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1950 Lansdowne Social study by Mary Peck

  • 2016-012
  • File

Item consists of a pamphlet in cardboard report covers telling some history of the village of Lansdowne with photos of the streets, stores, arena, churches and train station, plus pictures of Victoria School interior and many of the students, by Mary Peck, who was the Junior Room teacher in 1950.

1954 Boat Race program + 1st Book Reader

  • 2014-015
  • File
  • 1867 & 1954

File contains -- Souvenir program from Canadian Boating Federation Regatta (races) at Brass Point Bridge Sept 4, 1954, sponsored by the Seeley's bay Fire Dept. -- manuscript of a poem entitled "Fight Fight Fight" about WWII signed P.T.O. -- "First Book of reading Lessons - Part 2" authorized by the Council for Public Instruction for Ontario, 1867, -- Manuscript recipe for "Indian Lung Syrup"

2018-027 Old photos from estate of Karl Burns

  • 2018-027
  • Collection
  • 1919 - 1955

2018-027 Old photos from estate of Karl Burns
A-001 Colour snapshot of 3 elderly ladies, in a cardboard holder. Frame inscribed “Aunt Jennie Brown/ Aunt Lizzie Andress / Aunt Pearl McNeeley / Mother’s sisters” and “Greenfield students”
A-002 Class photo from Greenfield School, dated 1946 but possibly later. Back row L-R: George Burns, Frank McCrea, Harold Grier, Bessie Horton, Augusta Moorhead, unknown. Middle row: Gord Donovan, Donald Burns, Lawrence O’Grady, Marilyn Burns, Dinnie T ekemp? Catherine Webster, Geraldine O’Grady. Front row: Robert O’Grady, Bob Steacy? Percy Steacy?, Rosemary O’Grady, Leretta Dobson, Wilhelmina Tekamp? Eileen Donovan.
A-003 Snapshot of group of ladies beside Greenfield School, late 1940s. L – R: Marguerite Grier, unknown, Mrs Tekamp, Julia Webster, Joyce Dobson, Annie Moorhead, Mrs Wilfred Donovan, Thelma Steacy, Emily Burns, Bernice Horton, unknown, Alma Moorhead.
A-004 Snapshot of four kids on Blue Mountain, Charleston Lake in distance, inscribed Bessie, Augusta, Frank, George. (probably Bessie Horton, Augusta Moorhead, Frank McCrea, George Burns)
A-005 Snapshot, a row of kids, unidentified, undated, probably Greenfield School students.
A-006 Snapshot inscribed “1940”, a group of Greenfield School kids eating lunch together or on a picnic, possibly the same day as A-004 above, as Frank, Bessie George and Augusta appear in the same clothes.
A-007 Snapshot four kids and teacher under a small tree, inscribed “Rod McCrea, Don Warren, Howard Burns, Halton Webster and teacher Jean? Hodge 1930 – 32”.
A-008 Snapshot 3 kids in front of a house, inscribed “Halton (Webster?), Roderick (McCrea?), Howard (Burns?), Karl (Burns?)”.
A-009 Snapshot 4 kids in white in a garden, inscribed “Betty, Vivian, Keith, Gweny Webster”.
A-010 Snapshot, 2 small children holding flowers, on a tricycle, inscribed “Bob, Joy, Burns”.
A-011 Snapshot 2 small children sitting in long grass, inscribed “Joy, Bob Burns”.
A-012 Snapshot of group of women, some with small children, with date Sept 57, inscribed on front “School children and mothers” and au verso “Bernice Webster / Erma Webster / Marion Cowan Smith / Dorthea Burns / Emily Burns / Marion Steacy / Bernice Horton / Marilyn Burns / Joan Burns / O’Grady?”.
A-013 Snapshot dated July ‘61, group of ladies at Greenfield School, inscribed “Greenfield School – teacher Helen McKay”.
A-014 Snapshot, woman standing on veranda of a brick house, inscribed “Laura Sales, Student”.
A-015 Snapshot, young man in sailor uniform in front of the Burns brick house in winter, inscribed “Howard Burns in Navy”.
A-016 Snapshot, young man standing at the edge of a lake, inscribed “Donald Warren”.

A-017 Snapshot, Young woman standing beside a road in winter, holding a white cat, inscribed “Bessie Horton”.
A-018 Snapshot 2 babies (twins) and an older sibling holding a bottle, inscribed “Bob Brown feeding Howard, Harold Brown”.
A-019 Snapshot 2 boys sitting on the grass, inscribed “John Webster, Karl Burns 1926”.
A-020 Snapshot 5 young people, inscribed on front “Donny, Merlyn, Ivan, George, Gary” and au verso “Best Wishes to Karl, Dorothea & Ann”.
A-021 Snapshot 6 people standing, farm building in background, inscribed “Emily, Anna, Katie, Taylor, Laura, Gordon Burns”.
A-022 Snapshot, young man and toddler, inscribed “Ann Burns, Leslie Webster 1951” and au verso “Aug 21/50”.
A-023 Snapshot, group in front of the Burns brick house, inscribed “School Kids 1940 / Doreen Tye teacher 1936-40”.
A-024 Snapshot, small class of students outside a wooden school’ inscribed au verso “Mitchelville School 1942? / Teacher Dorothea Andrew (Burns) / mom was teacher for Ross Grier (he may know students) / He’s in picture not sure which one.”.
A-025 Snapshot, 2 young men at the side of a house, inscribed “Leslie W (Webster) Lorne M”.
A-026 Snapshot, group in front of the Burns brick house, inscribed on front “Jennie and Anna Webster / Mable Webster, Bob Brown” and au verso “Stanley and Jennie Brown / George and Mable Jack / Gordon and Anna Burns / Bob Brown / Howard and Harold Brown / Vesta, Hazel, Viva Jack”.
A-027 Snapshot of a group of women standing behind a large Lane cedar chest with men and cars beyond, inscribed au verso “1953 June/ Betty Fodey teacher/ kid Ann (Burns) Hamilton/Dorothea Burns/Emily Burns/ Marcellia O’Grady/ Betty Fodey/ Mrs A Moorhead (Alban’s Mom)/ Joyce Dobson/ Mrs F E Steacy (Percy’s Mom)/ Back row ? ? Bernice Horton/ Mrs Donovan/ taken at Sand Bay”.
A-028 Snapshot, 2 ladies standing behind the Lane cedar chest as previous, among a larger gathering, inscribed au verso “1953 June/ Teachers Dulcemaine School/ Marion Steacy & /Betty Foley – Greenfield/ Taken at Sand bay”.
A-029 Studio photo in a stand-up frame, inscribed on the front “Susan Seal – teacher 1918-19”, and au verso “To Mr & Mrs Gordon Burns and Karl/ A merry Christmas and/ a Happy New Year/ from Susan Seal”.

3 Escott school registers

  • 2015-034
  • File

File consists of 3 school registers; 2 from Escott SS#14 for 1929, 1 from Escott SS#17, 1929.

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