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Frances Bryan fonds Part 1

  • CA G 2011-029
  • Fonds
  • n.d.
  • 2011-029-1: Linger in Leeds, Evelyn Purvis Earle
  • 2011-029-2: Memory Turns the Dial, Madeline O'Connor
  • 2011-029-3: Because You Asked For It, Fergus James O'Connor.
  • 2011-029-4: Store ledger from Charleston, 1859. Ledger has also been used as a scrapbook.
  • 2011-029-5: Photograph of class at Long Point School, c1900.
  • 2011-029-6: Photograph of class at Long Point School, c1910.
  • 2011-029-7: Photograph of class at Long Point School, 1953.
  • 2011-029-8: Recollections of Hiel Sliter partial transcript
  • 2011-029-9: To Long Point (poem), Mable Brooker Darrington
  • 2011-029-10 Long Point Cheese Factory receipts
  • 2011-029-11 book "Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment of Common Diseases of Live Stock" by George W Bell, third edition 1930.

Friends of Lyndhurst Bridge material. News clippings and correspondence.

Clippings re: Long Point School (2), Ellisville School, and Dulcemaine School (research files)
Michael Bryan - Ellen Elizabeth Family Tree (research files)

Frances E. Bryan collection

  • CA G 988-03
  • Collection
  • 1967

Collection consists of correspondence between Frances E. Bryan and the Department of Public Records and Archives, Government of Ontario, concerning placing a plaque about the founding of Lyndhurst at Lyndhurst Bridge, and photos of the Thomas Tye house

Bryan, Frances E.

Fred Tye Family photos

  • 2016-010
  • Collection
  • na

Collection consists of the family photos of Fred Tye, son of Charlie Tye:
File 2016-010-A Identified Photos
-- photo inscribed “view from R. Griffin’s Tourist Home, Gananoque Lake.” – Photo of Wilmer Kenny house (Alonzo Washburn house) -- snapshot of 6 women labeled au verso “Blanche, Ila, Edith Scott, Ella Tye, Emma Scott, Verdun Shaw.” – snapshot 6 people and a dog labeled au verso “Edith Scott, Blanche, Ila & Charlie Tye, Gord & Doreen Scott” – snapshot inscribed “Charles Ormond Tye fall of 1922 he died Nov 2 – 1922 He broke our hearts” – snapshot inscribed “Helen Sheffield and doll”. -- snapshot 5 people including John and Paul Tye. – snapshot of Fred Tye 1958 – snapshot 3 people, au verso “Ella Tye 1957-58, Mary Davies” – large snapshot “Mr. & Mrs Wilmer Kenny and Caroline” – CDV a couple and child labeled “Muldoons”, branded by studio in Brandon, Man. – CDV of man and boy labeled “Muldoon out west Carryvale Sask”. – CDV of a man labeled “S. Running”. – CDV of young woman labeled “Mrs. Edith Scott /Stan’s wife” – Studio half card labeled “Mr. & Mrs George Tye” from F W Kelsey Photographer in Arnprior. – snapshot of Charlie Tye labeled “CHARLES 1956/ Born Jan 12 1878” – snapshot of 2 women, 3 girls and a dog, Doreen Scott at left. – snapshot of 12 women and 2 men labeled “Eastern Star” dated Aug 59 – snapshot of Charlie and Blanche Tye seated and 5 people standing behind them, Ford Tye center and his wife Ila to right of him. – 2 snapshots of Charlie and Blanche’s 50th anniversary, Mrs and Mr Fred Tye at left, Charlie and Blanche center, Ford and Ila Tye right, Fred’s sons John and Paul in front. – photo of large group with old touring car behind them, unidentified except Charlie Tye seated front row left – 2 snapshots of Charlie Tye with horse and cultivator. – snapshot of Ford and Fred Tye riding on work horses – miniature school pictures of John and Paul Tye, sons of Fred. – snapshot of Charlie Tye and Emma Scott. – snapshot of William and Susan Sheffield. – snapshot Charlie Tye and Marg VanCurran? – snap of Charlie and Blanche Tye. – snap of Ford & Fred Tye and Marg VanCurran. -- snap of girl on a horse inscribed “Marg VanCurran on Old Joe in corn field” – girl with fish inscribed “Margorie VanCurran + fish June 1925”. – boy and girl and dog inscribed”Fred Tye Margorie VanCurron buddies June 1925” – girl and dog inscribed Margorie VanCurron 1925 -- unidentified group of 6 people, Charlie Tye rear 2nd from right. – tiny snap of John McNeely dated Aug 4, 1931. – post card of 2 girls inscribed “Edith & Olie in Guelph”. – group photo of women and girls by a lake, inscribed “Front row: Dorothy Galway, 2 unknown, 3 Ruth Tye 4 Lillian Galway, 5 Bernice Sheffield, Back Row: 1, 2, 3 Helen Sheffield, 4 Blanche Tye, 5 Helen Galway, 6 unknown”. – Christmas card with photo of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Nuttal on their 60th wedding anniversary 1960. – snap of 2 women on a hammock inscribed “Aunt Sarah Nuttal & _____” – studio photo of 3 couples inscribed “1 Jim Peters & Wife 2 next couple unknown 3 Mr. & Mrs. Art Pownall”. – group inscribed “Charlie, Edith, Ford, Blanche, Ila Tye, Edith Scott Stan Scott”. – snapshot inscribed “Gary Scott/Gors’d kids/Edith Scott” – snapshot inscribed Gord Scott & Doreen & children” – snapshot inscribed “Don, Bud, Emma, Fitzroy and Rover (dogs) Norma was in bed with a cold”. -- group photo inscribed “Sara Sheffield, Emma Scott, Edith Tye, Blanche Tye, Charles Tye, Ila Tye, Ford Tye”. – Snap inscribed “Paul Tye in front of John’s Shwinn Bicycle”. – group photo inscribed “York Family Reunion, Maxville, 17/8/52”. – group photo inscribed “Fred, John, Paul, Charles, Ford, Ila, Blanche, Ella & Edith/Tye Family”. – snap inscribed “Paul in wagon” – snap inscribed “Paul Tye”. – snapshot of Lyndhurst Bridge. – snapshot of the Lyndhurst spillway dam – snapshot of piglets. – studio half card of young woman inscribed “Elizabeth (Lizzie) Webster Andress”. – school photo of John Tye 1959-60. – studio folder of baby and Christmas tree inscribed “One of Helen Sheffield Blackman Boys at Ernies Sarahs”. – 2 copies of the same studio half card, one inscribed “Charles Blanche with Ruth”, the second inscribed “Blanche Charles Ford”. – wedding photo in studio folder inscribed “John McNeely & Pearl Webster – studio half card inscribed “Lizzie, Jenny, Maggie, Bob, Pearl, Mabel, Toll, Alice, Tom, children of Nelson Webster & Victoria Storey, 1890”. – studio folder 2 girls inscribed “Vesta Jack, Vivia Jack”– colour snapshot of Elswood Gamble with horses and wagon at Smiths Falls – post card from Winnipeg 1914 showing 7 polo horses addressed to Miss Edith Tye. -- snapshot of Ford & Vera Webster. – series of 7 colour snapshots of the wedding of Paul Tye and Sheila Hart. – b/w snap of Stan and Gary Scott (3 yrs old). -- colour snapshot of Tole Jack, Jenny Brown, and Pearl McNeely, July 1960. – snapshot inscribed “Mrs Albert Tye/Mrs George Tye” -- snapshot of Pearl York, 1973. – Photo of Fred Tye in Masonic Regalia. – snapshot of John & Pearl McNeely with John & Paul Tye in front of Fred’s barn. – Polaroid snapshot of Fred Tye, Madeline Hare, Tommy Hare & Ernie Plunket. – wedding photo of Sandy & Danny McKenzie. – snapshot of David Gordon Scott, aged 2 -- snapshot of Ralph Sweet and Don Moorhead -- large number of snapshots of members of Fred Tye’s family, some including other local figures such as Ernie Plunkett, Helen Sweet, Garry Scott, Rod Earl, Mildred Hudson,

