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Young and Paige family material, Lyndhurst

  • 2015-022
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File contains: a ledger of transactions by James Young, blacksmith at Lyndhurst, from 1897 to 1899. -- papers found in the ledger, including a fruit cake recipe. -- a bound pamphlet of photocopies of "The Youngs" family history of the Youngs from 1826. (located on General Research shelves) -- A bound pamphlet of photocopies of "The Paiges of Massachusetts and their descendants in Canada and the United States", with which is bound "Descendants of Nathaniel Paige". This pertains to the family of Nelson Paige of Lyndhurst (located on Gerneral Research shelves)

Wood / Jack Family Fonds

  • 2018-019
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2018-019 Wood Family Fonds

File 2018-019-A: Wood family photos and papers:
-- Large group photo in cardboard frame of seamen cadets in uniform (possibly at Cornwallis, N.S.). – print from scan of the same group indicating Robert Lorne Wood V32006. – mimeographed booklet “CZP Transmitter Final Edition July 1945” the story of Naval Wireless Station CZP at St. Johns NFLD. During the Battle of the Atlantic. – copy of Certificate of Service in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve for Robert Lorne Wood (from Library & Archives Canada). – Wireless History Sheet recording the training exams and marks for Robert Wood N32006. – Bob Wood’s Individual Liquor Permit from Newfoundland Board of Liquor Control 1943-44. – Dick Wood’s school report 1933-34, Vera Hawkes teacher. – R.C.N. Photographic Pass for Robt. Wood to carry a camera in Halifax Dock Yards 1944. – 2 Furness Lines meal sitting cards. – blank name card for Ace Taxi. – Newfoundland drivers licences to Robert Wood for operation of Government vehicles 1943 and 1944. – DND Naval Service leave ticket May 30, 1945. – Nova Scotia tram pass May 10-16, 1943. – clipping from newspaper requesting customers to remember the newsboy at Christmas. -- Receipt for membership in Loyal Orange Lodge #331 Athens 1938. -- Folding map of Charleston Lake with brown covers from Leeds Maps, advertising Don Hanton Esso marine gas Charleston. – folding map of Charleston Lake in blue covers from Leeds Maps. – undated programme from “Windsor Concert Party” in aid of the Canadian Legion. -- small hardbound autograph book belonging to Katie Davidson, full of entries dated 1887 to 1909, by which time she was Mrs. Delbert Wood. – post card of a young woman inscribed “Sincerely Jeanne”, contained in the autograph book. – 15 receipts from merchants in Athens to Delbert Wood, dated 1884 to 1901. – Bill for $22 from Dr Cornell to Adelbert Wood for visits to wife and baby, including “midwifery” in 1897. – 1 receipt to Bob Wood, 1935. – 5 assessment notices dated 1937 to 1941 from Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne Twp. to Bob Wood for land in Leeds Lot 24 Concession 11. – 2 tax bills for same land from 1937 & ’38. – Tax statement from Rear of Yonge & Escott for Roll # 290, 1902. – 2 notices of assessment from Rear of Yonge & Escott Twp. to the estate of R.D. (Delbert) Wood dated 1937 and ’39. – Registration Certificate for 3 hunting guns to Robert Wood, Athens, 1940. -- Registration certificate for a 32 cal. Revolver to Robert Wood, Charleston, Ont. 1945. – Unemployment Insurance ID card for Robert Wood, “lineman”, Charleston, 1945. – book of carbon copies of store receipts dated 1942 (possibly Raleigh Products sales) – Christmas card signed “Sincerely / Shirley” from the Canadian Embassy in Athens, Greece, 1950. – unsigned letter to Del Wood from someone who stole a coat and $3 from him. – letter to Robert L Wood from Dept. of Veterans Affairs advising him to take legal action to recover legal title to a property, 1946. -- Life insurance policy to Richard Adelbert Wood, 1887. – manuscript lease from Mary Moulton to her son William Henry Moulton for 5 acres in Yonge Twp. Lot 23, Con. 9, 1863. – manuscript letter signed by Del Wood to Abraham Russell demanding he vacate village Lot 52 in Charleston, 1890. – Deed of Bargain and sale from David Bews to Stephen Campbell for Charleston village Lot #52, 1854. – manuscript will of Stephen Campbell to his wife Susan, including Lot #52 in Charleston Village, dated 1864, with an inventory of his cooperage tools and values. – solicitor’s letter regarding previous will, to Mrs. Fluke in North Augusta,1890. -- letter dated 1888 from Mrs. D Campbell, Madoc, to Mrs. Fluke, North Augusta, regarding Mrs. Stephen Campbell. – Envelope with embossed stamp of Matthew Denaut, Clerk of 6th Division Court in Delta, to W H Cole, County Registrar, Brockville, with green registered letter stamp, 1890. -- Sworn declarations from David Hamilton and Mary Fluke regarding Mrs. Stephen Campbell, 1890. – Temporary certificate under National Registration Regulations for Robert Wood, Jasper, Ont. – page printed both sides “Short Story of Charleston Lake” by Laurence B Halleran.—Savings account Passbook from Bank of Montreal, Athens, 1922 to 1944. – Savings account passbook from Bank of Montreal, Athens, 1903-42.. – Booklet “Big Game Shooting” advertising the Standard Arms Co Model G and Model M rifles, 1910. – Booklet “Shadowgraphs”, a play of Charleston village characters and poetry from circa 1900, anonymous. – Booklet “Memorial Record” printed by Judson Funeral Home in Athens, recording dates of death of Kate Wood, Del Wood and Viola Wood, all in 1936. – pulp scribbler containing manual transcripts of songs and plays “for Christmas Entertainments, etc.” – Poem in pencil manuscript entitled “The Crack in the Shithouse Door”, unattributed. – Letter from Del Wood to T D Spence warning him to keep his poultry on his own property, 1911. – Letter from E J Purcell, Police Magistrate, to Del Wood requesting he appear to answer 2 complaints about him rowing and fishing on Sundays, 1912. – manuscript poem “Friendship Road” to Darling Irene from an admirer. – letter to Del Wood from Adam (Abram?) Russel giving up possession of a house and lot in Charleston. – letter to Bob Wood from Bessie Vollick thanking him for information about her family, 1965.

