front of Stewart House hotel in Lansdowne with people on both levels of the veranda, inscribed au verso “Stewart House / Lansdowne”.
A-062 snapshot of Stewart House in Lansdowne, with advertising signs around the entrance to the Kosy Corner restaurant, inscribed au verso “Kosy Corner / late 40s”.
A-063 Interior photo 5 x 7 of Johnston’s hardware store with 2 men, inscribed au verso “Late 1940’s / E.E. & Ross Johnston”.
A-064 Interior view 5 x 7 of Johnston’s hardware store as above but printed not as dark, inscribed “Erastus & Ross Johnston / Johnston’s Hdwr”.
A-065 Snapshot 5 x 7 of young man in WWII uniform, inscribed au verso “Garnet Tedford”.
A-066 Snapshot 5 x 7 of young man with cowboy hat and guitar beside a piano being played by a woman, and a fiddler beyond, unidentified.
A-067A Photo of class beside a school, inscribed “Poole’s Resort School 1954”
A-067B Manuscript list of students in previous photo, including Snelson, Jeremy Snelson, Sue Anne Booth, Cheryl Booth, Joe Hunt, Lyle Hunt, unknown, Pat ?, unknown, Ruth McNeil, 2 McNeil boys.
A-068A Photo of the wedding party of John Knight (Home Boy from England) and Miss Doreen Tye.
A-068B Envelope containing the previous photo, with notations.
A-069 photo 5 x 7 of older couple at a table, she sitting at a piano, inscribed au verso “John & Daisy Donevan.
A-070 Snapshot of Lansdowne ladies in Centennial dresses, inscribed au verso “ Left to Right - Anne Burns, Leah Moorhead, Hazel Steacy, Marcalla O’Grady, Emily Burns, Ruth Foley,
Slack, Beatrice Webster, Gladys Johnston, Letty Mitchell”.
A-071 to 083 13 snapshots and negatives of Bill Boulton and wife and daughter including 5 of themselves and ladies in Centennial dresses, 1967, unidentified, possibly in Ottawa.
A-084 Colour slide taken by Bill Boulton at Outlet, 1971, showing Crozier’s store and boat houses.
A-085 snapshot of workers clearing debris from the train wreck in Lansdowne in 1946.
A-086 As previous.
A-087 As previous.
A-088 Photo of Bethel Church at Wilstead about 1935 after it was converted to a cheese factory. Photo given to Ralph Smith by Donald Gray, 1995.
A-089 Small colour print of the Drill Shed in Lansdowne during demolition. 1960s?
A-090 Tiny print of man in front of Victoria School, inscribed “Joseph Parkin / Teacher / June 1948”.
A-091 Snapshot horse and man in jogging cart with girl standing, inscribed “Mike Dillon/Freda Leadbeater”.
A-092-098 Series of 7 snapshots of an abandoned log house in winter.
A-099 Snapshot elderly couple, inscribed “Elva/1947”.
A-100 Post Card stone church, entitled “St. John’s English Church, Lansdowne, Ont.”.
A-101-110 Series of 9 small souvenir photos of the Thousand Islands, showing the 1938 International Bridge, copyright A W Santway, Watertown N.Y.
A-111 Small snapshot of a brick building with signs for Firestone Tires and “Bevens Garage”. (A-111 to A-116 from Carol Lynch)
A-112 snapshot of waterside buildings, possibly Ivy Lea. (from Carol Lynch)
A-113 Street scene in front of ”Grey Rock Fish & Chips”, with cars from 1930s and men wearing face coverings.
A-114 Group of people including 8 students on the steps of s wooden school house, possibly Hwy 2 west of Gananoque.
A-115 As previous.
A-116 Photo on Hwy 62 (dirt road) at Barry’s Bay, looks like saw mills.
A-117 Colourized post card of Island View Hotel, Rockport.
A-118 Post card with 3 views of Island Ho Motel and Yacht Basin, Ivy Lea.
A-119 Elongated post card with 3 views of Glen House Resort near Ivy Lea.
A-120 8x10 professional photo of King George VI and Elizabeth in a limousine passing a crowd. Probably 1939 visit to Canada.
A-121 8x10 aerial photo of Rockport prior to building the Parkway.
A-122 small snapshot of a musical group in front of Lansdowne Old Town hall, inscribed “April 15, 1948 / Musical festival”.
A-123 colour snapshot person with snowman – house & possible church on hill above – unidentified.
A-124 bw snapshot dated June 1964 from Prince St looking north toward Lansdowne in winter, inscribed “Lansdowne Cheese factory”.
A-125 very small bw men placing the Landon Bay Bridge on its piers, 1938, as in A-025.
A-126 Young woman by a veranda, inscribed “Miss Florence Irene Graham”.
A-127 Old man seated and girl standing, inscribed “Charlie Lappan, maternal Grandfather of Donald Graham / Myrna (Dewitta) Danish 1st cousin to Donald, Aprox 1940”.
A-128 Man riding in a small cart pulled by 2 large dogs, unidentified.
A-129 Young man standing in the door of a bank, unidentified.
A-130 Couple leaning against a tree, inscribed “Frances & Donald March 22, 1931”, (Donald Graham perhaps?)
A-131 Three ladies in front of a house, unidentified.
A-132 Three boys in fron of a building, possibly a one-room school, one has a bat and one a ball, unidentified.
A-133 Six girls in a school classroom with pupils’ art on the wall, inscribed “March 1953”.
A-134 Colour portrait boy with glasses in graduation gown, inscribed “Kiel Coyle / Grade 8 Grad 1998”.
A-135A&B Young couple standing beside a car in winter, with accompanying news clipping identifying them as Leo and Lois Dwyre, Jan. 10, 1941.
A-136 Two girls on a sidewalk, inscribed “Laura & Lettie / Mill & Gilbert” (streets).
A-137 Small snapshot of 4 boys and a teacher by the door of a wooden school, inscribed au verso “Eden Grove School?”
A-138 Studio print on card of young man, inscribed au verso “Franklin Moore s/o Walsingham Moore & Isobel Ennis, brother of John Moore who married Gladys Cross. Franklin was a dentist and lived in western Canada (Sask?)”
A-139 Photo on card showing a class with teacher, unidentified, possibly circa 1910, inscribed “School Picture likely somewhere in FoLL”