File 2016-010-B Galway photos and album
-- small black photo album containing 1 studio photo identified as “Frank Chase”, and 17 snapshots of which only a few are identified, including “Ernest Sheffield” “Ina, Dora & Mable”, “Charles Galway House”, “Bruce and Eddie”, “Leonard Galway”, “Sarah Galway”, “Grandma & Ormon”, others unidentified. – Loose snapshots in page holders include: Joe Galway and Hannah sitting on a bench under a tree. -- Small folding memorial card for Joseph Galway who died Dec 12, 1914 aged 56 years. – 17 snapshots of various family groups, all including Hannah Galway who had a distinctive face. -- Snapshot of Doug and Dell Chase and team of horses. – Professional photo of a tall horse and 3 men in foreground, men and buildings in background, labeled “Woodside, Fort William, Ont.” And inscribed “for Mrs Robert Nuttall from W T Nuttall”
File 2016-010-C Unidentified Photos Pre-1950
12 studio photos on card – 10 CDVs including 5 tintypes – 30 snapshots of various people, all unidentified and estimated to be pre-1950.
File 2016-010-D Unidentified Photos post 1950
46 snapshots of unidentified people, 2 photo Christmas card
File 2016-010-E McNeely Papers and photos
Very small snapshot of the McNeely stone house at Wilstead, ”. – studio half card of a couple in oval mount inscribed “Mr. John McNeely, Lansdowne RR2, 4 ½ mi W of PO, 4 ½ mi E of Gananoque, Con1 Lot 3”. -- photo of Pearl McNeely standing beside the stone house. – snapshot of Ella McNeely at about age 3, sitting in tall grass. – snapshot of John McNeely with John and Paul Tye as children. – snapshot of John McNeely, Ella (McNeely) Tye, John & Paul Tye, and possibly John McNeely’s mother. – 2 snapshots of elderly woman in previous photo (Grandma McNeely?). – CDV of John McNeely as Warden of the Counties. – 8 snapshots of Pearl McNeely over several years, 3 snapshots of McNeely’s trip to Florida in 1959 with Sam and Victoria Horton. – 2 photos of Ella McNeely at the wets gate to Gananoque. Including the negative for one -- hand tinted photo of Ella McNeely by a lake – newspaper clipping of the opening ceremony at Reynolds Road showing reeve John McNeely and Ont. Minister of Highways Geo. H Doucett – invitation to the Warden’s banquet at Mount Airy Hotel, June 1950, with photo of Reeve John McNeely. – Baptism certificate for Pearl Webster 1892 – Baptism certificate for Ella Victoria McNeey 1917 – Lower school examination reports for Ella McNeely 1931 & ‘32 – High School entrance certificate for Ella McNeely 1930. – Marriage certificate of Ella McNeely and Fred Tye 1936 -- autograph book of Ella McNeely with dates 1929 to 1931. --
File 2016-010-F 1950s Jokes and smutt
A collection of course jokes and stories and newspaper clippings typical of the 1950s.
File 2016-010-G Misc. Papers and Tye family clippings
Folding memorial card for Harrison Ellsworth Wing who died 13 Oct, 1943 in his 65th year. – folding memorial card for Earl Alexander Hollister who died 20 July, 1935 aged 20 years. – 3-fold card advertising the 50th year of A L Campbell Funeral Home in Elgin, 1953 – carbon copy of a typescript letter of resignation by E. C. Plunkett. – wedding announcement for Nathan Kenny and Fanny Horton. – funeral announcement for Ford Tye, probably 1977. – wedding account with photo for Hilda Rowena Pitt and Gary Edwin Scott, undated. – announcement of graduation exercises at KGH School of Nursing 1952 when Gwendolyn Ruthella Tye was a graduate.

