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1860s photos from McIntyre studio

  • 2013-049
  • Item
  • 1860s

Item consists of a pair of CDVs of unidentified woman and 2 little girls, from the 1860s, possibly mother and daughters.

3 Escott school registers

  • 2015-034
  • File

File consists of 3 school registers; 2 from Escott SS#14 for 1929, 1 from Escott SS#17, 1929.

Alfred Kenny Family photos

  • 2019-020
  • Collection
  • 1900 - 1980

2019-020 Alfred Kenny family photos

2019-020-A Alfred Kenny Family Original antique photos:
-A-001 CDV Pearl Kenny, daughter of John C, married Strikefoot.
-A-002 Studio half card Michael Kenny in WWI uniform, with sister.
-A-003 Sepia print of Clark Wright & family, Cora May Kenny and sons Kenneth and Walter.
-A-004 4x6 reprint of a damaged original showing Michael James Kenny, wife Allora Cain, children Cora, John William, Myrtle, Laura & Loretta.
-A-005 CDV man and boy, inscribed “Reuben Kenny/(illegible) 79/Lenard Joseph Smith’s son/1st cousin of Reuben Kenny/ Joseph Smith was son of Caleb Smith &/Lucy Rich”.
-A-006 Studio half card young man, inscribed au verso “Dave Kenny/ Bro of Reuben”, with tag inscribed “David/son of Thomas”
-A-006 Studio half card young woman, inscribed au verso “Mrs F Lee/Lizzie Kenny/Mrs F Lee”, with a tag inscribed “Elizabeth/Daughter of Thomas”
-A-007 4x6 print of young couple, with tag “Wilmer and Alice Kenny”
-A-008 Oval half card young couple, inscribed “Frank & Jessie Mundell (Kenny)”
-A-009 Studio half card young man, inscribed “R Kenny/ To Della from May 1923”
-A-010 BW print inscribed “Bernice Mundell” with tag “Bernice Mundell & Husband”.
-A-011 BW print inscribed “Wilfred & Florence (Kenny) Shook”
-A-012 Studio card of couple, inscribed “Ford & Myrtle (Mainse) Kenny”
-A-013 Studio half card family, inscribed “David Henry McPherson/ Lucy (Kenny) McPherson/Donald, Hazel Gladys twins”
-A-014 Oval half card two toddlers, inscribed “Gladys & Donald McPherson”
-A-015 Prosser studio half card of a family, inscribed “Ford Holmes, Eliza Kenny & Family/ Fred, Dora, Edna, Manliffe”
-A-016 Funnell studio oval half card inscribed au verso “Ford Holmes/ Eliza Kenny Holmes/children/ Fred/Dora”
-A-017 Murray & Son studio half card of young woman in a dining room, unidentified.
-A-018 Studio card of Alfred Kenny and his bee hives, inscribed au verso by Keith Sly “Alfred Kenny’s bee yard/Neal’s brick yard in B.G./ Methodist Church steeple in B.G.
-A-019 half card in folder, Harriet Kenny daughter of Reuben Kenny, in nurse uniform, inscribed au verso “Hattie nurse Kenny/ sister of Alfred”.