File 2018-019-B: Irene Wood photo album:
– Photo Album belonged to Irene Wood of Charleston, containing 147 snapshots and post cards and many blank pages. Most of the photos are unidentified, except for the few inscribed as follows: Maureen and Irene (Wood) 1948; Mr. Del Covey 1947; Irene Wood/ 49 Dorothy St Welland/ and Snookie Young/ Fonthill; R J Costello; Alice Foley; Mrs. George Mareau and grandson Sonny; Mr. & Mrs. Stoneman Ross; Helen, Margorie, Viola, Bob, Lyon, Clara; Rev W Ward and Mrs. Giles; Millie and Maureen Jan 1948; Rob Hudson, Tom Hudson, Frances McKenna; Clare Blancher Athens 1948; Charlie Stewart, John Kler--? Rob Hudson 1947; Aunt Ida Kelsey and Maureen Dickson Charleston 1947; Lyons Covey 1947; Tom Hudson, Del Covey, Kate Covey 1948; Gerald Covey, Shirley Covey, Irene (Wood); Nell Moulton Tom Hudson 1948; Shirley Covey 1947; Indian Guide at One Gun Lake; To Elizabeth/Love/ Earl Foley,/ Taken at Bridgewater Central School; plus several post cards from Vancouver, Banff, & the prairies. –
44 loose snapshots removed from the album by the family for scanning in 2012, most of which are identified, as follows:
2018-019-B-001 group of 6 young men and boys inscribed “Charleston Bums” with names Me (Bob Wood) Bill Latimore, (Len?) Latimer, (Lorne?) Keltsey (sic) in WW1 army uniform, (Sam?) Latimer, Frank Latimore. –
2018-019-B-002 photo of a large house inscribed “Shorewood Lodge/Charleston Lake”. –
-B-003 a man inscribed “Delbert Wood”. –
-B-004 Del Wood with pot and coffee kettle beside a boat with outboard motor. –
-B-005 3 children, inscribed “Dick Wood/ Viola Wood/ Stella Tedford/ now Mrs. L Covey”. –
-B-006 man beside a pine tree, inscribed “Me (Bob Wood)/ Frizzle Island/ Charleston Lake”.
-B-007 man cooking a shore lunch, appears to be Delbert Wood
-B-008 woman in a fir coat with hound dog, inscribed “Katie”
-B-009 post card of two women in studio setting, inscribed “Irene Wood/ Florence Wood”
-B-010 young man on a road, inscribed “Lone Tom Foley/age 20”
-B-011 young man with an axe, inscribed “Robert Wood”
-B-012 young man and older couple, inscribed “Bob & the Spences”
-B-013 3 men with crosscut saw, inscribed “1934 Charleston Lake/ Donovan Spence/ his dad Tom (whiskers)/me Bob Wood middle)
-B-014 woman, winter, houses in background, unidentified
-B-015 2 young women, inscribed “Mrs. Dan Kelsey/nee Maryant Crozier/ Mildred Kelsey”
-B-016 sepia photo, couple with 3 girls, unidentified, appears to be Delbert Wood and family
-B-017 boy holding a cat, inscribed “Dick 1926”
-B-018 couple on a veranda with gingerbread, inscribed ”Ford Moulton & Nell/ Charleston Lake Hotel”
-B-019 young man in snow, inscribed “Walter 1926”
-B-020 girl holding cat, inscribed “Viola Louise Wood”
-B-021 man in old clothes beside a picket fence, appears to be Delbert Wood
-B-022 2 young women, inscribed “Florence 1925”
-B-023 young woman and child, inscribed “Renie, Dick”
-B-024 old lady in house dress, believed to be Mrs. Delbert Wood (Katie Davidson).
-B-025 tiny photo, bust of a lady in a hat, inscribed “Irene Wood”
-B-026 woman and toddler, inscribed “Gertie, Viola, 17 years” hotel and stable in background
-B-027 old lady, inscribed “Mamma” house with veranda in background.
-B-028 boy with shotgun and hound dog, inscribed “Walter, Floss, 14 years”
-B-029 young man in army jacket and hat, inscribed “Walt”
-B-030 baby with a hat, inscribed “Loran Wood/(Bob) Charleston Lake”
-B-031 baby with hat and chickens, inscribed “Loran& the chickens”
-B-032 man with big dog, inscribed “Walt”
-B-033 girl at school desk, dated 1932, inscribed “Alice Foley/ to Granny from Alice”
-B-034 girl at school desk, dated 1932, inscribed “ Granny Wood, from Marguerite”
-B-035 girls and baby, inscribed “Viola baby Helena”
-B-036 man and woman holding 5 lake trout, inscribed “Gerald Covey &/Irene (Wood)”
-B-037 couple swimming with 2 daughters, unidentified.
-B-038 girls, inscribed “Viola”
-B-039 2 women and 2 men on steps to a building, inscribed “Irene Wood with glasses”
-B-040 man with an axe by a picket fence, unidentified.
-B-041 man holding 4 pike, inscribed “1953/Alfred Covey”
-B-042 man holding lake trout, inscribed “Emmett Covey”
-B-043 looking down the hill in Charleston, inscribed “Charleston Lake/Charleston Village”
-B-044 7 fish in the grass, houses in background, inscribed “Charleston Lake”
Small album titled “Snapshots”, containing 7 snapshots as follows:
-B-045 Woman, unidentified
-B-046 Old woman in house dress, probably Katie Wood.
-B-047 Man standing in front of animal or bird cages, winter.
-B-048 Woman standing in front of the same cages.
-B-049 Del wood holding an ice saw.
-B-050 older woman with 2 children, probably Kate Wood.
-B-051 Young woman and child in a tent, inscribed “Mildred/Irene”.
-B-052 Boy standing beside the street in Charleston, inscribed “Dick Wood/Charleston/Ontario.
-B-053 Woman standing with buildings and cars in background, inscribed “Irene”.
-B-054 Woman with camera standing beside a house, inscribed “Mary Louise”.
-B-055 Woman standing against pine trees.
-B-056 tiny photo of a boy, inscribed “Dick” (Dick Wood).
-B-057 same photo as B-012, inscribed “Donovan Spence, Bob Wood (me) and Dan Kelsey, 1934”