2020-006-B Modern photos and reproductions
B-001 – 006 Six reprints of photos of a nighttime wiener roast for members of Lansdowne Junior Farmers at Brown’s Bay about 1955, with negatives 2 1/4 x 2 1/4.
B-007 4x6 sepia reprint Bob Stringer carrying bread basket with a truck advertising Stringer’s Bakery.
B-008 4x6 B&W reprint of Harvey Family at the lead smelter at Long Point about 1907, from the J B Harvey negative collection.
B-009 4x6 sepia reprint of “Lansdowne Rink” (arena) 1936.
B-010 3 ½ x 4 ¼ colour computer enlargement inscribed “Lansdowne Cheese Factory”.
B-011 4x6 sepia reprint of dump truck and a steam shovel, inscribed au verso “Building Parkway”.
B-012 4x6 se[pia reprint of rock filled roadbed across flooded land, inscribed as previous.
B-013 4x6 sepia reprint winter scene of rock filled roadbeds across water from opposite shores, not connected in the middle, inscribed as previous.
B-014 4x6 colour reprint of 1962 train wreck at Lansdowne showing a box car that collided with the station house.
B-015 3x5 B&W reprint of store, gas pumps and sleeping cabins on Hwy 2 near Lansdowne, entitled URNxT Sleeping Cabins .

