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Brian Phillips Incidentals

  • 2019-028
  • Collection
  • 1970 - 2017

Collection includes:

  • Computer printout of a five-page biography of Rita (Duis) Astley-Bell (1905-1997) who inherited Duck Island from her parents in 1933.
  • Two clippings from the Brockville Recorder and Times from November 1970 regarding the death of Louise Katherine Pearce, found in a boat at Tar Island, later attributed to suicide.
  • Glossy original print of the photo that appeared in the clippings above, showing the boat and attendant OPP, coroner and news reporter, with notes au verso about her suicide and that of her husband in 1996 and daughter in 2013.
  • booklet “Grenadier Island Country Club 1927-2017; A Brief History” by Kingsley William Greene, 2003.

Brian R. Phillips Fond

  • Collection
  • !990 -

Various items, documents, photographs, and digital images collected.

Brian R. Phillips

Brockville/1000 Islands photo slides 1979

  • 2015-033
  • Collection
  • 1979

Collection consists of 7 colour slides; 3 showing either Boldt Castle or Singer Castle, 1 of Skyline Hotel, 1 of a stone arch over a water channel, 2 of unidentified flower beds, all labelled Brockville or 1000 Islands, '79.

Bryce Island photo 1930

  • 2013-038
  • Item
  • 2013

Item consists of a recent copy of a photo of the Bryce cottage and boathouse on Bryce Island in the St Lawrence River circa 1930, with a note explaining the ownership of the island.

Burtch's Lane Rockport

  • FOE
  • File
  • 1929

Files consist of a petition signed by Rockport residents in support of the extension of Front Street, another typed petition with seals, a drawing of the proposed elevation of the road, a detailed typed description of the boundaries of the road, a typed authorization to Council to take possession of the donated lands to build the road.

Caiger's Fire, Sept. 15, 2011

  • File
  • 2013

DVD file contains 15 files recording the dock fire at Caiger's Resort, September 15, 2011.

Carol Lynch Collection

  • 2015-008
  • Collection
  • n.d.

Collection consists of nine file folders, two booklets and four over-sized photographs.

Carol Lynch

Carol Lynch Families material

  • 2019-010
  • Collection

2019-010 Carol Lynch families material:
2019-010-A: Webster Family:

  • “Early History of This District” by Gerald Foley, relating to Union Rd area, read at the Webster Reunion 1935.
  • “History obtained from the T. J. Webster Files” a 2 page history following the immigration of several Websters to Canada.
  • “The Records of the Webster Family Dated May 1936” single page.
  • Group photo of the family of Robert Webster (1806-1871), including Robert and wife Joyce Steacy, + Joseph Webster, Robert Steacy, John A Webster, Henry O Webster, Emily Joyce Webster (Mrs Wm Henry Foley), Jane Webster (Mrs Henry Rudd), Anna Mary Webster, Eliza Webster, Benjamin Edward (or Howard?) Webster, Thomas Webster, George Webster.
  • photo from scan of Nelson Webster (1858-1938) and wife Victoria Storey (1856-1947) with a list of their children Alice Mary, Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas John, Martha Victoria, Margaret Susanne, Hester, Jane, Robert, Pearl, Mabel, Anna May, Ford Wm.
  • photo from scan of Nelson and Victoria Webster and children Jane (Mrs. Stanley Brown), Victoria (Mrs. Robert Jack), Alice (Mrs. Sam Heaslip), Lizzie (Mrs. Ross Andress), Maggie (Mrs. George Bryan), Robert (mar. Lola Moorehead), Nelson (father), Mabel (Mrs. George Jack), Victoria (mother), Pearl (Mrs. J D McNeeley), Wilhemina (Mrs. Sam Horton), Anna (Mrs. George Burns), Thomas (mar. 1 Adeline Trusdell, 2 Margaret Horton).
  • photo from scan of Nelson and Victoria Webster and children circa 1936.
  • List of the children of Victoria Storey and their spouses.
  • photo reprint of Martha Webster and husband Nat Kendrick and two children.
  • photo from scan of the children of Thomas Webster and Alice Bowen; Jane (Mrs. John Foley) Mary (Mrs. George Loney), Margaet (Mrs. Robert X Foley), Martha (Mrs. 1 Nat Kendrick 2 Wm Steacy), Alice (mrs. Joe Cliff), Isabel;, Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter Wood), Wm. Nelson (mar. Victoria Storey).
  • photo from scan of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Heaslip
  • photo from scan of Jeannie Webster, Mrs. Stanley Brown.
  • photo from scan of Bernice Grier.
  • photo from scan of John E Steacy and Harry Steacy, children of A J Steacy, Warburton.
  • group colour photo by Ted Hewitt of the Webster Reunion at Lansdowne Community Building, 2002.
  • group colour photo of the Webster Family Reunion at Holy Trinity Church, Oakleaf, 2012.
  • group colour photo of the Webster Family Reunion at Lansdowne Community Building, 2007 (two copies)