-A-020 CDV oval woman in fur trimmed coat and fancy hat, inscribed au verso “Harriet Kenny”, with tag “Harriet Galbraith daughter of Reuben”.
-A-021 oval on half card woman with white neckerchief, inscribed au verso “Mr. William Kenny/ from Mrs. James Moore/ July 31, 1906” with tag “Maryann Kenny/daughter of Thomas” (married James Moore).
-A-022 studio half card young man, inscribed au verso “William Marshall Moore/6 son of Thomas(?) Moore and/ Marryann Kenny” with other obscure notes, and tag “Willaim Moore/son of Marryann”.
-A-023 studio half card man and 2 women, inscribed au verso “Lucy McPherson (Kenny)/Liza Holmes (Kenny)/ Reuben Kenny”.
-A-024 studio half card couple and daughter, inscribed au verso “Albert Kenny”.
-A-025 studio half card young woman, inscribed au verso “Mrs. Marshal/ Liza Jane Kenny/ sister of Reuben”.
-A-026 studio half card 2 men and a woman, with tag “Wilmer, Ford/ Rachel” (Kenny).
-A-027 studio half card 2 children, inscribed au verso “Ruby & Beatrice/Martin”.
-A-028 studio half card couple, inscribed au verso “George Martin/Amelia Kenny” with tag “George & Amelia Martin”.
-A-029 studio full card house portrait with woman, man with dog, and older man holding a black bird (crow?). Unidentified.
-A-030 CDV in folder young man, inscribed au verso “Thomas R/ your brother” and on back of the folder “James Kenny”, with tag “James/son of Thos.”
-A-031 CDV child, inscribed au verso “J. William Kenny/ son of Michael Kenny”.
-A-032 CDV young woman, inscribed au verso “Liza Jane/Marshall”, with tag “Eliza Jane/ Marshall/ daughter of Thos.”.
-A-033 post card of Berryton School with unnamed students.
-A-034 post card man in WW1 uniform, with tag “Wilmer Kenny”
-A-035 post card a man and two women, inscribed and tagged “Mabel, Gordon, Florence”
-A-036 oversize photo on card of Seeley’s Bay Hockey team for 1929-30 “winners of the Gray, Gananoque Arena and Stewart Trophies”, includes Reg Moore, Jas. Simpson, B. Simpson, A. Kenny, M. Murphy, Wm. Steacy, D. Moore, N. Hartley, W. Gardiner, O. Moore.
-A-037 oversize photo on card of the Seeley’s bay hockey team for 1930-31 “winners of the Grey, Stewart and Fulford Trophies. Includes M. Murphy, Jas. Simpson, Bruce Johnston, Bert Simpson, Bernard McAlonan, Alfred Kenny, Fred Wills, Ross Neadow, Bill Steacy, Doug Moore, Norman Hartley, Wallace Gardiner, Oscar Moore.
-A-038 Oversize photo on folder of seven Reeves of Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne, with the years in which they served as Reeve, including Roy Slack 1939-44, Wallace Johnson 1945, Hayden Stanton 1946-53, Harold Webster 1954, John W Berry 1931-32, Ernest Collinson 1933-34, Alfred Kenny 1935-38.

