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Hewitt Family Fonds

  • Fonds
  • [195-?]

Fonds consists of postcards and a photograph of places in the Thousand Islands. Three images are from Lake Placid, New York.

Front of Leeds & Lansdowne

  • Collection

Material pertaining to the history of the legacy township of Front of Leeds & Lansdowne.

The Review Mirror Fonds

  • Fonds

This fonds consists of the news publications of the Review-Mirror, and includes some publications of its predecessors, The Review and The Mirror.

Fonds is composed of the following series:

  1. The Mirror
  2. The Review
  3. The Review Mirror

The Review Mirror

Independent Order of Foresters - Lyndhurst Fonds

  • Fonds

This fond consists of the Charter, records, and effects of the Independent Order of Foresters, Court Lyndhurst. The fonds is organized into the following series:

  1. Charter, constitution & rituals
  2. Meetings
  3. Membership
  4. Correspondence
  5. Financial Records

Independent Order of Foresters - Court Lyndhurst

Harry Painting Article Collection

  • CA G E 0072
  • Collection

Collection consists of over 300 newspaper articles by Harry Painting regarding local history appearing in the Gananoque Reporter from 1977 to 1993.

Harry Painting

Thomas Singleton Orange Lodge Certificate

  • 2017-018
  • Pièce
  • 1889

Item consists of a graphic certificate admitting Thomas Singleton to Orange Lodge #226 in Lyndhurst, signed by Delbert Danby and Daniel Berney.

John Phillips appointment to Commissioner

  • 2017-019
  • Pièce
  • 1830

Item consists of a parchment commission by King William IV appointing John Phillips as Commissioner for the Trial of Small Causes in Seigniory of Labrevois, District of Montreal, dated Dec. 15, 1830, to which a heavy wax seal is attached.

Seeley's Bay Schools ephemera

  • 2017-026
  • Collection

Original photo 3 ½ x 5 1/2” inscribed "Seeley's Bay Trail Rangers,/winners 1939", plus a photocopy of an enlargement of the same photo from the Gananoque Reporter listing the names as follows: Back row l-r: Bill Steacy, Ellwood Sly. Middle Row L_R: Nelson Perry, Merton Gray, Bob Latimer, Jack Coleman, Glynn Willis. Front row L_R: Ralph Stanton, Saul Metcalfe, Garnet Kenny.

undated original 5 x 7” photo of students at Seeley's Bay Continuation School c early 1950s, with list of names as follows: Standing L_R: Mr. Sommerville, Caroline Breason, Joyce kenny, Carol Wilkenson, Mildred Eaton, Edith Hogan, Pat Mallen, Merna Standen, Shirley Knapp, Roger Jeffries, Edna Johnston, Bobby Moulton, Eunice Free, Marrian Hibbert, Maralyn Bolton, Slvijer? Kane, Sylvia Williams, Betty babcock, Leona Steacy, Miss Inwood. Kneeling: Ken Hichcock, Francis Doyle, Bobby Johnston, Charles hartley, Jimmy Webb, Ronnie Ralph, Wallace Carr, Graham Mallette, Grant Bolton, Melvin Johnston, Mervin Moulton, Barry Davies, Bruce Perry. –
Anglican Parish of Leeds rear Photo Directory 1996. – Seeley's Bay Continuation School yearbook “Garnet & Gold”, 1931-32. – souvenir book “Garnet & Gold” rpinted for the Seeley's Bay School Reunion 1989. – North Leeds High School District yearbook 1954-55, – “The Norleeder” yearbook 1956. – The Norleeder yearbook 1957.