2019-010-B: Foley Family:

  • photocopy of a photograph, inscribed “W. H. O. Foley.”
  • Photographic copy of an old studio photo, inscribed “Grandmother Purvis 18 yrs./Emily Joyce Foley (1891-1955)/ Wife of Jas. Claude Purvis (1892-1967)”
  • Group snapshot inscribed “Emily Joyce Webster (Mrs. Henry Foley) and grandchildren/ Arthur, Howard, Gerald and Eric Foley/ Jean de Pendleton (Foley), Muriel Grier(Donald) (Foley) and Geraldine Baile (Mrs. Herb Horton)”
  • Snapshot of couple, inscribed ”Rob & Bertha (Kendrick) Foley”
  • Studio folder photo of WW 1 Soldier, inscribed “Roy Foley”

2019-010-C: Nunn Family details:
Booklet “The Nunn Family” consisting of 36 pages of family tree information from 1731 in Suffolk, England, to 2007 in Leeds County, Canada and beyond. Author unknown.

2019-010-D: Leech Family;
Booklet entitled “The Ten Brother” by J Hillyard Leech and Ernest T Leech, 1951, being the family record of the 10 sons of Richard John Leech and Barbara Webster, 37 pages.

2019-010-E: Misc. Families
Photocopy of two pages from an attendance register from unknown school (possibly Rockfield), lists children of Basil Chisamore, Eric Foley, George Foley, Richard Carl, Edward Curry, Keith Warren, Robert Grier, Oliver Crate, Fred Nixon, Merlin Horton, Leslie Warren, Orville Grier, Anna Lappan, Charles Foley, Wm DeWolfe, Ann Trupp.