2019-020-B Alfred Kenny Family modern copies of old photos.
-B-001 reprint young woman, inscribed au verso “This is the aunt who/passed away at an early age/Loretta – daughter/ of Michael James and Allora cain/ christened Amelia/ Annette Kenny/ on 01/04/1891”.
-B-002 reprint 2 women, inscribed au verso “Aunt Lizzie Lee/&/Aunt Jane Hope”, with tag “Jane Hope, Lizzie Lee/ Daughters of Thomas”.
-B-003 group photo with tag “David? Reuben? James, Albert, Hamilton/Eliza Jane Hope, Thomas (father) Elizabeth Lee”.
-B-004 2 women, au verso “Cora Kenny Clark/ Laura Kenny Eaton.
-B-005 man and 3 children, au verso “Weldom Bradley 1875-1936/m/1 Minnie Running 1881-1909/ Gerald 1898/ Wilmer 1901/ Iva 1905/2 Jennie Kenny Pope(?)/Reginald 1920-1953”
-B-006 reprint of A-023 inscribed “Lucy/ Eliza, Reuben”.
-B-007 young man, inscribed “Ford Kenny/ 16 yrs old”.
-B-008 young man, inscribed au verso “Gordon Kenny/ son of/ Reuben & Rachel”.
-B-009 couple, from a tin type, inscribed au verso “Jane Ann Kenny/ daughter of David/ Jermiah Townsend/ her husband”.
-B-010 couple, from a curved glass frame, inscribed au verso “Reuben & Rachel Kenny”.
-B-011 group photo inscribed au verso “Back row Kennys/Myrtle, Bertha, Harriet, Amelia/ front Alfred, Beatrice Martin, Rob Anderson, George Martin”.
-B-012 colour photo Ethel Mills & Chris Kenny.
-B-013 couple as in A-028, George & Amelia Martin.
-B-014 Thomas Mills in Taxi driver uniform.
-B-015 2 women and a man, inscribed “Myrtle/ Rob Anderson,Bertha” with tag “Myrtle Blackman/ Bertha & Rob Anderson”.
-B-016 young woman, inscribed “Jane Ann Kenny/David Kenny’s daughter” with tag “Jane Ann/daughter of/ David & Francis” (married Jermiah Townsend).
-B-017 old lady, inscribed ”Francis Kenny (Lyons)/David Kenny’s wife” with tag “Francis Lyons/ wife of/ David Kenny”
-B-018 old man, inscribed and tagged “John D Kenny”.
-B-019 young man, inscribed and tagged “John D Kenny”
-B-020 two couples, inscribed “Ford Kenny, George Martin/ Addie Martin, Amelia Kenny”
-B-021 as in A-026 two men and a woman, inscribed and tagged “Wilmer, Ford/ mother Rachel”
-B-022 woman holding very tall corn stalks, inscribed “Bertha Kenny” and tagged “Bertha/ daughter of Reuben Kenny”
-B-023 older woman holding a toddler, unidentified
-B-024 couple and three children standing on a veranda, unidentified.
-B-025 boy, inscribed “William Bryan”
-B-026 man, dated 1965, inscribed “William Bryan/ son of John Bryan/ & Frances Kenny/daughter of Arthur & Barbara”
-B-027 young man, with tag “John William Kenny”
-B-028 young couple, inscribed “Frank & Jesse Mundell/ Jesse daughter/ of Reuben & Rachel”
-B-029 young couple, inscribed “John & Myrtle Blackman/ Myrtle daughter of / Reuben & Rachel Kenny”
-B-030 couple, inscribed “Ford & Myrtle Kenny/ Ford son of Reuben/ and Rachel”
-B-031 young couple, inscribed “William Kenny son of David/ Charlotte Kenny daughter of Michael/ 1st cousins”
-B-032 two men, inscribed “Albert Kenny, Reuben Kenny” with tag “sons of Thomas”
-B-033 couple, with tag “Elizabeth & Michael James/ Kenny”
-B-034 woman and baby, inscribed “Elizabeth Kenny”, with tag “Elizabeth daughter of David”
-B-035 BW photo of Myrtle (Townsend) Todd on her 95th birthday 1983
-B-036 repro print of Myrtle Todd and her father Jermiah Townsend, inscribed “Myrtle Todd/daughter of Jane Kenny/grand daughter of David/Townsend/ Myrtle’s father”
-B-037 colour print of Louella (Kenny) Halliday, inscribed “”Louella Kenny/daughter of/ Wesley Kenny/grand daughter of David”.
-B-038 repro print man, woman and child, with tag “Wesley Kenny & wife/ Louella”
-B-039 repro print boy and girl, inscribed ”Irma & Clarence Blackman” with tag “Irma & Cecil Blackman”.
-B-040 repro print of large group, with tag “Frank & Jessie Mundell & Family”.
-B-041 group portrait all adults, inscribed “Ford Kenny Family” with tag “Ford & Myrtle Kenny & Family”.
-B-042 group portrait same adults as B-041 plus children, inscribed “Ford Kenny Family”.
-B-043 repro print young couple, inscribed “Edmond Kenny / Sara Berry (Kenny)” with tag “Edmond & Sara Kenny / nee Berry)”.
-B-044 repro print young couple, inscribed “Edmond Kenny / Emma (Tye) Kenny”, with tag “Edmond & Emma Kenny / nee Tye”.
-B-045 colour print elderly couple, inscribed “Edmond Kenny / Sara Kenny (Berry)”
-B-046 elderly couple, outdoors in winter, inscribed “Wilmer Kenny / Sara (Sheldon) Kenny” with tag “Wilmer & Sara Kenny / nee Sheldon”.
-B-047 repro print interior photo in harness shop, inscribed “Michael James Kenny (sitting down)/ son of / Michael Kenny”, he is sitting at a sewing machine, person behind him unidentified.
-B-048 repro print 2 men and one woman standing in beside a 1920s era car, with tag “Michael James Kenny, Olive Mawson, Jim Kenny”.
-B-049 colour print of oval portrait of man with long white beard, sitting on a grave monument, with tag “James Moore”.
-B-050 oval portrait of a woman, as above, with tag “Mary Ann Moore”