B-016 3 ½ x 5 ½ BW reprint of a post card entitled “Mill Street Looking North, Lansdowne, Ont”
B-017 4x6 sepia reprint photo of Grove Methodist church (Lansdowne United), about 1892.
B-018 4x6 BW reprint of J D W Darling office in Lansdowne.
B-019 4x5 BW reprint of Merchant’s Bank of Canada with bicycle shop beside on Prince St. Lansdowne.
B-020 4x6 BW reprint Stan Haffie, Glen Haffie and 2 children, seated in front of a Coca-Cola sign.
B-021 4x6 ½ BW computer print of a couple and 5 girls in white dresses, inscribed au verso “Mrs Johnston’s Music Class”.
B-022 4x5 sepia reprint of St John’s Anlican Church, Lansdowne, 1900.
B-023 Small snapshot of Ford Steacy in uniform, dated April 1950.
B-024 4x6BW reprint of the cast of a play “Marrying Anne” by Lansdowne United Church Young People, 1931. Far right is Irene Steacy.
B-025 4x6 partial cast of the same play. Second from left Irene Steacy, third Mary Peck, kneeling in front Toots Johnston.
B-026 4x6 reprint family in front of a house with shop attached, inscribed au verso “McKay harness Shop”.
B-027 5x7 Modern colour photo of Bill Boulton in train engineer costume.
B-028 5x7 computer copy of oval studio card, middle age couple, inscribed au verso “George Brown / Janet McDougal Brown”.
B-029 5x7 modern portrait of Charlie Tedford.
B-030 4x6 modern photo of a calendar with thermometer, advertising E H Wills, grocer, Lansdowne.
B-031 4x6 computer print of Grand Trunk engine #39 which was used as a shuttle between Gananoque and Gananoque Station.
B-032 4x6 colour print of Northern Electric antique wall mounted telephone representing those once used by Lansdowne Telephone Co.
B-033 As previous with wall mounted ringer box and desktop handpiece.
B-034 Nice bw photo of Newell’s Garage, Lansdowne, in winter, 1950’s.

2020-006-C Beverlie Moxley diary of news events.
Item consists of a black hard cover scribbler with hand printed summaries of daily news event (WWII) from 6 Sept, 1944 to 4 June 1945

2020-006-D Miscellaneous papers
D-001 Blotter advertising low ash anthracite coal from F W McConnell, Lansdowne.
D-002 Blotter advertising Genuine Scotch Anthracite from F W McConnell, Lansdowne.
D-003 Blotter advertising Lackawanna Anthracite coal from F W McConnell, Lansdowne.
D-004 In Memoriam card for Stanley Acton of Gananoque who died 2 Feb. 1910.
D-005 Elongated colour post card advertising KOA Campground at Ivy Lea.
D-006 Elongated colour post card with a view of the Ivy Lea Inn.
D-007 Front of Leeds & Lansdowne Demand for Taxes, 1941, to Urban Warren.
D-008 Notice and invitation to the funeral of Mrs. Erastus E Warren, 1895, in envelope from Toronto addressed to Urban Warren, 1939.
D-009 Billhead from Lansdowne Co-operative Association to P. LaRose, 1958.
D-010 Billhead from Lansdowne Co-Operative Association to George LaRose, 1958.
D-011 business card from “P Aylsworth M.D./ Physician, Surgeon & Accoucheur/Mr John McNeil’s Brick House, Main Street/ Lansdowne Station” c1867.
D-012 Clipping listing goods for sale by auction for Algernon Hugh McKay, Lansdowne, 1951.
D-013 Billhead from F W McConnell Lumber, Lansdowne, to Cliff Nunn, 1936.
D-014 Letter/certificate from James Auld, MPP, to celebrate 99th birthday of Annie Armstrong living at Seeley’s Bay.
D-015 Invitation to an Assembly at the New Town Hall, Lansdowne, 4 Feb 1891, naming the building committee D G Copeland, B W McNeil, C W Taylor, A R Green, A E Johnston, E L McNeil, T E Topping, F McNeil, F T Findlay.
D-016A&B Invitation from Student Council of North Leeds High School District to a dance in Elgin Community Hall, 1956, in an envelope addressed to Douglas Bryan.
D-017 Program for North Leeds High School District Talent Night 1957, naming all the participants: Herbert Vincent, Morris Slack, Douglas Halladay, Roger White, David Linton, Maureen Regan, Elaine Pennock, Shirley Haskins, Charlotte Cahill, Sandra Donovan, Karen Moulton, Judy Harvey, Sally Hollister, Kay Mallory, Carolyn Kenny, Glenna Warner, Diane Chandler, Alma Vincent, Lila Summers, Barbara Mainse, Linda Coon, Dorothy Russell, Mary Stevens, Anne Dowsett, Bob Burtch, Mary Lou Soper, Georgie Halladay, Lois Phillips, Betty Slack, Terry Sled, Carol Mustard, Bruce Guthrie, Carman Knapp, Douglas Bond, Nancy White, John Eyre, Mary Ellen Cuddy, Winston Cross, Allen Mustard, Terry Putnam, Bette Griffin, Jean Johnston, Marie Stafford, Alberta Dawson, Gloria Latimer, Janet Mustard, Margaret Donovan, Phyllis Welch, James Janeway, Marilyn Bracken,
D-018 Medal on red ribbon worn by representatives of Independent Order of Odd Fellows at their Golden Jubilee celebration in Brockville, 1905. (Artifact).
D-019 5 page printout “Early Days and Early Settlers in Front of Leeds & Lansdowne” mentions
families: Stone, McNeil, Kyes, Landon, Beatty, Jessup, Wright, Gordon, Grey, Miller, Lloyd, Bissonette, Hagerman, Johnson, Molly Brant, Covill, Halstead, Sturdivant, McMullen, Mosher, Plumb, Peck, Reid, Bowen, Webster, Latimer, Clendenning, McCollough, Crea, Bradley, Waldie, Haig, Darling, Brown, Mitchell.
D-020 Post card to J D W Darling, Lansdowne from Seaforth
D-021 Page 393-4 from a ledger from the Darlingside papers, listing firewood carried by the scows “Jessie” and “Dolphin” in 1888, including locations where the wood came from.
D-022 Booklet of 24 pages “A Short History of the Landon Family in America” by Maynard H Mires, Village Press, Concord N.H. 1978