2018-019-C Professional photos of Delbert Wood (guide) & clients on Charleston Lake:
-C-001 large format photo on card of 16 men (including Del Wood) around a table in a wooded setting with lake in the background c1890s
-C-002 large format photo of Del Wood cooking over a fire on lake shore with woman watching, c1930.
-C-003 large format photo on card of a man aiming a shotgun across the water, possibly Del Wood.
-C-004 sepia print on craft paper of Del Wood holding 2 large lake trout.
-C-005 sepia print on craft paper of 3 men with 2 lake trout.
-C-006 5x5 photo on card of Del Wood at the oars of his skiff on Charleston Lake, dated Oct 1898.
-C-007 photo on card of Del Wood standing on the wharf at Charleston c1900.
-C-008 photo on card of fisherman holding a lake trout, standing in a skiff with Del Wood at the oars.
-C-009 photo on card of Del Wood standing in his skiff on a rocky shore.
-C-010 photo on card of 2 men telling fish stories, Del Wood and lake in background, c 1890s.
-C-011 photo on card of 2 fishermen tending a smokey cooking fire on wooded shore.
-C-012 photo on card of Del Wood at a cooking fire with 2 clients, lighting one man’s cigar, c1900.
-C013 photo on card of a man at a cooking fire holding a frying pan, inscribed”July 1904/ Wm. M. Carpenter Ossining N.Y.”
-C-014 photo on card of 2 men seated at a table in a wooded setting.
-C-015 photo on card of a man tending a cooking fire in a wooded setting.
-C-016 photo on card of group of men (12+) on the wharf at Charleston, one lady in a skiff at the wharf. C1900.
-C-017 photo on card of Dell Wood in his skiff with a standing fisherman. C 1900.
-C-018 unmounted photo of 4 men at a table in a wooded setting, including a young Del Wood, c1890s, stamped “Mr. J. M. Mills/?? E 58th Street/New York”
-C-019 photo on card of Del Wood in skiff pulled up on shore, a woman sitting at a table nearby.
-C-020 photo on card a client and young Del Wood with shotgun and 6 ducks.
-C-021 large matted photo (removed from frame) of Del Wood in his skiff, pouring a drink from a bottle, inscribed ”Belbert Wood/ One of Ontario’s Guides”
-C-022 large brown paper envelope from Underwood & Underwood Photographers, that contained photos, addressed to Richard Delbert Wood, from Mrs. Warren C King, NYC. Undated, stamp removed.
-C-023 Photo on card of a man (possibly Del Wood) posing to chug-a-lug a bottle of liquor.