2019-020-C Alfred Kenny Family Photos – Pope & South families related to Mrs. Alfred Kenny
-C-001 studio full card, large family group in front of dark coloured house, believed to include members of the Pope and South families, of which only six are identified including Belle South, Morgan Berry, Bertha Pope, Will Pope, George Pope, Brayton Pope.
-C-002 studio full card, large family group in front of a house with siding half installed over tar paper, unidentified. (a loose tag with this material has the inscription “Strikefoot’s”, which might apply to this photo.)

Arial photo of Seeley's Bay 1988, unknown negatives

  • 2015-047
  • Item
  • 1988

Items consist of: -- 5 x 7.5" colour arial photo of Seeley's Bay from the West, signed by the photographer Larry Z??????, 29 Sept. 1988 with an address in Ottawa. -- a set of negatives in a patented disc format by Kodak, unidentified subjects.

Art Shaw Fonds

  • 2016-020
  • Fonds
  • n/a

Fonds consists of:

ARTIFACTS: Pair of 10" x 12" oil paintings signed by Roy Burtch, one is dated 1933, in matching frames.

Books:in General Research section -- "Early Photography in Canada" by Ralph Greenhill, 1965. -- "Dating Old Photographs" published by Family Chronicle, 2000. -- "Dating Old Photographs" by Robert Pols, 1992. -- book "Historic Kingston" by Mika Publishing 1973 reprinting the Kingston Historical Society bulletins # 1 to 10, 1952 to 1962, including articles by Gerald Stevens on Mallorytown Glass Works and Toniata Indian Village. -- Rideau Canal navigation charts Smiths Falls to Kingston, 1984 printing. -- Book "Buckskin to Broadloom", a collection of the historical articles published in the Kingston Whig Standard during 1973 Tercentennial.

Books in shelf box G0211: "Methodist Hymn and Tune Book", 1894, inscribed "Addie S McMachen / Elgin, Ont. / January 9th 1906". -- Wesley's Hymns and new Supplement with Tunes", 1877. -- "Council of District of Johnstown and U.C. of Leeds and Grenville 1842-1942" by William Jelly inscribed "Presented to Edwin Chant, Deputy reeve, Township of Bastard & Burgess S, by The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville,. January 1964". -- pamphlet "A Brief History of St. Paul's Church, Delta" 1934, by St. Paul's Woman's Auxiliary. -- pamphlet "Historic Kingston and Vicinity" by Mabel Jenkins, 1938 (2 copies). -- bulletin of the Kingston Historical Society "Historic Kingston" November 1954, includes an article by gerald Stevens on Mallory town Glass Works.

File 2016-020-A -- Agendas and minutes and correspondence (incomplete collection) of Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee for Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne. Includes samples of the forms used when the archives was first begun

File 2016-020-B -- Agendas and minutes (incomplete collection) of Leeds & 1000 Islands Municipal Heritage Committee.

File 2016-020-C – Incomplete collection of correspondence to and from the LTI MHC and Art Shaw

File 2016-020-D – Information package from an archival workshop at Queen’s University attended by Art Shaw, May 4-8, 1994 with subsequent correspondence regarding a tour of local archival holdings in Lyndhurst, Delta and Escott with Johanna Pelletier from Archives Association of Ontario, Paul Fritz, Art Shaw and Lynn Hughes. -- Information package from the “First Ontario Folklore Conference” at Black Creek Pioneer Village, attended by Art Shaw March 6-8, 1987, includes a booklet “Peterborough Folklore & Folklife Vol.1”. – agenda for the founding meeting of the “Leeds & Grenville Heritage Network”, 9 May 2005