Estate of David Bull TIARA material

  • 2017-029
  • Collection

Books: housed in General Research shelves. (most of these books were collected to inform the application to UNESCO for World Heritage River status for the St. Lawrence.)
book: "The St. Lawrence River, History, Highway and Habitat" by Janice Hamilton, 2006.
book: "Morrises' History of Prescott 1800-2000" by John A H Morris, 2001
book: "The Rivermen, Echoes of Lake St. Francis" by Roy Lefebvre & Norman Seymour, 2007
book: "Aboriginal People and the Fur Trade" by Louise Johnston, 2001
book:"Running Down the Rapids" by Ian Bowering, 2005
book: "Running Down the Rapids Vol 2" by Ian Bowering, 2006
book: "Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Study Report", 2007
book: "Cornwall: From Factory Town to Seaway City" by Ian Bowering, 1999
book: “Chevrier” by Mabel Tinkiss Good, 1987
book: “Voices from the Lost Villages” by Rosemary Rutley, 2004
book: "Collected Poems of Armenia J Bull" (in shelf box).
Video Cassette: The Essential Link in Wetland Protection, U.S. Senator Carl Levin & Garrison Keillor (in shelf box)

File 2017-029-01 TIARA membership lists, Committee members and directors:
List of directors dated Aug 2008. – list of directors dated Aug 2003. – list of directors dated June 2004 – undated list of members of the Liason Committee. – undated membership list 5 pages – membership list dated 2000 (20 pages). – membership list dated 2001. – membership list dated 2002 – list of members with Canadian addresses dated 2007. – List of members with American addresses dated 2007. – 2003 membership renewal form with short questionnaire. – TIARA newsletter spring 2012. – undated membership request with flyer “The future of the Thousand islands – more than our lifetime”

File 2017-029-02 TIARA legal and financial papers:
TIARA operating budget for 1977. – photocopy of Letters Patent for TIARA Mar 6, 1976. – typescript “History of TIARA” listing events up to March 1976. – brief by TIARA to Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, 1977

File 2017-029-03 TIARA Study Group 1976
Contents of a three ring binder containing tyred minutes of meetings of TIARA Study Group Mar 6, 1976 to Aug 1977 including a budget. – 1-page flyer requesting participation in TIARA Survey. – sample data cards from first survey. – list of people involved in group discussions and statements/questions.– list of volunteers to various aspects of organization dated Mar 6, 1976 – undated questionnaire for peoples section of study group

File 2017-029-04 TIARA Input '84 survey
16-page Report on Input '84 survey. – Summary of results of Input '84 survey. – blank survey questionnaire for Input '84

File 2017-029-05 TIARA Input '96 survey
5 page Report on the TIARA Survey Input '96. – Summary of Results of Input 96 survey (2 copies). – blank Input '96 survey form. – mail out package for 1996 Tiara members including membership renewal and Input 96 survey

File 2017-029-06 TIARA Input 2000 survey
144 page final report of Input 2000 survey. – summary of responses to Input 2000 questions 17-21. – Input 2000 synthesis of Directors' comments. – questionnaire for Input 2000. – 2 page mailout of results of Input 2000 for members.

File 2017-029-07 Special Policy Area south of 401
Concept Plan for Thousand Islands Special Study, South Leeds Planning Board 1977. – Special Policy Area amendment to the Official Plan for South Leeds, 1980. – Thousand Islands Heritage Area concept for management of heritage resources, 1981. – South Leeds Official Plan 1979.

Lyndhurst ledgers from Peter Harvey

  • 2017-032
  • Collection

Collection consists of:
Ledger book with printed pages headed “Montreal Telegraph Company” recording sender, recipient, number of words, and charge for each
telegraph message in and out of Lyndhurst between 23 July 1873 and 26 July 1882 (front cover missing, very tattered and mouldy).

Interleaved in ledger is a statement from Great North Western Telegraph Co. of Canada showing debits and credits to Lyndhurst office for July 1887.

Leather bound ledger with caligraphy title page “Henry Green's Ledger/ May 1st 1854 (covers loose, mouldy)

Large unidentified ledger book with accounts of local names between Charleston and Seeley's Bay with dates of 1853 to 1855 (missing both covers and first 40 pages)

Record book of registered letters mailed from or passing through Lyndhurst Post Office from Dec 18, 1873, to Jan 30, 1883. Signed inside back cover “H Green, Postmaster, Lyndhurst”

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