2018-019-D Post cards and photos of Charleston Lake and Village:
-D-001 Post card sized booklet advertising W. H. Leavitt’s Cedar Park Hotel In Charleston, 12 pages of photos and testimonials plus covers, 1897
-D-002 post card of Del Wood with shotgun, and client displaying14 ducks on a rope.
-D-003 same as previous but different pose.
-D-004 post card by J P Lamb of Del Wood and 2 clients, titled “Guide cooking dinner. Charleston lake Ont.”
-D-005 post card woman and 2 men holding fish among rocks and pine trees.
-D-006 post card 4 clients watching a guide cook dinner at steep rocky shore.
-D-007 J P Lamb post card Del Wood cooking at fire, entitled “Charleston Lake June 24 ‘09”.
-D-008 post card overlooking lake from a high point, with islands below, entitled “Englishman’s Monument / Charleston Lake, Ont”.
-D-009 Post card of 2 men and huge number of fur pelts, advertising “J R Kerr/Wholesale Dealer in Raw Furs/ Newboro, Ont.” It lists prize winners for taking good care of furs, including, and addressed to, Del Wood, Charleston.
-D-010 post card of Hanson Memorial Church in Charleston with people gathered outside, possibly a wedding.
-D-011 post card of Cedar Park Hotel.
-D-012 post card of Cedar Park Hotel, similar view, better photo.
-D-013 snapshot side view of Cedar Park Hotel showing verandas.
-D-014 snapshot side view of Cedar Park Hotel with stable building behind.
-D-015 post card of Charleston Hotel (Duffield’s)
-D-016 snapshot of Charleston Hotel c1950.
-D-017 post card of Del Wood cooking at a fire against a rock cliff.
-D-018 J P Lamb post card of a picket fence and bee hives under trees, entitled “L D Spence/Charleston/ Ont. 1911”.
-D-019 post card of 4 horses pulling a fancy carriage, addressed to Del Wood, from W D Briggs, Summit NJ, 1908.
-D-020 J P Lamb post card showing the map of Charleston Lake (2018-019-A) with maple leaves in the corners.
-D-021 post card view of main Street Charleston with the lake beyond, showing Charleston Hotel in foreground.
-D-022 snapshot of Del Wood at a cooking fire, inscribed au verso “At/Charleston Lake Canada/Week of Aug 2-9-1919/Compliments of H March/Buffalo NY/USA/Del Woods.
-D-023 snapshot of Del Wood at a cooking fire with several clients watching, inscribed on the film “Wolfe Is. C?? Can. Aug 26/20” and au verso “Charleston Lake Canada/Aug 18-27-1920/Compliments of/ H March/Buffalo NY/USA”.
-D-024 snapshot of 5 people on a rocky slope overlooking a lake, inscribed au verso “Charleston Lake Canada/At the Portage/ Donaldson Bay/Aug 23-1920/Compliments of/ H March/Buffalo NY/USA”.
-D-025 snapshot of Del Wood’s skiff offshore, inscribed au verso “Charleston Lake Canada/Aug 18-27-1920/Mrs. & Judge Woodbridge/& Del Woods Guide/Compliments of/ H March/Buffalo NY/USA”.
-D-026 snapshot of 3 men holding 5 Lake Trout, inscribed au verso “Jimmie Furness/Del Woods/ Ernie Gorman”.
-D-027 colour snapshot of shoreline and cottage, faded to yellow, stamped au verso “Kodacolor Dec 8, 1948”and inscribed ”Hayes Cottage”.
-D-028 colour snapshot of shoreline, pine trees and skiff, faded to yellow, stamped Kodacolor Dec 8, 1948.
-D-029 colour snapshot of 3 men at a table in a clearing, faded to yellow, inscribed “Tony Mr Wishbow Jimmie” stamped Kodacolor Dec 8, 1948.
-D-030 colour snapshot of street and buildings, faded to yellow, inscribed au verso Main Street/Charleston” and stamped Kodacolor Dec 8, 1948.
-D-031 post card of lake scene titled Charleston Lake, Ontario, Canada, and Loon Bay, addressed to Dick Wood RR4 SimcoeOnt. And post marked ’72.
-D-032 snapshot of couple standing beside a badly damaged car, inscribed “near Best Western/Brockville Oct 1990”
-D-033 snapshot of firemen and a pickup truck with damage to the front, inscribed au verso “near best Western/Brockville 1990”.
-D-034 snapshot of fire engine and police car, inscribed au verso “near Best Western/ Brockville Oct 1990”.
-D-035 Woman with cars (c1925) at Cedar Park Hotel.
-D-036 Man with the same cars.
-D-037 2 cars in a garage attached to the stable behind the Cedar Park Hotel.
-D-038 to D-046 Photos of a fishing trip and shore lunch with Del Wood and a party of 3 men and 2 women.
-D-047 Del Wood with pipe & hat, and well dressed client holding 4 fish.
-D-048 7 men eating at a table on wooded shore with Del Wood standing behind them.
-D-049 6 fish on a stringer.
-D-050 6 fish on the ground.
-D-051 Del Wood and client tending pans on a camp fire.
-D-052 Del Wood and 2 clients holding a stringer of fish.
-D-053 Del Wood with cigar, holding a fly rod, at a stone camp fireplace. (2 copies)
-D-054 Del Wood and client on the wharf at Charleston, boats and people in background.
-D-055 Del Wood and same client in the skiff, Cedar Park across the water.
-D-056 Del Wood tending a camp fire.
-D-057 Del Wood and 4 other men cutting up a tree with cross cut saws.
-D-058 bust of a young man cut from a post card.
-D-059 2 clients seated at table, Del Wood serving them from a frying pan.
-D-060 Del Wood and client eating at a table on a high shore.
-D-061 Del Wood and 3 men washing dishes at water edge near skiffs.
-D-062 4 men at a table on a high shore.
-D-063 Del Wood and clients around a fire.
-D-064 Del Wood and clients around a fire.
-D-065 Del Wood and client at a camp fire place.
-D-066 to D-077 11 pictures from the same roll of film showing fishermen, fish, and guides Del Wood and (Sam?) Kelsey.
-D-078 2 fishermen with a fish beside Del Wood’s skiff.
-D-079 Del Wood and 2 clients with a stinger of fish.
-D-080 Del Wood cooking at a fire talking to a client.
-D-081 Del Wood and 2 clients in front of a tent with 18 bass and pike on a rope.
-D-082 Del Wood and client eating at a table.
-D-083 to D-087 5 pictures from the same roll of film showing shore lunch scenes and 2 men sharpening an axe beside a house.
-D-088 Tiny picture Del Wood holding 5 fish on a stick.
-D-089 to D-099 Series of 11 pictures from the same roll of film showing Del Wood, Sam Kelsey, clients, boats including Sam Kelsey’s inboard motorboat, and shore scenes around Charleston Lake. 1 dated 1914, 1 dated 1915.
-D-100 Del Wood and client eating at a table.
-D-101 Del Wood with 4 lake trout.
-D-102 Del Wood and client standing by a camp fire.