File 2016-020-E – Misc. photos
– reproduction photo of Mary (Cook) Davis circa 1900 posed with photos, swords and guns, possible memorial to her father Capt. Richard Cook. – 2 modern photos taken at Dulcemaine Cemetery with descendants of people buried there, including Cecil Stevens, Beatrice McCready (Webster), Bessie Montgomery, Evangeline Montgomery (“Danny” Chisamore), Marjorie Heaslip, Frances McCready (Bryan), Bruce McCready, Maxine Kennedy, Mildred Hall, Myrtle Hall, Laverna Montgomery and Ken Hogan. – Photo reproduction and negative of Dulcemaine School class of 1908 with list of names; Front Row Right to left Gerald Flood, Cecil Fair, Benedick Fodey, Rob Watson, Vincent Flood, Adrain Snider, Wilfred Fodey, Wesley Ferguson, Herb Leacock and his dog Deck, Walter Haskins, Clifford Griffin, Mark Fodey. 1st Row standing; Elizabeth Ferguson, Caroline McCready, Marjorie Leacock, Lizzie Patience, Beulah Haskins, Mildred Fair, Myrtle Haskins, Laura Griffin, Peachie Ferguson, Erma Haskins. Back Row; Pearl Griffin, Evelyn Earl, Patrick O’Grady, Eula Patience, teacher Mary Cochran (later Mrs. Joe Slack), Donald Patience, Gus Henderson, Isabel Spicer, Justin Flood, Bessie Sliter. – photo reproduction with negative of Dulcemaine School and students including Annie Patience, Keitha Cook, Myrtle Haskins, Celia Fodey, Bertha Patience, Laurel Covey, Lizzie Ferguson, McCready girl, Lizzie Patience, Sam Horton, Philip Patience, Marjorie Leacock, Bertha Cook, Ziba Slack, Gordon or Milton Burns. – reproduction CDV photo of Thomas Tye and his first wife Patience Willis and sons John, Joe and Frank. – 2 bumper stickers for Friends of Lyndhurst Bridge. – 4 stereo viewer cards by Underwood & Underwood showing scenes from 1900 in the 1000 Islands, including Little Round Island, State Island (with sailing skiff), pickerel fishing in a skiff in Lily Bay, and the steamer “Captain Visger” on her 50 mile ramble. . – reproduction photo dated 1960 showing Lyndhurst Boy Scouts in marching formation on Jonas St, with leader Joe Chapman, and Harold Webster’s stores in the background. -- shoulder patch, and green and black shoulder ribbons, from 1st Lyndhurst Boy Scouts 1961.(Art Shaw's) -- fabric crest from 1st Lyndhurst Scout & Cub Camp 1984 (Ben Shaw's). -- purple award ribbon from Boy Scouts (Ben Shaw's). -- fabric embroidered crests for graduates of courses at YMCA Kingston, including Skin Diving, Scuba Diving, and Senior Life Saving 1971-72. -- class photo from Ont. Dept. of Highways Draftsman Group 1 class from 1970, including Art Shaw. -- peom by a DHO engineer following a conflict with the Catholic Priest in the town of Douglas near Renfrew. -- ticket from Watkins Glen SCCA race 1972. -- embroidered crest from Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Circuit 1972. -- name badge from Antique and Classic car Club of Canada 1972

File 2016-020-F (separate shelf box) – Records of the woodworking business conducted by Art Shaw beginning in 1975. – multiple copies of flyers advertising a woodworking show “Four Workers in Wood” including Art Shaw, 1982. –

File 2016-020-G Long Point School incidentals (Housed with Long Point School Fonds)
-- Single fold mimeographed program for the Halloween Concert at Long Point School 1955.
– manuscript program for the Christmas concert at Long Point School 1957.
– mimeographed invitation to the Annual Picnic of Long Point School at Kendrick’s Beach, undated.
- 65 colour photos of progress of the restoration of Long Point School between 2002 and 2007