  • print from scan of a farm house with family consisting of Robert Foley, Margaret Foley, son James Foley and daughter Mary Jane Foley.
  • Photo from scan of Rockfield Church and large number of people, possibly a wedding, mid 1960s.
  • Print from scan of Rockfield Church by Jack Brown, 1966.
  • three Prints from scans of the stone house at 1803 Blue Mountain Rd, with its gabled wing addition, taken 1947 and 1969, an aerial photo of the house and farm buildings in winter, and a real estate ad for the property of 100 acres.
  • print from scan of Wm H O Foley and brother Rob Foley in the lane at the Foley Farm in Tilley.
  • large original photo of Rockfield School class of 1953, including Joan Earl, Elaine Currie, Kay Grier, Nancy Warren, David Carl, Sandra Crate, Romona Carl, Donald Chisamore, Freddie Peck, Roger Greenham, Bruce Foley, Eddie Jenkins, Edward Chisamore, Grant Birtch, Mervyn Warren, Donnie Currie, Bonnie Greenham, Pat Peck, Connie Foley, Wayne Webster, Allan Warren, Billy Peck, Carol Foley, Dorothy Chisamore, Frances Deprato, teacher Marjorie Warren.
  • undated clipping from Brockville Recorder & Times showing the previous photo with names (filed in General Research – Schools – Rockfield School).
  • large photo on card of the brick school at Tilley about 1922, with students Eric Foley, Gordon Horton, Arthur Foley, Bob Grier, Hubert Leeder, Edwin Horton, Howard Foley, Elgin Horton, Gerald Foley, Reg Grier, Alice Brenon, Minnie Brenon, Hilda Grier, Verma Grier, inspector Dowsley, teacher Evelyn (Ferguson) Webster.
  • print from scan of previous photo
  • print from scan of brick school labeled Gowan School, Escott SS#18, but appears to be an earlier photo of the previous school (Tilley), including students Laura Moxley, Sam Byers, Merlin Horton, Will Foley, Orvile Grier, James Foley, Willie C Webster, Roy S Foley, Victor Webster, Robbie Leeder, Emily Joyce Foley, Hubert Earl, Annie Horton, Charlie Byers, Annie Leeder, Ronny Leeder, Lizzie Cosgrave.
  • print from scan of students at Tilley School including: Marion Running, Harold Running, George Warren, Baden Haird, Adeline Horton, Hartley Warren, Velma Horton, Isabell Webster, Harold Haird, Thelma Horton, Edith Haird, Muriel Foley, Jean Foley, Grace Running.
  • print from scan of students at Tilley School, including Bill Grier, Mervyn Warren, Freddie Pyke, Bruce Foley, Elaine Currie, Kay Grier, Janice Walsh, Roger Currie, Alan Currie, Yvonne Smith, Patsy Pyke, Russell Currie, Mary Warren, Freddie Warren, Nancy Warren, Donne Currie, Janice Fay Warren, Karen Warren.
  • print from scan of students at Greenfield School 1953, including Lawrence O’Grady, Catherine Webster, Loretta Dobson, Donnie Burns, Percy Steacy, Rosemary O’Grady, Wendel Webster, Sharon Birtch, Gary Burns, Jim Dobson, Robbie Steacy, Joan Burns. Teacher Betty (Foley) McKinnon.
  • three prints from scans of mothers and students at Greenfield School with a Lane Cedar Chest presented as a farewell to a teacher in 1954, including Dorothea Burns, Emily Burns, Marcella O’Grady, Leah Moorhead, Bernice Horton, Annie Moorhead, unknown possibly Mrs Webster or Mrs Birtch), Joyce Dobson, Thelma Steacy, Anne Burns, Rosemary O’Grady, Loretta Dobson, Joan Burns, Lawrence O’Grady, Jim Dobson, Robert O’Grady, Bob Steacy, Catherine Webster, Percy Steacy, Sharon Birtch, Wendell Webster, Gary Burns, Donnie Burns.
  • Photo of ladies at Greenfield School, including Alma Moorhead, Leah Moorhead, Anna Burns, “MOM”, Mabel Earl, Nancy Webster, Helen McKay, Beatrice Webster, Dorothea Burns.
  • print from scan of Rockfield Cheese factory with patrons and wagons.
  • two prints from scans of Tilley Cheese Co.
  • group photo in colour by Ted Hewitt of the O’Connor/Trainor Connections Reunion August 12, 2006.
  • group photo of Lions Club Musical Festival in Brockville 1954, including Mary Oakley, ? Larose, Van McCready, Allan Warren, Myrna Slack, Catherine Webster, Velda Stennitt, Carol Foley, Loretta Dobson, David Wray, Lloyd Foley, Bruce Foley, ? Wray, Romona Carl, Grant Birtch, Rosemary McDonald, Betty Kyes, Gale Horton, Martha Fitzsimmons, Bill Peck, Lawrence O’Grady, Marie Larose, Peggy Smith, Catherine Running, Sandra Sly, Robert O’Grady, Linda Wray, Ann Wray.
  • Obituary for Mildred (Gilroy) Pitt, with family notes by Carol Lynch.
  • account of the Doughty Family coming to Canada on the S S Arabic in 1913. They included Ernest Wm. Doughty, his wife Sarah Ann, and their children Edith and Frank.
  • Large colour photo of a reunion of O’Connor/Trainor Connections, Aug 12, 2006.
  • booklet "Facts About Thomas and Ruth Wills" by Leonard Booth, 1991.

2019-010-F Leeds Junior Farmers/4H Club

  • Leeds County Junior Farmers Year Book 1956 (first annual).
  • Leeds County Junior farmers Year Book 1957
  • scribbler with minutes of the 4H Garden Club for 1957 and ‘58
  • large collection of newspaper clippings and photocopies of news articles about activities of the Leeds County Junior Farmers 1954- 1960
  • 5x7 photo of Leeds Junior Farmers executive for 1966, including Bruce Foley, Thane Johnston, Peter Lynch, Jim Foote, Edward Jenkins, Sharon Earl, Vicky (Lynch) Grier, Elaine Newell, Carol (Foley) Lynch, Joan Burns. =asasasasasasasasas
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