Glenn Warner Fonds

  • 2016-046
  • Fonds
  • na

Collection consists of: Birth Certificate for Brenda Joyce Warner born Aug 9, 1944. – Baptism Certificate for Florence Eliza Thomas (Mrs. Glenn Warner) born Oct 17, 1917 – Baptism certificate for Glenn Dougall Warner born 21 Jan 1913. – Record of baptism of Stephen Douglas Warner (adopted) born 19 Sept 1961. -- Acknowledgment of registration of birth of Cheryl Yvonne Warner 1955. -- Certificate of confirmation for Florence Thomas 31 Aug 1930. – Baptism certificate for Glenna Maxine Warner born 21 Mar 1940. – Baptism certificate for Brenda Joyce Warner born 9 Aug 1944. – Baptism certificate for Cheryl Yvonne Warner born 13 Mar 1955. – Marriage certificate of Glenn Warner and Florence Thomas 1 Mar 1938. – Dept. of Education certificate qualifying Glenn Warner for entry to Secondary School, 1927. – Dept. of Education intermediate certificate for Glenna Warner 1956. – Masonic Lodge membership certificate for Glenn Warner 1962 (in flat box -- Appreciation Awards from Texaco Canada Ltd to Glenn Warner for 5 years (1961) 10 years (1966) and 15 years (1971). -- Large class photo of Lyndhurst Public School, probably 1972-73. Doreen Reagan teacher. -- large photo believed to be Glenna, Brenda and Cheryl Warner about 1960. – Confirmation certificates from St Lukes Church Lyndhurst for Glenna Warner 1954, Glenn and Brenda 1958, and Cheryl 1971. – locks of hair from Glenna Warner, Cheryl Warner and Stephen Warner. – membership card for Furnace Falls Seniors Club. – tiny school photos of Stephen Warner, Billy & Bobby Price, other unknown. – plasticized birth certificate for Florence Eliza Thomas made in 1963. – Auction sale poster for Mr. Ford Thomas. – Yearbook from Sweets Corners Elementary School 1973-74 (Opening year). – “Curtain Calls” yearbook from Rideau District High School 1970. – Quantity of invitations, sympathy and thank you cards from sundry sources to Glenn & Florence Warner

Artifacts: Masonic ceremonial apron, white kid leather with blue and gold braids and tassels and gold coloured metal bars and chains. – name plate for an office door, glass and tin, with the name G.D. Warner. – Blue and silver Masonic lapel pin. --

Harvey Family

File contains a copy of A Short History of the Harvey Family written by R.G. Harvey, a photocopy of an obituary for Mrs. J. Hal Harvey, and an article about R.G. Harvey, and a photocopy of an obituary for J. Halliday Harvey.

Independent Order of Foresters - Lyndhurst Fonds

  • Fonds

This fond consists of the Charter, records, and effects of the Independent Order of Foresters, Court Lyndhurst. The fonds is organized into the following series:

  1. Charter, constitution & rituals
  2. Meetings
  3. Membership
  4. Correspondence
  5. Financial Records

Independent Order of Foresters - Court Lyndhurst

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