2018-019-E Jack family photos
-E-001 3 x 5 studio photo in folder of two little girls, inscribed “Vesta/Vivia” (this photo returned to the family Oct 11/18, at their request. Scan available.
-E-002 Studio card of a couple inscribed Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Jack.
-E-003 studio card of 2 boys inscribed George & Conley Jack.
-E-004 Studio folder of young woman with glasses, unidentified.
-E-005 Studio card young woman in nursing uniform, probably Vesta Jack.
-E-006 grey-green studio card of young man inscribed “Uncle Bob Jack”.
-E-007 studio card of family, inscribed “Robert, Lucia, Libbie & baby girl (died in infancy), Conley & George – children of Wm. B Jack and Lucinda Root”.
-E-008 snapshot of young woman in cape and tam, probably Vesta Jack.
-E-009 snapshot of 5 children and a woman, inscribed “ Vivia, Hazel, Vesta Jack (father George) / Agness, Elinor, Murray Jack (father Conley)
-E-010 CDV young woman, inscribed “Grandmother Jack”, by J J Abbott photographer, Kingston.
-E-011 snapshot woman in rowboat, house in background, inscribed “Aunt Jennie Root”.
-E-012 snapshot 3 young women beside a water lily pond, inscribed “Vesta, Aunt Lucia Jack, Agnes Jack” with a paper wrapper inscribed “Jack Family picnic/late 1930s or early 40s”.
-E-013 snapshot boy and girl on a black horse in winter, inscribed “Webster & Hazel Jack on Prince”.
-E-014 snapshot 2 girls and a boy sitting on a car, with dog, inscribed “Webster, Hazel & Vivia Jack”.
-E-015 snapshot 3 women and a boy, inscribed “Grandma Webster/Mable Jack/ Vesta & Webster”.
-E-016 snapshot 2 couples under trees, inscribed “George, Libbie, Lucia, Conley/Jack.
-E-017 snapshot of a cow in front of a barn.
-E-018 snapshot a kitchen wing with veranda attached to a house, inscribed “Jack’s Farm/Lansdowne/Ont.”
-E-019 snapshot a dog on the veranda in previous snap.
-E-020 snapshot man, woman, & boy, inscribed “George (Webster’s Dad)/Webster Jack/ Grandma Jack /Victoria Storey).
-E-021 snapshot 2 kids and a dog, barn in background, inscribed “Webster Jack/barn down home/Vesta”.
-E-022 & 022A 2 copies of snapshot of a dog, one inscribed “Thoroubred/Webster’s/Dog” and the other inscribed “Bravo”.
-E-023 snapshot of a man beside a car, inscribed “George Jack/1950?”
-E-024 snapshot of 11 people around a picnic table, inscribed “Jack family picnic/late 1930s or early 40s”
-E-025 snapshot woman in a garden with potted flower on a small table, inscribed “Aunt Lucia”.
-E-026 snapshot couple sitting on grass in a public garden, inscribed “Aunt Libbie/and Uncle Harry Cook”
-E-027 snapshot 2 children in front of an old house, inscribed “Vesta in white/with/Elenor/or/Edna Jack”
-E-028 snapshot 2 girls on a horse drawn reaper, barns behind, inscribed “two of Webster Jack’s sisters”
-E-029 snapshot woman with purse in front of a house, inscribed “Agness Jack – Conley Jack’s daughter”
-E-030 snapshot 18 people against the wall of a house, inscribed “Jack family”.
-E-031 snapshot 3 people with a baby by a lake, inscribed “Grandma Jack/Uncle Bob Jack/Bernice (daughter)
-E-032 snapshot 6 people, inscribed “Grandma Jack (sitting)/Uncle Conley Jack, Aunt Libbie Jack/Aunt Lucia, Uncle Bob Jack/George Jack (our father/Vesta)”
-E-033 snapshot 2 women, inscribed ”Mother (Mable Webster/mar.Geo W Jack)/Aunt Lizzie Andress (Jack)”
-E-034 snapshot baby in a sleigh, barn behind. Unidentified.
-E-035 snapshot man and woman fishing from rocks, inscribed “Webster Jack/& Winnoa Hestley”
-E-036 snapshot man and woman in front of a hotel, inscribed “George & Mable Jack/May 24, 1949”
-E-037 snapshot large family gathering, inscribed “Aunt Mable Webster shower/our mother (Vesta)”
-E-038 snapshot man in front of a lilac tree, inscribed “Uncle Floyd”
-E-039 snapshot of man and woman in a garden beside a big brick house, inscribed “Uncle Harry and Aunt Libbie (Jack) Cook” on the front, and “Libbie was sister to/Dad (George)” au verso.
-E-039 snapshot 3 children on a buckboard with 3 puppies, inscribed “ Vivia, Hazel, Webster Jack”.
-E-040 snapshot of 2 children swimming in a lake, inscribed “Webster & Hazel Jack”.