2020-006-E Lansdowne Veterans Memorial Cairn
E-001 Canadian Legion Branch 484 Order of Service for Remembrance Day at the new Lansdowne Community Veterans Memorial Cairn, 9 Nov. 2007.
E-002-0014 Photos taken at the Dedication ceremony.
E-015 All the above photos on CD-R. Located in Video case
E-016 Second copy of CD located in file.
E-017 Program for the Dedication ceremony for Lansdowne Community Veterans Memorial Garden, 22 September 2018, under auspices of LTI Historical Society.

2020-006-F Mapping of churches in Front of Leeds & Lansd
F-001 Map of Twp. front of Leeds and Lansdowne, 1996, with adhesive labels locating all the churches.
F-002 Photocopy of a map of Lansdowne Village with adhesive labels showing the location of the 5 churches.

2020-006-G Inventory of books and teaching aids belonging to FoLL SS #17 Taylor School
G-001 Item consists of a hard-bound book from the Dept. of Education listing the assets of Taylor School including library books, globes, maps, etc. 1947-1957. (This item housed in Box G0122, Row 1, Bank D, Self 2)


Boat race program/First Book reader

  • 2014-015
  • File
  • 1867, 1954

File consists of a copy of the Souvenir Program & Historical Review of C.B.F race boat Regatta at Brass Point Bridge Sept 4, 1954, sponsored by the Seeley's Bay Fire Department - - First Book of Reading Lessons Part 2, published by W. Warwick, Toronto, 1867.- -

Book "HAIG" by Thomas O Haig, 2015

  • 2015-029
  • Item
  • 2015

Item consists of a hard bound book entitled "HAIG", being a family tree of the Haig family, 322 pages.

Book "Our Leeders" by Paul Cote

  • 2016-040
  • Item
  • 2016

Item consists of: Book entitled "Our Leeders", by Paul Cote, 2016, curlox bound softcover book with 2 stapled bundles of pages of Additions and Ammendments.

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