File 2016-020-H Minnie Mulvenna photo album
A small album of 59 snapshots that was owned by Minnie McConnell of Lyndhurst wife of T J McConnell, formerly Minnie Mulvenna of Charleston. Only a few are identified. 3 snaps of Minnie and TJ, who are recognizable in other pix throughout the album including one of an early brass Model T Ford, some of a WW1 soldier, probably Leonard McConnell who was killed in action Nov 1, 1917, others of a group at Cedar Park Inn in Charleston including Minnie and TJ, and Florence and Johnson Moorhead, one labeled George Lee, some of Leonard McConnell (nephew of previous soldier by the same name), one of Charleston Lake from the village with buildings in foreground

File 2016-020-I Assorted papers
2 copies of flyer “Lyndhurst Centennial 1867-1967”, one containing the program for the unveiling of a historical plaque about the founding of Lyndhurst, May22, 1967. – Folder “Seeley’s Bay and District Centennial Celebrations” July 20-23, 1967. – Pittsburgh Township Historical Society newsletter Fall 1979, includes story "My Early Years" by James Gates. -- 2 copies of folder “1972 Maple Syrup Festival at delta” with maps of participating sugar bushes, donated by Confederated Foods of Canada Ltd. – 50th anniversary folder from A L Campbell & Son funeral Home, Elgin, 1953, with photos of A L Campbell and M A Campbell. -- Thank You cards in response to sympathy cards for Gordon Jones and Gertrude Warren. – Illustrated book for the 25th Anniversary Reunion at Rideau District High School in Elgin, 1985. -- souvenir pin from RDHS Reunion 1985 – Illustrated book “Garnet & Gold” for the Seeley’s Bay School reunion 1989. – advertising folder for LeBlancq Woodworking Solutions, Lansdowne , about 2000. – colour flyer advertising the sale by auction of the McCutcheon House at Seeley’s Bay. – genealogical notes by Betty Shaw regarding the Standen and Carr families, done for Mabel (Carr) Standen -- prints of documents from Archives Canada microfilm C 2810, sent by Neil Patterson, regarding purchase by Isaac Soper and Nathan Hicock of lands formerly granted to Wallis Sunderlin. Neil believed that the purchase included machinery from the Sunderlin iron works. If so, it was limited to mining equipment rather than smelting or forging. – flyers advertising Turkey Fair in 2001 and 2002, Old River Road Heritage Byway, and Old River Road Tree Identification Guide. – notes by Dan Roantree and Keith Sly on buildings in Seeley’s Bay including Coleman’s Hotel, A J Sly’s store, and George Cheetham’s blacksmith shop, and other village lots– 2 bank documents naming C B Tallman of Lyndhurst, copied from sale items on E-bay. -- invitation and order of service for the wedding of Rebecca Macht and Colin Gorman Jr. 1978. -- invitation and order of service for the wedding of Gwenn Gorman and Jay Talbott, 1978. -- copy of "Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms". -- book "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms; a Guide for Canadians" 1982. -- book "The Canadian Constitution 1981". -- book "The Canadian Constitution 1981 Highlights". -- book "Canada Department of Agriculture", its history, organization, and work, 1933. -- book "Sugar Bush Management for Maple Syrup Producers" Min of Natural Resources 1980. -- book "Farm Weeds" Dept of Agriculture, 1909. -- 6 unused copies of the dust jacket for the book "Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne 1796-1996" by Glenn Lockwood. (encapsulated). -- book of prints for framing of photographs of Ontario, including the Harvey Mill in Lyndhurst (encapsulated)

File 2016-020-J Long Point School restoration photos.
About 100 colour photos of work in progress during the restoration of Long Point School by Randy and Russell Moorhead and Wayne Farley between 2002 and 2007. Most are dated on the back but not described. These are filed with Long Point School Fonds

Art Shaw incidentals

  • 2015-046
  • File
  • n/a

File consists of: -- booklet “William Losee/ Ontario’s Pioneer Methodist Missionary” by J. William Lamb, published by Trustees of the Old hay Bay Church, Adolphustown, 1974. – hardbound book “Lostwood Lodge” by Kathleen Purvis Earle, Ryerson Press/ William Blackwood & Sons Ltd, 1954 (also published as “Jenneth – Daughter of a Rebel”). – file of newspaper clippings about sisters and authors Kathleen and Evelyn Purvis Earle, and a poem. – booklet “Weeds and Weed Seeds” by Department of Agriculture Canada, 1930. – hardbound book “Ontarian Families” by Edward Marion Chadwick, reprint from 1894, published by Mica Silk Screening Ltd, Belleville 1972.