2018-019-F Vesta Jack papers
Baptism Certificate for Vesta Mae Jack, 1926. -- Ontario Dept. of Education High School Entrance exam papers 1935 for each of 5 subjects. – High School Entrance certificate to Vesta Jack, 1938. – Intermediate Certificate to Vesta Jack, Lansdowne Continuation School, 1940. – Secondary School Graduation Diploma to Vesta Jack, Lansdowne Secondary School 1942. – Middle School Examination results for Vesta Jack 1941 and 1942. – Moyer Student Report Card for Vesta Jack, in envelope, Eden Grove School, 1932-33. – punched card with the title “NIGHT NURSE”. – solicitation card to vote for A E Donovan for MPP.. – business cards from the Queen’s Grant Motor Hotel and White House Best Western Motel, Brockville. – Cradle Roll Certificate from Chalmers United School at Lansdowne to Vesta Jack, 1925. – article with photo of the Webster family and their history, from Gananoque Reporter Feb 13, 2002. – Can. Woman’s Christian Temperance Union certificate to Vesta Jack, 1938. – empty envelope addressed to Vesta Jack from J F McGuire Public School Inspector, 1938. – Registration of Nurses Identification Card for admission to exams, to Miss Vesta Mae Jack, 1947. – 4 pay stubs documenting wages paid to Vesta Jack as a nurse 1947 & 48. – Letter on Kingston General Hospital letterhead to Vesta jack stating her exam results, 1947. – List of text books required by KGH, and prices paid by Vesta Jack, 1944. – receipt for subscription to The Canadian Nurse magazine, 1948. – Dept. National Revenue Tax assessment to Vesta Jack for 1948. – Receipt from Lac-Mac Manufacturing Co to Vesta Jack for nurse’s uniform 1944. – receipt from Robert Simpson Co. to Vesta Jack for CCM bicycle 1948. – receipt from W W Hawley Ltd to Vesta Jack, (unintelligible) 1948. – Record of Practical Work at KGH School of Nurses by Vesta Jack 1947. – “The Nightingale Pledge” from a Christmas Greeting to Vesta Jack from Susan Seal. – Invitation to Commencement Exercises of School of Nursing with list of graduates including Vesta Jack, 1947 (2 copies) and dance card for the “Spring Bustle” for class of ’47. – Order of Communion Service at Chalmers Church attended by the graduating class of nurses, 1947 with a list of the graduates. -- Unemployment Insurance Commission book belonging to Vesta Jack, 1942-43. – book “Reprints of Exam Papers for Registration of Nurses 1926-1941”by James Texts Ltd, Belleville, signed by Vesta Jack. – individual reprints of Exam papers for Nurses for 1942, ’43, ’44, ’45, & ‘46 by James Texts Ltd. – Constitution of Subordinate Lodges of Independent Order of Oddfellows 1947. – 7 letters of thanks and advice to Vesta Jack/Wood from well-wishers at milestones in her life. – receipt for membership in Nurses’ Alumnae 1947. – 7 receipts for Nurse Registration renewals 1947-51 + 1967. – School report card for George jack written on plain paper by teacher H M Bullis

Books include:
-- “Webster Family Tree” third edition 2002 (General Research family trees)
– “Beautiful Charleston” by Edna Chant, Mica Publishing Co, Belleville, 1975.
– “Leeds the Lovely” by Evelyn Purvis Earl (signed) published by the Gananoque Reporter, 1951.
– “A Textbook for Mourners” presented to Katie Davidson at death of her sister, 1887.
– “Second Book of Reading Lessons” 1867, with insert inscribed “Grandpa Wood’s reader” (Delbert Wood 1858-1936).
_ “The Red White and Blue” poetry about the British Navy, undated, probably 1900 or earlier.
– “5 Year Diary” of Helena Irene Wood of Charleston, with births and deaths and events of her memory, written about 1949?
– “5 Year Diary” belonging to Irene Wood of Charleston, with frequent entries from 1957
-- “My Baby’s Biography” book in box, recording statistics for Vesta Jack, 1926, from Aunt Lucia, includes a lock of hair.

Artifacts include:
-- Navy Blue cape with red lining worn by Vesta Jack at her graduation from Kingston General Hospital School of Nursing in 1947 , having her name stitched in the collar and initials VMJ and KGH embroidered.
-- Navy Blue sailor’s tunic with single chevron on left sleeve, “CANADA” embroidered on each shoulder, and signalman’s crest on right sleeve, worn by Robert Lorne Wood during WW2 .
-- Black leather folder containing nursing certificate from KGH to Vesta Jack, white and gold lapel pin with letters KGH, and a paper pattern in the same shape enlarged.
-- Black leatherette case containing 25 year membership pin for Independent Order of Oddfellows inscriber au verso “To Bro. George W Jack/ Lansdowne Lodge/No 270/ initiated Dec 26, 1911”
-- Red regalia ribbon from Lansdowne Lodge 270, IOOF.

Oversize encapsulated items include:
– map of Charleston Lake “as it appeared from guide Del Wood’s skiff while bass and salmon fishing” printed by George J. Medole, NYC 1899.
– Province of Ontario Registered Nurse Certificate to Vesta Mae Jack 1947.

Wm Landon wills, deeds, arbitration proceedings.

