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Township of Escott Fonds
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This series contains records pertaining to administrative matters of the Township. It includes the files:

  1. Road Maintenance
  2. Insurance Policies & Accident Claims
  3. Firearm Permits
  4. Dog Licensing
  5. Draft of War Memorial
  6. Correspondence
  7. Use of Hall - Care taking Expenses, Meals
  8. Affidavits: Claims for Sheep
  9. Sheep Valuer's Reports

Amusement Tax

This file comprises records pertaining to the administration of the amusement tax by the Township with regards to the Township Hall, including correspondence, regulations, and licenses.

Appeals of Assessment

This file consists of documentation with regards to official tax appeals by individual tax payers, including correspondence, list of appeals and clerk's reports. Includes mention of a number of appeals made by George H. Darling.

Assessment Notices

This file comprises individual assessment notices for the Township of Front of Escott. Also includes correspondence and receipts for County assessment of taxes for the Township.

Assessment Rolls

Series comprises 57 volumes containing assessments of Township residents for tax purposes (i.e. income, property, school taxes). There is one volume per year (with 2 volumes, 1 incomplete, for the year 1906). These assessments cover the Township of the Front of Yonge & Escott for the years 1889-1890, and 1892-1904, and the Township of Escott for the remaining years.

<p>Information collected in the assessment rolls generally included the following:
Roll #,
Name & Post Address,
Occupation (in the case of females, single, married, or widowed; or non-resident),
Name & Address of Owner (of property, if not the same as above),
School Section (including number and age of children),
Value & Description of Real Property,
Personal Property,
Aggregate of all Property,
Statute Labor,
Dog Tax,
Statistics (number of persons in family, number of livestock, religion),
Date of delivery of notice,
Acres of woodland,
Acres of swamp, marsh, wasteland,
Acres of orchard and garden,
Number of acres under Fall Wheat.

<br>From 1918-1947, the rolls include the category British Subject or Alien. </br></p>

<p>The Census of Children:
between the ages of 8 and 14 years (1916-1918, 1930); and
between the ages of 5 and 18 years (1931-1940),
is inserted in the volume for that year. </p>

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