Art Shaw initial donation

  • 986-05
  • Collection
  • na

Collection consists of:
14 Daybooks, Cashbooks and ledgers from C B Tallman hardware and tin shop in Lyndhurst, 1894 to 1927.
– 1 Minutes book recording meetings of the shareholders of A C Brown Granite Co. in Lyndhurst, May 1924 to Sept 1925 – book “Memory Turns the Dial” by Madeline O’Connor, 1980
File 986-05-01: Material found on the floor of the Plunkett log cabin on Black Rapids Rd in 1960s
-- 3 issues of the Food Bulletin from the Wartime Prices and Trade Board, 1945 & ’46 addressed to Long Point Cheese factory.
– 2 copies Annual Statement of Twp. Of Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne, 1945.
– 5 issues of “The Canadian”, newsletter of the “Liberal-Conservative Party”, Vol 1, 2, 4, 7, & 8. 1930
– 51st Annual Report Agricultural & Experimental Union, Dept. of Agriculture 1929.
– Program for the Leeds County Hockey Play Offs for 1929, 14 pages.
– honour certificate for Mildred Johnson, most points at school fair, 1924.
– flyer advertising McElroy’s Novelty and Toy Shop in Lyndhurst, 1945.
File 986-05-02: Prize tickets from Local fairs found nailed on a barn by Bob Moore
-- 8 prize tickets from Lyndhurst Fair 1903-1912, Delta Fair 1902, & 1910, Frankville fair 1908, Lombardy Fair no date. (mostly poor condition)

File 986-05-03: loose documents from the Account books of C B Tallman and A C Brown Granite Co. including their
billheads. – invoices and shipping bills from James Smart Mfg. Co, Brockville, 1905.
-- order lists from McClary Manufacturing Co 1905, Frothingham & Workman 1910, Beach Foundry 1905,
-- telegram from Crathern & Caverhill 1891 – invoice of blacksmith John Aimer 1891.
-- correspondence from Samuel Sons & Benjamin, and Niagara Stamping Co and Metallic Roofing Co addressed to C B Tallman in Frankville, ON. 1890 & ’91.
– statement from D Findlay & Sons stove manufacturers to C B Tallman in Frankville, 1889.
-- correspondence from Samuel Sons & Benjamin, and E T Wright tinware to C B Tallman in Frankville, 1892, negotiating prices for maple syrup in payment for goods.
-- invoice from Pedlar Metal Roofing 1905.
– Invoice Queen City Oil Co, 1905.
– receipt from John & George Roddick 1980.
– receipt from William Buck Stove Co, Brantford, 1910.
– invoices and statements from Gurney Massey Co, Montreal, Bickmore Gall Cure Co, Old Town Maine, William Darling, Montreal, William A Lewis, Brockville, McClary Manuf. Co, Ottawa Furnace & Foundry Co, Henry Skinner druggist Kingston, Moffat Stove Co Weston, Aylmer Pump & Scale Co Aylmer–

File 986-05-04: advertising sheets and flyers for goods available to C B Tallman’s store Including:

  • carpet sweepers and barrel churns from Hamilton Industrial Works,
    -- press screws, bells, and corn shellers from Goulds Manufacturing Co, Seneca fall NY.
    – 1890-91 price list for buying raw furs by H Johnson, Montreal.
    – 3 price lists Aug 1891 for cartridges, cases, shot and powder, scythes, forks rakes etc, Acme skates, Rixford harvest tools, from H S Howland Sons, Toronto.
    – ready to wear clothing from H Shorey, Montreal.
    – Chown & Cunningham stoves and ranges, Kingston, 1891.
    – Crathern & Caverhill cut nail price list 1892.
    – Acme Can Works “Harland’s Improved Can” from Wm. Walker, Montreal.
    – Wheeler & Bain wholesale price list for furnaces, cornice and eves trough, Toronto, 1891
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