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  • Collection
  • 1861-1887

Collection consists of : Manuscript copy of the will of William Landon Sr. dated 1864 bearing the stamped seal of the Registry Office, conveying property to sons John Findlay Landon and William Stevenson Landon and other effects to wife Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth, Lois, Jannett and Christine. – manuscript copy of the will of William Stevenson Landon dated 1887 conveying property to sons Charles William Landon and Guy Reginald Landon and effects to his wife Elizabeth Harriet Jane Landon, signed by the Registrar. – 2 manuscript copies of a deed for Lot #25 in Cross Cemetry, sold by Firman Cross and Sarah Cross to William Landon, 1885. – Manuscript record of testimony in a hearing before Joseph Dowsley, James Parmenter, and William Landon, to determine a settlement of competing claims between Edward Keating and and John Johnston for part of Lot 15, Con 4, Lansdowne, 1861. --

Wilstead & Lansdowne historical booklets

  • 2014-029
  • File
  • 1977, 1973

Booklet "Wilstead: A rural community and its abandoned cemetery" by Jack Brown, 1977, includes a transcript of Stratton cenetery, -- Booklet entitled "Lansdowne" compiled by the Lansdowne District Public School 8th Grade class of 1972-73

Willowbank School Fonds

  • 2018-013
  • Fonds

2018-013 Willowbank School Fonds
Fonds consists of:
Oversized items: 2 copies Blueprint of plans and elevations for Willowbank School by Colin Drever, Architect, 1923. – white print of drawings for Hiscock School by Selwyn Cooke, Architect, 1959. – Gananoque Reporter newspaper of 17 June, 1964. – quantity of newspaper clippings file in General Research Schools series, Willowbank and William Hiscocks. --
Artifacts: rubber stamp for Leeds & Lansdowne Front Public School No. 1.
2018-013-01 Photos
Recent photo enlargement of the Willowbank School class of 1928-29 with names of students: Ruby Clark, Fred Lindsay, Reggie Wheeler, Ernie Leakey, Jack Tennant, Stan Baldock, Roy Galway, Louise Roberts, Edwin Clark, Howard Wheeler, Paul Tennant, Robert McNinch, Tom Leakey, Gerald Eastwood, Eva Little, Mary McNinch, Patricia Marshal, Mary Ferguson, Edith Leakey, Martha Ellis, Wilford Leakey, Bobby Little, Alex Lindsay, Pearl Eastwood, Albert Cowan, Irma Eastwood, Joe Galway, George Baldock, Jean Cowan, Doug Sliter, Alan Cowan, May Little, Doris Sliter, Edna Cowan, teacher Chas. Kenney. – clipping from Gananoque Reporter showing Willowbank class of 1931, including: Russell Leakey, Harold Ferguson, Bruce Woods, Harry Sliter, Robert McNinch, Douglas Garrah, Bill Grice, Tom Leakey, Tom Beattie, Ed Beattie, Ralph Leakey, Mabel Little, Lillian Baldock, Helen Cowan, Mary Little, Fanny Galway, Mabel Woods, Patricia Marshall, Lillian Babcock, Douglas Sliter, Robert Little, Roy Galway, Alan Cowan, Reg Wheeler, Stan Baldock, Fred Lindsay, Ernie Leakey, Hazel Steacy, Edith Leakey, Eva Little, Ruby Clarke, Mary McNinch, teacher Norman MacLeod. – recent reprint of Willowbank class of 1937? Including Mary Little, Mabel Woods, Mabel Little, Lillian Baldock, Helen Cowan, teacher Marion Cowan, Harold Ferguson, Bill Grice, Alan Cowan, Harold Clark, Ralph Leakey, Allen Wood, Russell Leakey, Bruce Wood, George Little, June Galway, Irene Leakey, Stuart Leakey, Hilda Cowan, Betty Jackson, Mabel Little, Harold Wood. – clipping from Gananoque Reporter of Atkinson School class of 1936, including Bill Roshford, Rhea Shipman, Olive Spence, Mary Doyle, Betty O’Neil, Shirleay Johnston, Doreen Anglin, Richard Mangan, teacher Kate McVoy, Ross Mangan, Tom Spence, Bernard Roshford, William Conner, Arnold Mangan, Maurice Clark, Betty Cotton, Ruth Hunter, Rita Mangan, Doris Roshford, Morris McCalpin, Bernard Shortall. -- Snapshot 2 young women in bathing suits, inscribed “Marion and Edna Cowan 1927”. – snapshot inscribed “Aileen Suggitt 1927”. – snapshot family in old touring car inscribed “Ferguson Family/ Gananoque/ Fraser, Harold, Hubert, Mary and Maria, 1927” – Recent reprint of Willowbank class of 1926-27, no names. – Recent reprint photo of Willowbank School by Aileen Suggit (Suggett?) teacher in 1926-27. – snapshot reprint of Willowbank School from the road, by Aileen Suggit 1926-27. – reprint photo of Willowbank class of 1963, no names. – photo from Gananoque Reporter, 2004, showing the Willowbank School female students from 1931 or ’32, including Hazel Steacy, Fannie Galway, Patricia Marshall, Mabel Woods, Mary Little, Lillian Baldock, Lois Garrah
2018-013-02 Historical Research Notes on Willowbank School by Edwin Clark
Large file of notes and photocopies of historical sources of information on Willowbank School and education in general, including a 3 page history of SS#1 by Edwin Clark, notes from the registry office of relevant land transactions. – notes from Allan Lindsay, 1998, on family history of William Sherriff, Carey (French innkeeper on the river), Joel Stone and David Jamison. – Notes from Eileen Clarke Truesdell to Irv Little, re families Thomas Little, Hugh McCrone, Robert Wilson, and collaterals. – typescript list of families that attended Willowbank School. --

2018-013-03 Documents of Leeds & Lansdowne Front Township School Area beginning 1944
List of assets of each school section in Front of Leeds & Lansdowne, by W F Hiscocks, Nov 1944. – list of steps for transferring the assets of the individual school sections to the Leeds and Lansdowne Front Township School Area, by W F Hiscocks Dec. 1944. – procedural directions for the annual meetings of Boards of Trustees, Dec. 1944. -- Notice to parents about student conduct on school busses and consequences. – Cost analysis per student, varying by school size and level of education. – 4 copies of invitation to the opening of William Hiscocks School, 1960. -- 2 copies of program for the opening of William Hiscocks School,. – Telegram from John Robarts, Min. of Ed. Congratulating the trustees on opening the new school (presumed Hiscocks School). – letter of congratulations from James Auld re Hiscocks School opening. – 2 copies each, Financial Statement for F.o.L.L. Township School Board. 1952, ’53, ‘55, ‘56, ’57, ‘58 – pamphlet “Do’s and Don’ts for School Trustees” by Public School Trustees Association of Ont, 1954. -- typescript sheet comparing salaries of teachers in Leeds County, 1959. – manuscript list of pre-school children and those starting school in 1958 and agenda of a meeting regarding overcrowding, etc. – manuscript letter of resignation from Blythe Abrams. – 2 copies typescript minutes of meeting of taxpayers at Willowbank School, 1951 – Statements of Receipts and Expenditures for Township F.o.L.L. 1954, ’56, ’58. – 1944 Voters List for F.o.L.L. – newsprint photo of staff at Lansdowne Public School 1963 including Newton green, Helen McKay, Shirley Moffat, Wayne Anderson, Winina Kyes, Marian Smith, Agnes Fodey, Margetha deZeeuw, on the back of a flyer from Lansdowne Hardware.
2018-013-04 Teacher contracts, inspector’s reports, etc.
Memoranda of Agreements between SS #1 Willowbank School trustees and teachers F F Turner (1880), Maggie Oliver (1881), Jennie Johnston (1882), Marion MacColl Jackson (1891), Maggie Little (1899), Margaret Georgina Little (1900), – 2 blank teacher contract forms printed 1943. – inspector’s reports for SS#1 by J McGuire 1939-1940-1941. – inspector’s reports by W F Hiscocks 1941-1943-1944. --
2018-013-05 Contract & Specs for SS#1 stone school, 1868, + insurance policies
Manuscript purchase agreement for school lot between SS#1 trustees and William Lloyd, 1867. – duplicate manuscript copies of bond between SS#1 trustees and Alexander Cowan for financing for a stone school. – manuscript specification for carpentry and joinery for school 34’ x 24’, with price of $346 signed by Alexander Ramsay and John Lawson. – manuscript specification for stone work for new school. -- Receipt for fire insurance 1877 – Insurance policy for SS#1 1871-74. – Fire Insurance Policy 1887-1890.
2018-013-06 SS#1 Trustees Minutes book 1910 to 1944
2018-013-07 SS#1 Trustees expense ledger 1915 to 1944

2018-013-08 SS#1 Personal mementos of Edwin Clark
Certificate for winning most points at the Gananoque School Fair 1931. -- Souvenir card from teacher J. McLaughlin to Edwin Clark, Willowbank, 1925. – program for the official opening of William Hiscock’s School, 1960, containing manuscript notes for speech by Edwin Clark. -- manuscript letter J R Cunningham to Ed Clark on his appointment to the Board of Trustees, 1952.
2018-013-09 Bulletins Dept. of Education, Dept. of Agriculture, etc
“An Act Respecting Public, Separate, and High Schools” 1879. – “An Act to amend The Public Schools Act” 1906. With notes by Wm Johnston, Inspector of Public Schools – Requirements for equipment in rural schools, 1906. – “Special Departmental Grants Agriculture” 1936 – “General Circular” re amendments to the School Law, 1879. – The School Law Amendment Act 1943. – The School Law Amendment Act 1944. -- Instructions to School Inspectors re General Legislative Grants 1940. – Regulations Respecting General Legislative Grants 1944. – Model By-Law to provide for the Licensing of Public Halls 1944. – Act to Provide for the Establishment of the Ontario teachers’ Federation 1944. -- “The Public Schools Act, RSO 1937” 1941 edition with revisions. – “General Regulations Public and Separate Schools, 1940” by Min. of Education. – “Moyer School Supplies Ltd” catalogue 1942-43, 264 pages. – Moyer catalogue supplement of books and plays, with coloured cover 1942-43. – small format Moyer catalogue supplement 1942-43. – catalogue from Tweed Steel Works including sanitation tanks and closets.
2018-013-10 Tenders and contracts for building brick school 1923. 2018-013-10 Tenders & contracts for Building New School 1923
Contract between Mitchell & Wilson and trustees for SS#1 for carpentry, masonry and painting new school 1923. – Contract between Jas. Harris and Trustees for SS#1 for electrical work in new school. -- Bundle of price submissions by subcontractors. –
File 2018-013-11 Files of Sec./Treas. for 1941
Secretary was W H Clark. These files contain receipts for items and services purchased, correspondence, and paperwork involved in Income Tax, War Tax, cheque books, etc.
File 2018-013-12 Files of Sec./Treas. For 1942
Secretary W H Clark
File 2018-013-13 Files of Sec./Treas. For 1943
Secretary Edwin Clark,
File 2018-013-14 Files of Sec./Treas. For 1944
Secretary Ed Clark, includes letter of resignation from teacher Ann Halladay

Willis Family Album

  • 2018-006
  • Collection
  • c1880 and up.

Collection consists of approx 40 photographs and postcards of different sizes

William Hiscocks Public School 1960 - 2004

  • File
  • 2004

File consists of the 2004 Year Book and a photocopy of the programme of the Official Opening, November 25, 1960.

William Hiscocks Public School

William Gilbert

  • E 0078
  • File
  • n.d.

File consists of a collection of 6 photocopied pages of material regarding William Gilbert.

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